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Having first opened its doors back in January, the  center currently has one herbalist on staff who sees patients every Thursday. The new  center is part of the Cleveland Clinic’s larger Center for Integrative Medicine  (CIM), which also offers acupuncture, holistic psychotherapy and massage  therapy.
Still, Western medicine has a long way to go in fully accepting  Chinese herbs as legitimate medicine. But the system works because it  approaches health from a holistic perspective that addresses physical,  emotional, mental and spiritual elements. To achieve this goal, our clinic combines Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, reflexology, and modern medical modalities with acupuncture to design the optimal treatments for each patient.
Acupuncture, as one modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has been practiced for over 3,000 years.
For over 4000 years, TCM has developed from the wisdom of the ancient sages to current standard medical treatment in Chinese daily life.
Inherent in the TCM philosophy is the knowledge that the body has the potential to cure its own diseases by stimulation and adjustment of the meridians--a complex configuration of energy (Qi) channels, through a wide-range of powerful and natural modalities. Rooted in the synergy of the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and knowledge of biomedical science, Lake Bluff Acupuncture offers effective natural solutions to, but not limited to, pain management, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, nicotine addiction, and digestive disorders. Fu Bensheng (right), a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor on the PLA Navy hospital ship Peace Ark, applies the cupping therapy on a visiting military medical official during a TCM demonstration and exchange conducted on the ship on Tuesday as part of the 2014 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise. After a medical exchange conference on the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy hospital ship Peace Ark on July 3 as part of the 2014 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise, the Chinese vessel greeted military medical officials from various participating nations on Tuesday in a presentation on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Zhai Xiaofeng, the TCM clinic doctor of the Peace Ark hospital, explained the basics of TCM to 18 visitors. TCM focuses on the human body as a whole system, while Western medicine focuses more on each specific part of the human body, Zhai said, triggering questions from curious visitors. Zhai explained the cause of bloodshot eyes using the TCM theory when Lorry Riebel, from the US Navy hospital ship Mercy, tried to understand which of the five elements in TCM theory a€“ metal, wood, water, fire and earth a€“ eyes belong.
The exchange reached its climax when Fu Bensheng, a TCM doctor on Peace Ark, displayed the Chinese massage and cupping therapies.
The medical conference aboard Peace Ark on July 3 was attended by military medical personnel from the US, Canada, Indonesia, New Zealand, Norway and South Korea.
Just as military medical exchanges were conducted on both the Peace Ark and Mercy, the US Third Fleet conducted a two-day scene setter in Pearl Harbor for the multinational and interagency participants of the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief scenario of RIMPAC on July 5-6. Twenty-two nations, more than 40 ships and submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in RIMPAC from June 26 to Aug 1 in and around the Hawaiian Islands and Southern California.
Military exchanges have been on the rise between China and the US in the past two years despite tensions in the South China Sea and East China Sea, where China and two US allies, Japan and the Philippines, have maritime territorial disputes. In Beijing on Tuesday, PLA Chief of General Staff Fang Fenghui, who visited the US in May, met with Samuel Locklear, visiting commander of US Pacific Command on Tuesday. They pledged to control disputes and push ahead with relations between the two militaries, according to a Xinhua News Agency report.
Fang said the two sides should cherish bilateral relations and appropriately handle their disputes while seeking more common ground.
Locklear said that the two sides should take a long-term perspective, handle disputes and advance military ties under the requirements of the leaders of the two countries. Locklear is in Beijing to attend the 6th meeting of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue and the 4th China-US Strategic Security Dialogue held on Wednesday and Thursday. I am often asked about the treatment of acute lower back pain with acupuncture and moxibustion. As a practitioner I am often frustrated that I am not able to get the results I’m looking for fast enough. History of chief complaint: the patient injured his back one afternoon lifting a 30 kilo weight awkwardly onto his shoulder and then carrying it a short distance, before throwing it down with a forceful twisting movement. When questioned, the patient reported significant periods of sustained stress leading up to the injury. Treatment: Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment commenced on day one (day one being the day that pain started). On the first day of treatment, the goal was to reduce inflammation in the lumbar region and help medication more effectively moderate pain levels. On the fifth day, electro acupuncture was repeated twice but the point location and direction of the current was changed. As the intense pain of the first few days was pretty much gone and range of movement was now normal (if not a little tentative at times) the patient was provided with a TENS machine and instructed to apply it for 20 minutes several times a day or as needed, followed by 20 minutes with a hot pack. Generally speaking, to properly recover from situations like the one described above, there is always a period of at least a couple of months, where patients need to be mindful of their injuries and not engage in activities beyond their capacities. Thanks for taking the time to read this case report, I hope it has been of some use to you.
Ion pumping cords are copper cords used to connect needles placed in different points on the body to form a polarized (one-way) circuit that conducts the client’s own bioelectricity. Far infrared heat lamp therapy is a form of electrical moxibustion that uses far infra red light to warm large areas of skin and improve the circulation of blood deep in the body. Unsure which treatment to choose?Please feel free to contact us to discuss a suitable treatment to meet your needs. Poison Ivy sufferers desperately search for remedies to relieve the intense and awful itching caused by contact with this plant.
Now that you know Chinese Medicine can help, here are some practical things for the do-it-yourself part. Calamine lotion is not herbal at all, but composed mainly of calamine which is a mixture of zinc oxide with a small amount of ferric oxide.
People affected by poison ivy and related plants (poison oak, sumac, etc.) will almost certainly benefit from Chinese herbs and acupuncture.
People often ask me why I don’t refer to myself as “Doctor” when so many of my colleagues do. The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, according to new reports, will  now treat patients for pain, indigestion, inflammation and many other chronic  health issues using traditional Chinese remedies, affirming the legacy of this  holistic approach to healing. In  order to access the center, patients have to be referred by their doctors and  agree to be continually monitored for any interactions or complications that may  arise, particularly if these patients are also taking pharmaceuticals in  conjunction with the herbs.

These unconventional approaches to medicine are becoming increasingly popular even within the mainstream medical  community. This hospital is one of just a few others in the country that has  a Chinese  herbal medicine clinic.
While some studies do exist showing their  efficacy, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies involving many  individual herbs are lacking. The goal of Chinese herbal medicine,  in fact, is to restore balance within each of these unique states of being  rather than just treat individual symptoms, something in which an increasing  number of patients are eager to take part.
Our mission is to awaken and enhance the healing power within each client to regain a harmonic state of being, and to achieve optimal health. We invite you to work with us as a partner and team, because the natural healing process works ultimately when you, as a unique individual, make a commitment of your time and effort to self-management of your health--your most valuable personal asset.
It is a complete healing system used to prevent & treat disease and improve overall health & wellbeing. TCM uses the theory of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and a sophisticated diagnostic system, which depends on the doctor’s sensory awareness and intuitive faculties, as well as the emotional state of the patient.
It is our sincere hope that your experience at Lake Bluff Acupuncture is the turning point in your journey of achieving optimal health through natural healing. My back feels warm and I feel relaxed just like after a massage,"said Nickolas Ross, a US military medical official. Mandnar, a doctor from the Singaporean navy, said he found the cupping therapy very interesting.
It's also the first time for any hospital ship to participate in RIMPAC since the world's largest naval exercise was launched in 1971. I like the idea of exchanging ideas with other countries, it promotes friendship and subsequent joint missions,"Du was quoted as saying by the US Navy website. They are the missile destroyer Haikou, missile frigate Yueyang, supply ship Qiandaohu and hospital ship Peace Ark, with a total of 1,100 personnel, making it the second largest representation after only the host US. It is certainly one of the most common reasons that people present at the clinic for treatment. At the time, the patient reported no pain or discomfort in the back but later that afternoon noticed that he was beginning to walk funny.
Despite this, general health appeared to be good and other lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, were unremarkable, though he did report drinking too much alcohol. In Chinese medicine, however, the symptoms he presented with can be called Qi Stagnation in the Du Meridian (spine) due to compression injury, causing pain and reduced range of movement in the lumbar spine. Because of the intense nature of the pain, initial treatments involved minimal needling and a small number of points so as to not cause any unnecessary movement or pain. Treatment involved a Japanese acupuncture tool for reducing inflammation known as an ION pumping cord1. As such, similar treatments to day one were performed, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The goal now was to reduce the muscular spasms in the lumbar and abdominal regions and to reduce pain. Seven days post injury the patient was able to return to his combat sports training routine, albeit, in a careful and limited manor. Other internet sources suggested combinations of water and baking soda, sometimes with oatmeal; sea salt baking soda, bentonite clay, chamomile or tea tree oil, and water. The stems and leaves are crushed or mashed and applied immediately to skin that has come in contact with poisonous plant. Many conventional doctors who have been unable to figure out what’s  wrong with their patients are sending them over to places like CIM for  integrative therapy. Besides the fact that funding for such studies is  minimal, as Chinese herbs  cannot be patented, the Chinese herbal protocol is built on the idea that herbs  work synergistically with one another, an elusive concept in Western  thinking. Our goal is to help the client by eliminating symptoms of disease, restoring proper body function and improving the quality of life. This holistic philosophy differentiates from conventional medicine, which views mind and body as two separate systems. This comprehensive, nature-based, clinic-tested system has enabled the Chinese people to readily take responsibility for their health, inspiring daily meridian style exercise such as Tai Chi (Ji), acupressure, and meditation to sustain health and well-being.
The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC). The other day I uploaded a blog presenting findings of a recent meta-analysis of research into the use of acupuncture to treat chronic pain.
It is usually because, for some reason, people are not able to get the treatment they need often enough to ensure fast results. His left hand side hip felt twisted and he had the feeling of dragging his left leg as he walked. The slightest movement caused intense pain, described as throbbing and stabbing, to radiate from the lumbar spine to the quadratus-lumborum muscle in the lower back and to the abdominal muscles. As the patient lived near the clinic it was possible to perform acupuncture and moxibustion a couple of times a day. Very thin needles (0.18mm wide x 40mm long) were superficially inserted (about 1-2 mms) into several of the most painful points on and near the lumbar spine. Once again, pain medication was reported to be more effective after commencing acupuncture treatment. To achieve this, electro-acupuncture was applied to the lumbar and thoracic regions of the back. However, standing for more than 10 minutes at a time caused mild pain in the lumbar region. A gentle current was then passed horizontally through the spine for 20 minutes and followed up with 20 minutes of gentle far-infra red heat lamp moxibustion.
The spasms had past, range of movement had improved significantly and there was no longer any pain but the patient reported stiffness in the mornings and an ache in the back when standing for long periods.
Because it is found close by its unfriendly neighbor, jewelweed can be cut and applied right away, as soon as you notice the poison ivy.  Jewelweed can be recognized by its beautiful flowers when in bloom.
Philip Nino Tan-Gatue MD, CAc, CMA,is one of the leading experts in Traditional Medicine and Chinese Medicine in the Philippines.

Acupuncture has been accepted into the Western mainstream culture since the 1970’s, after New York Times reporter James Reston wrote about how doctors in China used acupuncture to ease his pain. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form.
Today, I thought I would talk about the other end of the pain spectrum and present a case study from my own clinical experience describing the treatment of acute lower back pain with acupuncture and moxibustion. In the following case report I present an example of a situation where access, time and cost issues were not limiting factors.
The following day the patient woke with a feeling of stiffness and a mild ache throughout the lower back. A distal acupuncture point, known as Bl 58, located on the inferior-lateral border of both calves was also needled superficially.
However, ROM remained unchanged and pain medication was still required on a 3 hourly basis. Two electro-acupuncture sessions and far-infra red heat lamp moxibustion session (as described above) where given that day, resulting in continued improvements in range of movement and an enhanced ability to stand for extended periods of times. This treatment resulted in the return of full, pain free range of movement and the ability to stand for extended periods of time without pain.
Recovery from injury is almost always better when the patient actively engages in some well-structured rehabilitation exercises, including something like yoga or palates and careful strength and conditioning training. Many people use this before they come in contact with poison ivy as a way of strengthening their immune system against it. Acupuncture is currently soaring in popularity throughout many parts of the Western hemisphere due to its startling effectiveness for relieving pain, stress and anxiety, insomnia, and neuropathy. My hope is that readers will come to understand just how fantastic acupuncture and moxibustion can be for acute pain or injury when applied at the ideal frequency.
At this point, the ache was not described as muscular in nature but reported to be coming from the lumbar spine. 1000 mg paracetamol and 60 mg of codeine phosphate was administered and pain levels decreased slightly. ION pumping cords were then attached to these two areas (the black end of the cord to the painful points on the back and the red end of the cord to the point on the calf- see picture below) and left in place for 20 minutes. Any movement or attempts to be upright resulted in an extended period of intense pain, exacerbated by muscular spasms in the lumbar and abdominal regions. It was even possible for the patient to walk around the garden and to do a careful weight training session on his chest, triceps and biceps that afternoon. That afternoon, the patient walked a series of stairs to activate his legs and lungs and finished with a gentle stretching session. From my perspective we had only moved from phase one of treatment, were the focus was on managing the symptoms of pain and dysfunction, to phase two, were the condition becomes sub-clinical (meaning the underlying condition still exists but it no longer expresses any symptoms). The formulas may be taken as decoctions (teas) or granules stirred into warm water or mixed into food such as applesauce or yogurt.
Rhus tox, which is a homeopathic dilution of the oil of the plant itself, is well worth trying once you have the poison ivy rash.
Pain levels increased throughout the morning until about lunch time, when a ‘ping’ was felt somewhere in the lumbar spine on the left hand side.
There was no pain in the legs, however, the patient reported increasing testicular and inguinal pain.
The following day he did a 1 kilometre hill run and was able to return to light duties at work.
The focus of phase two treatment is to ensure that the underlying condition is resolved and relapses are avoided. The cords are used to pump positive ions away from injured areas in order to reduce pain and swelling. Rhus tox is also said to be good for arthritis, joint pains & body aches and flu symptoms, among other things. I was excited to have the opportunity to apply treatment as frequently as the situation required. The patient did not sleep much that night and the following day was unable to get out of bed, even after taking 1000 mg paracetamol and 60 mg of codeine phosphate. In my practice, I prefer to take a case like the one reported above from twice daily treatment, to twice weekly treatment, then to weekly and, when the time is right, to twice monthly and finally monthly treatments. Treating poison ivy is an example of Chinese herbal medicine applied to a condition rather than a constitutional type. And though at times I felt my frustrations about speed of results surfacing, especially during the first couple of days of treatment when the patient was in intense pain, we soldiered on. Laying down did not significantly reduce the level of pain and the patient reported being unable to find a comfortable position to lay in on the couch. Any attempt to move resulted in long periods of intense throbbing and stabbing pain in the quadratus-lumborum and abdomen. Please note that 1000 mg paracetamol and 60 mg of codeine phosphate had been taken about two hours before treatment but had not managed to moderate the pain until after the acupuncture treatment had begun.
During World War 2 ion pumping cords were used to treat burns associated with the blasts from the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. However, most Chinese herbalists (including myself) will add a few herbs to your formula for your personal constitutional make-up. He was also able to stand up for almost 10 minutes at a time without pain.  The best thing was that the patient reported that he did not require any more pain medication from that point on. In fact, he said he felt good enough to do 3 x 20 push ups and a few slow crunches that afternoon.

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