Chinese medicine cure kidney stones

It is known that, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of innovation of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, it can cure kidney disease by repairing the damaged kidneys and protecting the residual ones from further damage.
In fact, all the kidney disease is caused by kidney disorder, so do the same of IgA Nephropathy. You know it is Chronic disease so it will take time to recover, and this treatment can help improve the kidney function gradually.
With creatinine 7.5 and GFR 9, patients commonly have been suggested to begin dialysis or do kidney transplant, because it means their condition has developed stage 5 or end stage renal failure.
This therapy, as the great improvement of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is mainly used to help treat chronic renal failure, which is due to Polycystic Kidney Disease, long-term high blood pressure or diabetes, nephritis and so on. Immunotherapy is created for autoimmune kidney disorders such as IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, FSGS and Purpura Nephritis. It, different from the above treatments, aims at normalizing patients’ blood circulation before treating damaged kidneys.
Leave your problem to us,You will surely get the free medical advice from experts within 24 hours! As we all know that stage 5 kidney failure is has been considered as the end stage of renal disease. For patients with stage 5 kidney failure, there are many wastes products and toxic substances building up in blood. There are many spices and foods that are used in Ayurveda to treat cough, such as almond, turmeric, onion, ginger, garlic, black pepper, honey, milk and ghee (butter). Please note, in the above five remedies, the first one (using almonds) is to use for dry coughs. Please note: Any articles on this website are only for informational and research purposes. Our kidneys perform the important task of filtering wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. In traditional Chinese medicine, alfalfa tea is recommended for curing chronic kidney diseases and for removing kidney stones.
Tea made with dried nettle leaves is prescribed by folk healers for treating kidney problems.

Made from the leaves and stalks of the orthosiphon or the cat’s whiskers plant, Java tea is a popular kidney tea in the countries of Southeast Asia.
Although green tea is a rich source of oxalates, an important component in calcium oxalate kidney stones, several studies have shown that green tea could prevent formation of kidney stones.
Ganoderma lucidum, also named Lingzhi or Reishi, has been widely used all over the world for centuries. Though kidney cleansing will show improvement of your disease symptoms, don’t get fixated on kidney cleansing. IgA Nephropathy is caused by immune disorder, so it seems that this therapy has no much to do with this disease.
So once you can find some ways to correct the kidney disorder, all the diseases caused by it will be cured and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the right treatment.
This is because Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has an effect on extending blood vessels, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation and degrading extracellular matrix. With the help of blood purification technologies and herbal medicines, Immunotherapy can both eliminate immune complexes from the body completely and improve patients’ kidney function.
If you don’t know which therapy is best for you, welcome to consult our online doctor or leave a message to us in the form below. The other four remedies all are using hot spices – turmeric, onion, ginger, garlic or black pepper.
Kidney tea is a herbal beverage, which could be taken to improve the health of the kidneys.
Alfalfa tea acts as a detoxification beverage, eliminating toxins from the kidneys and improving the health of the kidneys.
To prepare this kidney drink, pour a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of ground watermelon seeds and steep for about five to ten minutes. Tea made with celery seeds could help to remove toxins from the kidney by increasing urination. This brownish green colored herbal tea increases urine formation, dissolves kidney stones and flushes out uric acid. Researchers believe that by eliminating free radicals associated with formation of kidney stones, the antioxidants present in green tea prevent formation of stones in the kidneys.

According to Chinese medicine, Ganoderma lucidum can penetrate into and work on the five key human organs for impairment of the heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and kidney. Put in pot and add at least 1.5 liters to 2 liters of filtered, reverse osmosis water or distilled water.
So if you want to treat it you need to find a treatment which is helpful for removing the deposition.
With these benefits, it can supply enough nutritions and oxygen to kidney cells, prompting their self-repair. As you may know that, hot spices have warming and drying properties, they are effective to open chest, dry up fluids and remove mucous in the respiratory system, thus they are good for treating wet coughs.
If you suffer from a cough for more than two weeks, you should visit your doctor as it may be caused by a severe disease. Mother Nature has given us several herbs, which can help to improve the functions of the kidneys.
Ganoderma lucidum can cure the sickness of various human systems including respiratory, circulatory, digestive, neural, endocrine, locomotory, etc, involving medical, surgical, gynecological, paediatric, and ENT. Or for cleansing purposes, drink first thing in the morning and drink the last thing at night.
Because honey, milk, and ghee have cooling and moisturizing properties, and lemon has cooling and calming properties.
By increasing the volume of urination, dandelion tea helps to flush out excess uric acid from your body. It differs from any other medicines that are used to cure specific disease, or supplementary nutrients that only address particular body requirements.
Ganoderma lucidum helps regulate entire body mechanism and metabolism to ensure that all organs function properly.

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