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Some of the common Chinese medicines are animal medicines, mineral products, herbs, plants. Most people belonging to the agricultural background used plants as medicines and guinea pig was also used by many people and was an effective medicine as well for preventing cold and heat. Acupuncture needles were also widely used in Ancient China and their modified form is commonly used in Pathology labs today.
Ancient China was ruled by several dynasties and every reign added a unique element to life and society. May 29, 2016 5 Comments Pin ItMung bean cake (lvdougao) is a traditional and popular Chinese dessert in summer.
In a rice cooker or high pressure cooker, add clean water to slightly cover the beans and cook for a rice procedure until the mung beans are easy to smash.
Transfer the mung bean into a pan, add butter and vegetable oil and keep frying over medium  slow fire.
All the mung bean cakes need to be kept in small air-tight packages after cool down completely.
Hi Elaine, this really reminds me of something my grandma used to make many years ago when I was a child. Stay informed with a FREE regular collection of information, advice, research and interesting bits from the world of Chinese medicine and beyond.
The earliest reference to Yin and Yang was most likely in the Yi Jing (sometimes called the I Ching), or the “Book of Changes”, dating back to around 700 BC.
By the Warring States period (476-221 BC), Yin Yang was being employed alongside Wu Xing (5 Element) theory, to understand natural processes, including those within the human body in both health and disease. The Chinese characters of Yin and Yang can have numerous interpretations but one of the most commonly used translations is shady side of the hill (for Yin); and sunny side of the hill (for Yang). The symbol most widely associated with Yin Yang today comes from the Taoist representation of the Yin Yang principle, the Taijitu (literally “diagram of the supreme ultimate”). While Yin and Yang may be seen as opposites, such as male and female, activity and rest, day and night, hot and cold, dry and damp, etc,  they are also necessarily complimentary.
Everything can be broken down into either yin or yang relative to something else, and one only exists relative to the other.

For example, temperature has hot and cold, weight has light and heavy, position has above and below or in front and behind, gender has male and female, etc.
While Yin and Yang are the opposite of the other, they are relative aspects of the same thing. Within Yang, some Yin is present, and likewise there is a little bit of Yin present within Yang. Yang and Yin are metaphorically represented as fire and water, from a Five Element perspective. Yin-Yang is used in diagnosis, and in treatment when selecting acupuncture points, herbal medicines and foods. The behaviour of various bodily functions, tongue, pulse and abdomen qualities (see diagnosis in Chinese medicine), and the presence of different symptoms, allows the practitioner to determine where in the body Yin or Yang are in a state of excess or deficiency.
One of the very important divisions of Yin and Yang within the human body, but also within any living organism, is that of function versus matter.
Yang is the force that causes the matter to move, have warmth, circulate, reproduce, and have purpose and intention.  The point of death is the moment yang is completely exhausted and separates from Yin.
The body parts were classified into the heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys etc and therefore physical strength, emotions, prevention of diseases due to cold, heat and a physiological balance was extremely important.
Patients living environment, life rhythms, food preferences, personal relationships, and language and gestures were the tools used by the people in China for analyzing the patient and thereby treating them. People in China also underwent a lot of physical activity and practiced martial arts which kept them fit and healthy. It covers the Ancient China Dynasties, Ancient China Law, Population, Geography,Tools, Professions, Homes, Social Life and Religion. The main ingredient, mung beans or sometimes called as green mung bean is a common and daily ingredient in Chinese cooking. If you want them to share similar size, use a kitchen scale to weight each portion or resort to a scoop. Please do not be limited by the site name, as Elaine shares Chinese recipes beyond Sichuan dishes.
It is a truly ancient Chinese philosophical concept that was in use in other fields of classical Chinese science before it was adopted in medicine.

They are used to explain how seemingly opposite forces are actually interconnected and interdependent.
In understanding health and disease, it is combined with the other core theories of Chinese medicine primarily the 5 Elements and 6 Qi. From a Six Qi perspective (that is Heat, Cold, Dry, Damp, Fire and Wind) the yang influences are Heat, Fire and Dryness; while the yin influences are Cold, Wind and Dampness. If one of either Yin or Yang becomes overabundant or insufficient, the wheel becomes unbalanced and there will be ill health.
Treatment then sets out to restore balance by tonifying the deficiency, or reducing the excess, or both. The maximum number of Ancient Medical Inventions were promoted during the Hans Dynasty in China. The Chinese formulated a policy of six external diseases, seven emotions and followed a latent phenomenon.
In traditional Chinese medicine, those little green beans have a cold property, which can further help to protect our body from hot temperature in summer.Personally, I love various recipes made with mung beans or related ingredients. Till date the Chinese people are the ones having a long life and they are one of the healthiest people of the world.
I don’t have the mould but I might scavenge around my kitchen cupboards to see what else might do!
One batch of the cakes are custard yellow while the other batch is matcha green( reproduce the green color of the cake).
Transfer it to a non-stick pan. Add pinch of salt, butter and vegetable oil to the mung bean mixture. Turn off the fire. Optional for coloring Divide the dough into two equal portions and then transfer one portion out.

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