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Australian Library Promotion Council - Libraries Australia's Heritage - Three Bookmarks - c. Stevengraph Silk Bookmark (1862) - "Evening Hymn" "Yes it is authentic and great color. SOURCE: PurchasedI love this bookmark, it's design and name (see reverse side of bookmark for the explanation) and am happy to now have it in my collection.

Art Project, [between 1936 and 1940]1 print on board (poster) : silkscreen, color.Yep, a bookmark is way better than dog-earing your books, especially with an iron! The film was made by Dino de Laurentiis Productions and distributed by Paramount Pictures.The film stars Audrey Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and Mel Ferrer (the three pictured on the bookmark), along with Vittorio Gassman, Herbert Lom and Anita Ekberg, in one of her first breakthrough roles.
It had Academy Awards nominations for Best Director (King Vidor), Best Cinematography, Color (Jack Cardiff) and Best Costume Design, Color (Maria De Matteis).Audrey Hepburn played Natasha Rostova, Henry Fonda played Count Pierre Bezukhov and Mel Ferrer played Prince Andrei Bolkonsky.

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