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Services and TreatmentsAt the Acupuncture Health Center, we offer a broad range of treatment services and create individualized health plans to address the specific needs of each patient.
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Located in Willowbrook, ILThe Acupuncture Health Center is located in Willowbrook, directly south of the Hinsdale Nursery. We are conveniently located within a few minutes’ drive from Burr Ridge, Hinsdale, Darien, Downers Grove and Western Springs. For more photography on cupping from Joanna Rees, please visit her website at Joanna Rees Photography.
Part of the joy of living abroad is trying new things and challenging yourself with activities you might not necessarily do back home.
I found myself draped over the back of a chair with the good doctor hovering over me with funny looking cup and gun.
Cupping is used to bring blood flow to the muscles and skin, which effectively drain excess fluid and toxins from deep connective tissues. I found it interesting to learn that home cupping is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan. For another inside look into the world of cupping, check out Jan Shim’s blog, Shimworld.
A Canadian expat that has been living abroad in Asia since 2003, Carrie moved from China to Taiwan in 2006 to teach English as a Second Language. It’s the same for me, the massage alone can be EXTREMELY painful but fortunately both of us have a high threshold for pain and not the kind that screams and moans at every twitch of the skin.
This vacuum cupping kit is a easy and fast way to replace the traditional type air evacuation technique that need skills and specialists.

Traditional Chinese Medicine called “cupping” in which glass cups are made into suction cups as fire is applied to the air within them, and these suctions are placed on our fleshy parts – most popularly the back. While our services and treatments include acupuncture, often a combination of traditional Chinese treatments and herbal medicines are required to achieve the most effective results based on the needs of each individual patient. Our storefront is located in a business park one block west of Madison street on 73rd street. This month, one of Joanna’s photography assignments with Discover Taipei magazine required her to take photos of the ancient Chinese medical practices of cupping and gua sha (otherwise known as cupping). I knew there would be some bruising, but I also know this method of massage therapy is gaining momentum back home in North America, partly due to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.
Tzu Ying Lai at the hospital early Wednesday morning for a lesson in the different methods of cupping. Jan writes about his own personal experience with cupping and features some rather interesting self-portraits of his body after a cupping session. We frequent a popular place in Brunei called The Healing Touch that employs masseurs from China and they offer services from traditional massages in VARYING degree of PAIN, foot reflexology and cupping therapy. The pain from cupping can also be overwhelming at times but it’s pleasurable afterwards. This vacuum cupping kit absorb on body surface acupoints to cause a contra flusion or slight blood sludging so as to facilitate smoothness of flows in channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation, pull out diseases such as wind, cool, humid, hot and poison etc. This draws up impure blood, promotes the circulation of fresh blood, clears heat and stagnation as well as opens our channels.
Cupping is often used on adults and children for relieving cold, cough and asthmatic conditions.
Plastic cups are used with a manual pump to create a vacuum inside the cup which sucks the skin up into the cup.

I’ve learned there is a lot to be said about traditional Chinese medical practices in China and Taiwan.
Carrie also works as a freelance travel writer and photographer, providing regular content to several publishing companies and travel publications in Asia and North America. In the beginning, a period of discovering which masseuse suited her, she was left disappointed how little pain she felt mainly due to the mainland Chinese masseuse being too gentle. Its amazing for muscle pain too as it draws toxins and turbid fluid away from compromised muscle. Its also good for pain relief as it draws toxins and turbid fluid away from the muscle area. Dr.Tzu stressed several times that cupping opens up the meridians in the back, which stimulate the flow of blood and Qi. The cotton is ignited and placed in the open end of the cup to create a vaccuum, which sucks all the air out of the cup. When your skin turns red this means the blood has been brought to the surface, along with all the nasty toxins and infection that makes you sick. I would be willing to come back and try it again when I fight with my yearly bout of flu this coming winter.
Yan does house calls – I can also give you his contact if you would like to set that up.

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