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Hong Kong Baptist Hospital’s Chinese Medicine Clinic (CMC) was set up as early as in 1997 to meet the increasing demands towards diversified medical services. Our Chinese Medicine practitioners are all registered under the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong. In line with the concept of complementary and alternative medicine, CMC extends its services to Tokwawan with a new clinic at the Hospital’s newly established Kai Tak Community Health Centre. The two clinics of CMC, which located at Franki Centre and Kai Tak Community Centre respectively, have consultation and private treatment rooms to let patients relax in a comfortable environment.
Chinese Medicine ConsultationChinese Medicine Clinic provides general and specialist medicine services which internal medicine, oncology, gynaecology, acupuncture, dermatology, orthopedics, Tui-na therapy, gerontology and after care treatment.Patients are allocated to different Chinese Medicine practitioners according to their symptoms and needs to ensure that they receive suitable specialist medical service. Chinese Medicine Clinical Research ProgramIn addition to the provision of quality Chinese herbal medicines and decocting service (available at Franki Centre clinic only), a hassle-free choice of Chinese medicine granules is available.
We have recently opened up a new store Oriental Remedy at 130 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 4QR with the same services and offers.

Be Health Chinese Medical Centre is centrally located in Soho and specialises in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Our commitment is to bring the benefits of Chinese medicine to the community of Soho and the surrounding areas and our specialists seek to provide outstanding practice of traditional treatments and prescription of herbal remedies. CMC is one of the first Chinese Medicine specialty clinics in Hong Kong and it has been devoted to providing a range of Chinese Medicine out-patient services. With extensive clinical experiences, they are specialized in healthcare hygiene as well as the prevention and treatment of various illnesses.
The new clinic does not only provide Chinese medicine services, but it also organizes health talks and interest groups to promote health awareness.
It is mainly held during a€?Sanfutiana€? * (the hottest period of the year) and a€?Sanjiutiana€? * (the coldest period of the year). Moreover, there is a range of well-packed oral tea and Chinese herbal soup ingredients for selection to promote healthy life through daily diet.

It is generally recommended to receive the treatment for three consecutive years to bring great effect. Chinese medicine practitioners will paste some spicy warm Chinese herbs on the designated acupuncture points of patienta€™s body. It is suitable for treating allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cough, stomach pain, arthralgia, back pain, rheumatic pain, dysmenorrheal and people who are easy to get sick.

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