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Because chi, water and oxygen provide “freshness”, this shows us that they are essential to life, but not just any life – life that is exciting, vital, joyous and healthy. Since “bad water”, stagnant Chi and poor oxygenation have direct correlation to each other, they are simple to fix. Eastern medical practice is based on the understanding that Chi is just as essential to life as water. The spectrum of matter ranging from dense earth, through fluid water and air, and finally into light and Chi is a transition of solidness to fluidity, and also from the visible into the invisible. Water was traditionally used as a symbol for life in the Eastern temples and their fountains and baths.
To mimic nature and our understanding of what we see as visible, the water, has a direct correlation to the invisible, the Chi. It is entirely possible that water might include Chi, because both can be used as the carrier for imprinting information.
The simplest way is to drink Cerra alkaline, ionized water, which returns the body to an alkaline state, restores the “good water”, the vital Chi and oxygenates every cell of the body. Because they both are so interconnected and similar, they both need to be flowing and “alive”. Oxygen content alone should not negate the Chi properties because oxygen and Chi are interconnected. The acids are solidified by the body into the joints, blood vessels, brain, organs and body fat.

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