Chinese medical qigong therapy dvd download 14.04

A 20-minute video where the whole exercsise set is performed without narration, with only a background music. Standing Wuji Posture – the posture is the basic standing Qigong posture from which most of the other exercises start and how they end. The 5 short programs of the Secret Elements Qi Gong from the steps on your way to find and keep your youth and vitality. On the page with your wishlist the internetaddress which you can share with friends and family is clearly marked.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. And although there’s no booklet coming with the DVD, the voice narrations of the exercises should be enough.
Everyone can benefit from the age old knowledge of the sages from Asia.The 5 exercises are easy to learn and can be practised at every place in just a few minutes. With this address anybody can read your wishlist but of course only the owner can change the items in the wishlist.

The important part is to listen and to implement every direction of the movements and visualizations as they are explained. Every single program aims at a particular and universal theme of your life and directly unfolds its effective value.The changing of tension and relaxation, of calmness and movement, forms the foundation of life.

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