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The Confucius Institute of the State of Washington is the first statewide Confucius Institute.
Tang Xudong, who heads one of the leading hospitals in China for traditional Chinese medicine. It has been established under an agreement by the Ministry of Education of China (Hanban), the University of Washington, and Seattle Public Schools.

Tang will talk with us about how traditional Chinese medicine is being applied in modern settings for optimal health.
This year students attended a college fair on campus, with representatives from more than 60 institutions, and staff from Cornell’s admissions office conducted a workshop on the application process.“[CCCPP] bolsters their confidence for attending college, refines their skills and exposes them to the American system,” said Jim Schechter, director of the Cornell University Summer College.
The students had many questions about the college application process and majors, Choi said.As part of the summer program application, CCCPP students must take the TOEFL, a standardized English language test.

Students who score below 100 are required to take an academic writing class as part of their coursework.Popular classes for Chinese students have included “Freedom and Justice in the Western Tradition” taught by Isaac Kramnick, the Richard J.

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