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At Thumos Health Center, we specialize in acupuncture and Chinese herbology, optimizing the natural balance of body and mind that promotes self-healing.
Fertility Acupuncture: Studies have shown that a comprehensive solution to infertility, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, can vastly raise a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.
Healthy Pregnancy: From early miscarriage prevention to treating back pain and morning sickness, we are here to help expectant mothers maximize their own health and that of their growing babies. Detox: Chinese methods including herbs and acupuncture can help you gently detox, cleansing toxins from your system in a safe and natural way.
Stress and Migraines: Through acupuncture and herbal remedies, we can help you break the grip that chronic stress has on your body and mind.
Women’s Health: Hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and endometriosis are just a few of the difficulties that numerous women face. Allergies and Immune Responses: Allergies are an overactive immune response to harmless substances in your environment. Ganit also holds a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine, and is also a licensed acupuncturist.
Located in Pacific Palisades, with satellite clinics in Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, and Beverly Hills, Thumos Health Center offers patients exceptional personalized care. Laser needle treatment employs fine optical fibers to deliver highly concentrated laser light, allowing for the simultaneous stimulation of multiple points painlessly and non-invasively.  It was developed at the Universities of Graz and Paderborn in Germany in 2000, is a central therapy in many European clinics and is rapidly becoming widely available in America as a non-invasive alternative to conventional needle acupuncture or in combination with traditional methods. In addition to laser therapy’s well known effects to promote biological function, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, the high intensity of laser needles has been documented to produce physiological effects similar to those of traditional metal needles. At the Center for Cooperative Medicine we are using the new, FDA cleared, 3B-LASER built in Germany and also studying the effects of laser needle therapy in the treatment of pain using Laserneedle-Touch, also German engineered.
Orthopedic conditions which may respond positively to laser needle treatment include many, perhaps most, painful conditions – arthritis, cervical syndromes, coxarthritis, epicondylitis, fibromyalgia, gonarthrosis, lumbago Morbus Bechterew, osteoporosis, shoulder periarthritis, spinal syndromes, rhizarthritis and tendinitis.
Besides pain relief, the regenerative effects of the laserneedle irradiation on bone and cartilage may be of particular importance. Needles are important for each kind of acupuncture.  The intensity of the stimulation from the new HED (High Energy Density) laser needles has been shown to have biological effects similar to those of metal needles and, in addition, have a broad range of photobiostimulative effects. Due perhaps to the two-fold nature of stimulation (laser photobiostimulation + acupuncture-like effects), some clinicians and at least one research study comparing laserneedles and classic metal needles have proposed that the former produce superior results.  Just as in traditional acupuncture, multiple laser needles can be placed and stimulated simultaneously. Each laserneedle channel may be individually programmed with Nogier, Bahr, Reininger and Alpha therapeutic or diagnostic frequencies. Laser needles can be targeted precisely to treat trigger and acupuncture points as well as placed for area treatment in pain with low-frequency transcutaneous optical nerve stimulation (TONS) at 2Hz-100 Hz.  In addition to producing analgetic effects thought to be similar to those of TENS (electrical nerve stimulation), laser irradiation induces an increase of cellular energy in the target tissue by increased ATP synthesis, greater oxygenation and enhanced capillary blood flow.
Laserneedle irradiation of the surrounding area with four red LASER NEEDLES to increase the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation in the area around the ulcus.
Direct, bichromatic irradiation of the ulcus with the KOLINA Spot, equipped with 3 red LASER NEEDLES and 1 blue laserneedle, to eliminate any staphylococcus contamination in the wound and to enhance the metabolism of fibroblast cells. Modern laser needle phototherapy in skin disorders is based on evidence from dermatological research.
Blue laserneedle radiation (405 nm specifically) has considerably different biological effects.
405 nm blue laser irradiation has strong antimicrobial effects on poryphyrins-based bacteria such as Proprionibakterium acne, Staphylococcus aureaus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
In contrast to the established UVA1 phototherapy which employs ionizing radiation, treatment with 405 nm  is completely UV- free (e.g. Alternatively: photodynamic therapy to invcrease the number of collagen 1 fibres in the dermis. Periodontosis and Periodontosis prophylaxis by effective and non-invasive elimination of porphyrin-based bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivalis and Prevotella intermedia without any added chemicals – just by blue laser light! The stimulation of trigger-points and acupuncture points by KOLINA-dental leads to an increased release of neurotransmitters due to a specific activation of the pain centers in the hypothalamic area. The application of KOLINA needles for analgetic treatments does not require any additional qualification, simple graphic instructions allow successful treatments after few exercises. The advantages of the painless laser needle treatments can be felt in particular in the treatments of children.
What began as a sideline business selling polished metal mirrors to pilgrims in Germany (to capture holy light) evolved into an enterprise that altered the course of art, religion, politics and industry: Johannes Gutenberga€™s movable type and printing press. We judge ourselves by our noblest acts and best intentions, but we are judged by our last worst act. There are 10,000 species of ants, and for several million years they have coved the earth, except Antarctica [no pun intended].
Credit has existed globally since the early days of trading and mercantilism, but it wasna€™t until the 1920s that oil companies issued a physical card to repeat customers who purchased fuel for their new-fangled automobiles. Therea€™s nothing so hollow as the laugh of the person who intended to tell the story himself. CHALLENGE #111: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)?
English belongs to the very large Indo-European language family [Germanic, Baltic, Slavic, Celtic, Latin, Hellenic, Iranian, Sanskrit et alia, which led to Polish, Welsh, French, Greek, Kurdish, Punjabi, and English, to name a few].
The real test of character comes when doing the right thing may not be in our self-interest.
In the past 5,000 years the human genetic code changed 100 times faster than it had in any prevous period. In the 1880s, Samuel Augustus Maverick was a Texas cattleman who refused to brand his cattle, seeing it as cruel. CHALLENGE #111 was: Why is the numeric keypad on a computer (7-8-9 at the top) upside-down from the numeric keypad on phones (1-2-3 on top)?

Researchers gave cash to experimental subjects who were instructed either to spend it on themselves or on others. BIG Q #26: Pericles argued in his Funeral Oration that democracy stimulates excellence because all citizens are stakeholders with public responsibilities. When intensive-care units at Michigan hospitals followed a 5-step checklist for how to insert intravenous lines in patients, infections were virtually eliminated, saving the hospitals $175 million over 18 months. The peace symbol began as the emblem of the British anti-nuclear movement 50 years ago on Good Friday: a combination of the semaphore positions for N and D [Nuclear Disarmament] within a circle [the earth].
CHALLENGE #114: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs. BIG Q #27: Since poverty is deeper among children than the elderly, why does public spending on the elderly vastly outstrip spending on the young?
E-mail and Web searches consume 1.5% of the nationa€™s electricity last year, and if current trends continue, by 2010 the power bill to run a computer over its lifetime will surpass the cost of buying the machine. Biologically speaking, humans have changed little in the 100,000 years [or 3,000 generations] since modern humans emerged on the African savanna--not enough time for serious adjustments. Rembrandt was a master of chiaroscuro (kee-ahr-uh-SKYOOR-oh), the use of contrasts of light and shade to enhance the depiction of character and for general dramatic effect. CHALLENGE #114 was: He was a fighter who was obsessed with boxing and he abused drink and drugs. CHALLENGE #115: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms?
BIG Q #28: Why do girls, on average, lead boys for all their years in school, only to fall behind in the workplace?
Only 11% of CEOs of top 500 companies have an Ivy League degree, but 20% of the top 60 women in Forbes a€?most powerful womena€? list did.
The hormone oxytocin is naturally released in brain after a 20-second hug from a partner, triggering the braina€™s trust circuits.
CHALLENGE #115 was: What proportion of the cells in your body are not actually yours but belong to foreign organisms?
CHALLENGE #116: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail. Featured Quote: a€?The truth of the matter,a€? is that a€?we havena€™t sacrificed one darn bit in this war, not one.
BIG Q #29: Why are the most powerful people in the world old white men and pretty young women?
When lima bean plants are attacked by spider mites, they release volatile chemicals that summon another species of mites to attack the spider mites. Funeral directors promote embalming: replacing body fluids with formaldehyde, a carcinogen that eventually leaches into the environment when the buried body decays [800,000 gallons annually]. In 2001, President Bush exempted some 3,500 plants that spew toxic chemicals from the Right-To-Know law. Consultants get paid up to $500,000 to name a drug, and insist that letters are imbued with psychological meaning: P, T, and K, they claim, convey effectiveness. CHALLENGE #116 was: A westerner and an easterner who each changed the world, but didna€™t want their names used to identify a religion--to no avail.
CHALLENGE #117: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer.
Spoken language is instinctual, the brain collects the phonemes and abstracts the rules from what it hears, but written language must be taught. Busha€™s tax cuts for the rich have reduced annual tax revenue avaiable for public needs by $300 Billion each year. CHALLENGE #117 was: His father a€?bluffeda€? his way into law school using a faked transcript, and went on to finish first in his class and become a successful labor lawyer.
FACTOID: Unusual English spelling shows the way the words were pronounced 100s of years ago. Chinoiserie (sheen-WAH-zuh-ree) is a style of ornamentation using motifs identified as Chinese.
CHALLENGE # 118 was: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? CHALLENGE #119: Which a€?booka€™ won the Pulitzer Prize for literature and drama, in successive years? This area encompasses the suburbs of Robina, Varsity Lakes, Mudgeeraba, Worongary, Merrimac, Reedy Creek, Mermaid Beach, Mermaid Waters, Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise, Miami, Nerang, Elanora and Burleigh Heads. Our modern therapy is based on the thousands of years of medical traditions which have made Chinese medicine famous worldwide. Ours is an integrative approach to health maintenance, coordinating Eastern healing with that of your outside medical practitioner.
We create a personalized 3 to 6 month plan, in tandem with your in vitro fertilization (IVF) specialist if desired, to calm your body and help it get ready for pregnancy. We prefer a slow and steady approach rather than the harsh purge systems sometimes used in Western detoxes. It would be impossible to remove the stress from your life, but there is no reason that it has to control you. Even if you are not quite sure what is going on, we can help bring your reproductive system back into balance.
Eastern medicine has shown a dramatic positive impact on calming the immune system and minimizing allergic responses. Her practice focuses primarily on the holistic treatment of pregnancy and women’s health issues, along with pain relief.

From your first visit through the design and implementation of your treatment plan, we will explain your options to you and encourage you to be an active part of your decision-making team. If you are ready to take the first steps toward a more integrative approach to your health care, we invite you to phone 310-927-2792 to schedule an appointment at any of our Los Angeles locations. The cerebral and peripheral effects of laser needle acupuncture have been scientifically investigated in studies and articles published in more than 50 peer-reviewed publications.  The design of laser needles and the new laser needle touch systems  has evolved based upon scientific data and clinical experience. Points chosen can be in accordance with classical acupuncture. One may achieve good therapeutic results in the treatment of low-back pain, joint pain, soft tissue injuries, osteoporosis, respiratory and neurological disorders and in many other conditions. Affected skin areas may be irradiated simultaneously with blue and red laserneedles of high energy density.
At sufficient energy densities, immunological and anti-bacteriological effects are induced.
Due to its  specific immunological and anti-bacteriological effects, combining blue 405 nm laserneedle radiation with red or infrared biostimulative wavelengths may be near ideal to treat dermatological conditions which may have an infectious component such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, vitiligo and acne vulgaris. Efficiacy may be almost 100 %, due to the strong Soret-Band Absorption of blue photons in the bacteria. The painless and side-effect free character of laser needle micro therapies is essential in pediatrics.
In the better sets, the traditional flaws of plasma (burn-in) and LCD (limited viewing angle, weak blacks, weak fast motion) have been largely eliminated. In 1958, Dinera€™s Club launched the first card available for payment to general merchants: 27 participating NYC restaurants. Kugel, an Orthodox Jew and author of a€?How to Read the Biblea€? says that there is essentially no evidence--archaeological, historical, cultural--for the events in the Torah. Koerner which he said depicts: a€?a horseman determinedly charging up what appears to be a steep and rough traila€?--representing his own political journey against steep odds and naysayers.
The rope was not strong enough to carry them all; they decided 1 had to leave, or all would fall.
According to the Energy Department, vampire gadgets account for about 25% of total residential electricity consumption in the U.S. Guppy submitted a fish to the British Museum that was already classified, but the name stuck [and the fish is still in a jar at the museum]. This unique approach helps us to address our patients’ acute and chronic conditions with understanding and proven success. We will assess your current health scenario and determine which herbal preparations are right for you. Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and molecular biology from UC Berkeley, as well as a Master’s in Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine. We are happy to work with your primary care doctor and any specialists you might have to develop a fully integrated solution to your health challenges.
Our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. The effects of the red laser radiation in the skin are well known, increased cellular energy (ATP synthesis), improved microcirculation of blood and lymph and enhanced oxygenation and effects on metabolism during the non-specific irradiation of the skin tissue. The immunological effects are the inhibition and reduction of Langerhans cells and IgE + Langerhans cells, the inhibition of dermal mast cells and the inhibition and reduction of T-Lymphocytes. In particular for the treatment of children, 405 nm radiation is safe, side-effect free, even for longer treatment times. The children experience laser needle acupuncture and laser therapy as pleasant and efficient methods. Accompanying medications for inflammatory conditions, joint diseases or skin diseases with antibiotics can often be reduced significantly. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.
No man spoke, but the woman said she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband, kids and men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little in return. We are always happy to consult with your Western physician to ensure that your herbal medications support your overall treatment protocol.
He is a licensed acupuncturist and focuses on integrative approaches to numerous conditions that include both Eastern and Western methods.
In these ways and others, red laser light improves the overall regenerative capacity of the skin.
The activity and number of T-lymphocytes, which are infiltrated in the skin is influenced and decreased directly by the 405 nm radiation. So, plasma has truer color and does better in darker rooms, and LCD has more vivid color and does better in bright rooms. A decrease of bcl-2 proteins after radiation, which acts as apoptosis inhibitor, has been reported in the literature. But, therea€™s no such thing as a 1080p TV broadcast (cable, satellite, anything), and wona€™t be for years.
Actually, it was an illustration for a Saturday Evening Post short story, a€?The Slipper Tongue,a€? about a slick-tongued horse thief fleeing a lynch mob. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. Athens, to honor god of wine & drama, Dionysus [Baccus], where comic actors wore padded phalluses as part of their costumes.

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