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Using the liver again as an example, breast distension, menstrual pain, and irritability during menses are treated with certain herbs and acupuncture points, and migraines headaches, dizziness, and inappropriate anger with redness of the face point to a different type of liver pattern and is treated in a different way. By understanding these connections, we can see how an eye disorder such as conjunctivitis might be due to an imbalance in the liver, or excess menstrual flow may be due to dysfunction in the liver’s blood-storing ability. Once upon a time there was a man in ancient China who was short in stature, yet very strong, robust and had great courage and a generous heart. So how did this man nurture his 4 beautiful, intelligent daughters?  He raised them up in the countryside outside Xi-An city and treated them as if they were 4 sons, teaching them to physically work very hard, be very disciplined, and not be afraid to get dirty, scratched up, sunburned or drop from fatigue and hunger.
However, as they reached puberty and matured as young women, they each began to respond differently to the pressures of their father to continue being like sons to him. The man’s deeply subconscious fears negatively impacted his health and pervaded his relationships with all his daughters.

The eldest daughter obliged all her father’s requests, did as she was told without question and became a people-pleaser.  If her father or other people were not happy with her, it disturbed her digestive system giving her a lot of stress and causing her to struggle with chronic fatigue and iron deficiency anemia.
The third daughter was very logical, decisive and presented her views very strongly and convincingly.  She could out-debate their father on most issues, especially on matters of her future.
When we look at the response of each daughter to her father’s fearfulness, we can see that each of them demonstrated the energy and emotion of a different organ and element in 5 Element Theory.
In the case of the second daughter, the father’s fear could not control her desire for joy and fun.  She used joyfulness – the emotion of the heart – to deal with her father’s fear-based controlling strategies. In regards to the youngest daughter, although she learned the previous three methods applied by her older sisters, because she increasingly turned inward and stopped sharing her happy, lively self with others, she demonstrates lung energy.  When lung is out of balance, grief, sadness and depression dominate.
The human being is designed to fluidly feel all these emotions, but what emotion(s) do you mainly tend towards?

Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a comprehensive explanation through 5 Element Theory for how all these emotions interact and how they affect the body’s internal organ systems if sustained long-term.  This theory can be key in understanding one’s own emotional tendencies and responses to others of similar or varying emotional energies. All information herein provided is for educational use only and is not meant to substitute for in-person advice of a qualified health professional. It also regulates bile secretion, stores blood, and is connected with the tendons, nails, and eyes.

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