Chinese medicine for cracked tongue bleeding

As mentioned, having a swollen tongue is usually a symptom of an underlying cause and you may experience other symptoms.
The cause of having a swollen tongue could be due to a variety of conditions, disorders, or diseases.
A hormonal disorder called acromegaly which is when there is too much growth hormone and over time the body tissues get larger. A decrease in your red blood cells due to the poor absorption of vitamin B12 known as pernicious anemia.
Angioedema which is a serious disease and happens when there is a rapid swelling of the submucosal and mucosal tissues. Transient lingual papillitis which is where the taste buds become red, inflamed, and swell and usually manifests at night as a swollen tongue. If you notice that your tongue swells after eating or drinking certain foods you will need to eliminate them from your diet.
If it is due to a side effect or allergic reaction to a medication you are on you need to contact your physician so they can change your medication.

If it is due to an infection you should see your physician to see if they need to prescribe antibiotics to get rid of the infection.
Many times when you have a swollen tongue, it can be difficult to swallow anything, including your own saliva so to help decrease the production of saliva you should avoid any sour or salty foods until the swelling goes down and it is no longer difficult to swallow.
To avoid any complications with a swollen tongue make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene.
Some pages of this website are only for practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine.If you are a practitioner or student click here to register. This is usually seen because of a side effect of medication, especially hypertensive medications. If it is an allergic reaction to the medication that is life-threatening then you need to seek immediate medical attention. The yoga pose that is recommended is the Lion Pose which is where you vocalize the sound “AHHHHH” as in the roar of a loin while you stick your tongue out. When you have a swollen tongue it can be just a portion of it that is swollen or it can be the whole tongue.

Your tongue could swell up to double its size and interfere with your breathing, which can be fatal. Your tongue is what helps you to chew, talk, taste, and swallow and is make of muscles with the upper side lined with taste buds. If you have never done yoga you should consult someone who practices yoga before attempting this. We are very touched by these kind words and appreciate the time and effort made to reach us. Exemptions are also provided for services rendered to individuals by physicians, dentists and nurses and certain other health care practitioners, such as optometrists and midwives.

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