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Although pangolins are protected by international bans on their trade, populations globally have been decimated by illegal hunting and global trafficking. Their meat is also a considered a tonic food delicacy by the affluent in restaurants in China.
In the past decade, the number of seizures of illegally trafficked pangolin and pangolin meat going to Asia has grown alarmingly.
Pangolin Research Mundulea helps rescue, and rehabilitate pangolins that have been hunted and cruelly kept for use in traditional medicine in Namibia, tracking and studying their behaviour to help conservation of these little-understood, elusive nocturnal creatures.For more about their work, see Pangolin Research Mundulea.
Artist Marie-Claire Canning, aka Mazcan Arts, was enchanted by the uniqueness of the pangolin’s scales and has made “yarn-bomb” suits of armour for a number of lamp posts around the Trail. A contestant holds the contents of a fertilized duck egg known as balut during the first annual balut eating contest in New York, August 25, 2012. Licorice root, the naturally sweet Egyptian herb, proves to be a great herbal remedy for sore throat. Alternatively, you may use a pinch or two of licorice powder in any tea you like- herbal tea or your regular tea. However, take note of the fact that using high amounts of licorice over prolonged periods can lead to high blood pressure. If your throat is badly swollen and you can not swallow anything, you might like to have some Marshmallow tea to soothe your throat. The traditional Chinese medicine recommends honeysuckle flower tea for soothing sore throat. After American, European and Chinese remedies, we should at least have one Asian remedy too for sore throat! Gargling with warm water having salt in it, is perhaps, the most ancient method of checking sore throat.
Apart from all these home remedies, one more thing is crucial to cure sore throat- ample rest. Sara is a Boston-based registered dietitian who works with clients to improve their health by optimizing nutrition. The primary consideration in Ayurveda when selecting food and herbs is in recognising taste. Ideal cooking styles for Kapha people include Indian (spicy, avoid creamy dishes and breads), and Chinese (spicy) or Western dishes cooked with more spices. It can curl up into a ball when threatened, with its overlapping scales acting as armour and its face tucked under its tail.
The demand comes in large part from their use in Chinese and Vietnamese traditional medicine, which believes that the ground-up scales have medicinal properties, e.g. Pangolins are considered magical, being hunted and eaten in many parts of Africa as well as used in bush medicine.

In just one such incident in April 2013, 10000 kilograms of pangolin meat, worth about US$2M on the black market was seized from a Chinese vessel that ran aground in the Philippines. She explains: “The crochet scales represent all the pangolins that are killed for their scales, without having to use to disturbing images. The natural chemicals within licorice roots are said to reduce swelling, help thinning mucous secretion, relieves off cough.
Use very little amount of licorice if you suffer from high blood pressure and also do not use it for more than a week. The inner bark of this tree is used since ages for getting relief from cough and sore throat. Marshmallow root is the herb found in North America and Europe and is used as a traditional sore throat remedy since ages. However, if you are a diabetic, you must consult your physician before using marshmallow root as it lowers the sugar level in blood, more so when you are having diabetes medicines.
If you have a scheduled surgery, you should stop having honeysuckle at least two weeks before the surgery date because it is said to slow down blood clotting which might increase the risk of excessive bleeding during surgery. Asians, especially Indians, use fresh Basil leaves, called Tulsi leaves along with ginger and peppercorns to treat sore throat in no time. If you do not have mortar and pestle, you can use any other heavy kitchen tool to crush them. As soon as you realize that you are going to have a sore throat (that typical itchy throat or sniffles tell you that), you should immediately have cinnamon mil or tea.
If you are lactose intolerant and cannot have milk, you may use alternate milk such as almond milk.
Gargle with salty warm water creates an inhospitable environment inside your throat that is not liked by the bacteria causing sore throat. When you let your body and swollen painful throat take plenty of rest, you allow it to heal faster.
You can find her running, sweating in hot yoga, cooking in the kitchen, dining out, or exploring. There are six tastes; three of which reduce a Dosha, and three of which increase that same Dosha. They are one of the most sought-after types of bush meat, prices reaching US$5000-8000 per animal in the local markets. Young boys, preferably below the age of 10, douse the eggs with urine collected from primary school toilets.
It also heals body ulcers which is one of the reasons it is also used as a remedy for acid reflux that sometimes leads to sore throat. Heart patients and pregnant women as well as breast feeding mothers should avoid having licorice.

There is a gel like substance called mucilage in the inner bark of slippery elm which is said to reduce the irritation caused by sore throat. Just like slippery elm, this herb too contains mucilage which soothes the mucous in your throat.
It prevents the illness before it spreads due to its anti bacterial and warming properties. High concentration of salt draws out the excess fluid, also called edema, out of the throat reducing inflammation which grants you relief from ache.
You can, however, have honey mixed with lemon in hot water or add honey to any tea you take for treating sore throat, it is always beneficial. Eating Food-Mostly Plants, and improving our relationship with food, is the secret to lifelong health in her eyes. They are made of keratin,, similar to the material of which human fingernails and other animals’ claws are made. This, coupled with habitat loss and deforestation, has led to a massive decrease in the numbers of the giant, tree and all the eight pangolin species.
The ache, the itchiness, the dryness, hoarseness and that scratchy feeling, you just can’t stand sore throat. While you can easily get herbal lozenges having slippery elm as the main component, it is more beneficial to have tea prepared with it. You can, however, omit the tea leaves if you wish to and boil the other ingredients in water to have the essential concoction for sore throat.
If you take 2 tablespoons of honey twice a day, you can destroy up to 100 percent of sore throat causing germs within 48 hours. Gradually, the shells of the hard-boiled eggs crack allowing the egg white to absorb the urine for hours. Therefore, salt water gargle does help in containing the growth of bacteria and stops your sore throat from becoming worse. Fresh urine is poured in at intervals and the temperature is strictly controlled to keep the eggs from overcooking. Remember to gargle 4-8 times a day depending upon the severity of the soreness of your throat.

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