Chinese medicine cold remedy 2014

How I wish I knew about this when my little boy was preparing a science project for school. When mixture is ready and oil is cold, remove mixture from heat and allow to cool just a bit.
If one can educate the kids AND trick them into eating beets, while they think they are simply playing… well, this makes me very happy. Watermelon is rich in water and will keeps body cool and hydrated ,its contains 92% of water also have carotene , Vitamin C and other varied nutrients including cancer-fighting lycopene and amino acid arginine. Pineapple juice that contains a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids and bromeliad which is smoothens digestion, two elements useful for your flat stomach.Sweet Grapes beside its rich in water it consider as the best blood cleansers.
Dragon fruit one of the most special Chinese fruit ( even the name is )with so unique shape, soft flesh inside and can be mixed with other fruits. Mangosteens??(shan zhu) Longans??(gui yuan)  ,and Rambutans fruits found in south east of Asia and in China.
As a retired elementary school teacher, I think this is a great project for science and mathematics and of course writing. Mangosteens so delicious with white flesh inside tastes like a raspberry, both of fruit and skin provides body with a numerous health benefits like antioxidants and strong disease fighters. Its dark purple-red color have same look like lychee and also It is o southern China fruit, soft sweet and sour fruit ,it will give exciting taste if eaten cold.

Containing a lot of potassium, iron, carotene and pectin which give skin beautify and eliminate constipation.
Good for heart health, fight cancer, Improve physiological and mental functions and relieve Pain of Arthritis, Gout, and Headaches. This fruit is sold everywhere In west china cities, people can enjoy the fresh fruit with incredible cheap price. And although much of it involves test tubes and chemicals, there is indeed still some dabbling that a holistic home cook can do. Then simply fill the dropper with the mixture and gently squeeze one little drop at a time into the cold oil.
About half way through, you will probably need to strain the oil and get it (the oil) cold again, as the agar-liquid mixture will gradually warm the oil. It is extremely delicious with very strong flavored. Great Source of Vitamin A and C, Beta-Carotene, and has good effect in improving lungs health. It’s also used in Chinese medicine to produce internal heat, and many other benefits  like aid digestion, improve overall gastrointestinal health, produce body fluids to quench thirst, stop vomiting and relieving diarrhea with astringents  but still eating too many will have negative effect on body health. While green plum has different healthy functions like fatigue elimination, gastrointestinal function improvement and sterilization.
While there is the obvious element of surprise, which is delightful in itself, it must also be transformative.

Today, I have no need for science project salamander eggs, but I do have three teens set up for a sci-fi movie day.
Little spheres should form, break through the surface of the oil and collect in the bottom of the container. If you do not watch the temperatures, you may end up with clumping instead of pretty little spheres.
If you play with these ingredients and find ratios and methods which work well for you, let us know! For example, while what you see on the plate may be highly stylized, familiar flavors may invoke nostalgic memories of childhood. At its best, this cuisine should tease all of the senses in an interactive experience which transports the diner to another place and time. You can check to see if mixture is ready for spherification by putting a small drop on a plate.

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