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After a comprehensive evaluation, I was optimistic in his full recovery, based on his young age (40 years old), physical fitness and strong willpower. Looking back now, 3 months of treatment for 12 sessions were not slow for recovery of traumatic nerve damage. The acupuncture points I used for this patient include Ashi points near the fracture site, points along the San Jiao and Large Intestine meridians, and motor points in the extensor muscles for the wrist and fingers. The herbal formula I used was a modified version of Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang (Promote Yang to Restore Five Decoction, ?????), with the addition of Gui Sui Bu (Drynaria Rhizome), Xu Duan (Dipsacus Root) and Shui Zhi (Leech). Recovery time for radial nerve palsy varies greatly, depending on the severity of nerve damage.
I think the key to his recovery is the comprehensive treatments he received, including surgery, physical therapy, splints, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Yes, please find a good Chinese medicine doctor there and try acupuncture and Chinese herbs for your mom. My wife has been unable to recover from Peri-operative radial nerve injury due to positioning during anesthesia in February 2015. We have been doing all the Neurologist has recommended for 7 months — her wrist and finger lift have only recovered about 15% of the original abilities. We would appreciate your advice if you can find out anything that would help us locate some treatment similar to the one you wrote about. Given 2 years after the injury and multiple fractures, I think your best chance lies in the combination of herbs, acupuncture and low level laser therapy. Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs, offers much to women (and men) struggling with infertility.
The Chinese approach to enhancing fertility is to normalize the menstrual cycle, and ensure the abundance of qi, blood and essence.  We also pay attention to harmonizing and balancing yin and yang. These days acupuncture alone to support IVF success is fairly common, but as a practitioner I find myself wishing more women tried Chinese medicine first. While this is a very simple summary of the patterns we see, each of these pathologies can be treated with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, and even if the woman elects to proceed with advanced reproductive intervention, her chances of sustaining a full term pregnancy will be greatly enhanced.
Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and is especially effective in treating problems to do with immune system function, gastrointestinal function, and internal organ function.
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine practitioners use acupuncture for a large variety of medical problems and diseases including behavioural disorders such as fear, anxiety, depression and anger, and cardiovascular problems such as cardiac arrhythmias, weakness leading to heart failure, and obstructive pulmonary disease.
Ocular disorders such as difficult to heal corneal ulcers (see Harry’s case), chronic conjunctivitis, and eyelid muscle weakness can all be helped through acupuncture. While useful for treating a variety of disorders, acupuncture may be best known for the positive treatment of a large variety of gastrointestinal disorders including inappetence, vomiting, diarrhoea and constipation, and bloating. If you have questions about acupuncture and how effective and beneficial it might be in helping your fluffy friend, get in contact with Dr Kaori today for some advice or to book a consultation visit. It results from compression or injury to radial nerve, causing pain, wrist drop and loss of sensation in hands. A large dosage (30-50 grams of raw herb, or 6-10 grams of 5:1 concentrated granules per day) is required to be effective. In mild cases, no treatment is needed and spontaneous recovery occurs within weeks to months. His young age, physical fitness and determination to get better also played an important role. I’ll personally relate some of the information to my mother who suffers nerve palsy of the legs due to spinal compression.

In my experience, the combination works well for such cases, but you need to find somebody good, and better specializing in this.
The best ways to find a good one are word of mouth, referrals from your neurologist or primary care physicians, or reading each acupuncturist’s website for their training and expertise.
But there is a great Chinese medicine school in Austin, formerly known as Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And i involved with an accident in 2013.and suffered radial nerve injury with the forearm facture.
A long anecdotal record among Chinese medicine practitioners is now being supported by research. By the time I see a woman, maybe just a few days away from an IVF embryo transfer, she may have had multiple medicated cycles and be in significant imbalance, probably much more so than before she started the fertility drugs.
Achieving balance is not an over-night event, and not as quick as a round of clomid and the swollen follicles that follow. Acupuncture can also be used in emergency therapy situations for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (see Louie’s case). Many forms of dental pain, redness, swelling and inflammation can have symptoms greatly reduced or relieved. Hepatic disease of both infectious and endogenous origin may be soothed with hepatic regeneration encouraged through such treatment. Neurological disorders including paresis, paralysis, and vestibular disease may be resolved more quickly when acupuncture is added to the animal’s western biomedical protocol.
Occasionally other acupuncture modalities such as electroacupuncture, aquapuncture, or gold-bead implants are used to increase the duration and effectiveness of an acupuncture treatment.
Four months prior, he had a humerus fracture, which led to prolonged entrapment of the radial nerve. The treatment included acupuncture on his arm, auricular acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, electro-stimulation and low level laser therapy. In the first round, Hua Tuo Jia Ji points (?????) on C5-C7 cervical spine were connected to LI 12-10. For 200 years, this formula has been used for treating cerebrovascular stroke and traumatic injury.
Recent scientific studies have shown that Huang Qi can stimulate nerve regeneration and increase muscle strength. Chinese medicine always aims to stimulate the patient’s own healing power to overcome diseases. I highly recommend acupuncture, lower level laser therapy, herbal medicine and physical therapy, because they will significantly increase your chance of recovery and speed it up. I think Chinese herbs and low level laser therapy or light therapy will be especially helpful too.
Modern fertility treatment focuses on the yang process of forcing more eggs out of the ovaries at the clear expense of the woman’s yin. The exclusive approach of Western medicine seems to be to crank up the ovaries, and ignore the other issues that may truly be the root of the infertility. But Chinese medicine will make you healthier and that is always good for you and your pregnancy. Small companion animals such as cats and dogs as well as exotic animals are all candidates for acupuncture treatment.
Pulmonary weakness that may lead to exercise intolerance, chronic coughing, frequent upper respiratory tract infections or chronic nasal discharge can also be successfully treated through TCVM methods.

Some forms of chronic ear problems such as external auditory canal and middle ear inflammation can be relieved more rapidly through a combination of acupuncture and western medications. Various forms of renal disease including kidney failure and urinary problems such as inflammation, infection, and urinary leakage may be successfully alleviated and sometimes cured by acupuncture. Every fluffy is unique and will require their acupuncture sessions individually designed to suit their current medical problems. I also prescribed Chinese herbs to improve blood circulation and stimulate nerve regeneration. In the second round, points in the wounded area on the upper arm were connected to the motor points of the extensor muscles on the forearm.
Other herbs in this formula have a combined effect of improving blood circulation and promoting the healing of bones and soft tissues.
I think she can benefit from acupuncture and Chinese herb treatment especially when they are readily available where she is in Taipei.
Indeed, most ovarian stimulating drugs are very hot, according to Chinese medicine, and thus they damage the yin. This can explain why he had almost no improvement for four months despite surgery and physical therapy.
This pre-existing condition combined with humerus fracture made spontaneous recovery very difficult. The result is thin uterine lining, absent mid-cycle cervical fluid, and a sub-optimal uterine environment for the embryo. Therefore, it is extremely important for the practitioner to help the patient understand that the healing process is never a linear ascent, and it requires faith, patience and persistence. I also did blood-letting on the fingers once a week or every two weeks in the later sessions.
Acupuncture alone can counteract some of these side effects of ovarian stimulation, but Chinese herbs can bring even more benefit.
The practitioner needs to hold the vision for the patients so that they will stay on the course in order to achieve complete recovery. The best ways to find a good one are word of mouth, referrals from your neurologist or primary care physicians, and reading each acupuncturist’s website for their training and expertise. I would recommend adding internal herbs and external herbal soak to stimulate nerves and blood circulation.
Chinese herbs during ovarian stimulation have been researched in China, but not in the West. Now, more than 3 years later, the condition has not improved and I am being advised to surgically fuse the wrist. I would however prefer to explore other non surgical interventions and have been going for accupuncture sessions for 4 months now.
When I ran into him a year later, he proudly showed me his hand and gave me a strong handshake. I would be grateful for any inputs you may have for me or even ones that I could share with my accupuncture doctor.

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