Chinese medicine for fatty liver

Unlike ancient Greek mathematicians who focused on proving theorems, mathematicians of ancient China were dedicated to creating calculating methods, especially those for solving equations. In ancient China, there were lots of outstanding mathematicians having made contribution to the scientific devolvement of the whole world. Li Ye (1192-1279) was once invited by Khubilai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty as a scholar of the Imperial Academy, but he resigned and returned to his hometown just a year later.
Yang Hui was a distinguished Chinese mathematician and a mathematics educator in the Southern Song Dynasty, who was active in Suzhou and Hangzhou in the mid-13th century.

Zu Chongzhi (429-500 AD), originally from today's Laiyuan County in Hebei Province, was a prominent scientist of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Ancient Chinese mathematics witnessed three golden ages in different dynasties—the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties, the Wei, Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and the Song and Yuan Dynasties.
He was one of the four greatest mathematicians of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, along with Li Ye, Yang Hui and Zhu Shijie. Together with his father, he successfully solved the problem of calculating spherical areas and achieved the right volume formula.

They used these methods to solve corresponding algebraic equations, tackling various scientific and actual issues involving such equations.

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