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The wrist is made up of the two bones of the forearm (the radius and ulna) and has eight separate bones, called carpals that provide movement and support to the hand. PET scans demonstrate significant effects for the image diagnosis of tumors, cerebral infarctions and cardiovascular diseases. The cyclotron systems for PET, available from the SHI Group, provide radioactive isotopes, which are required for the manufacture of these tracer RIs, in a safe and stable manner.
Since delivery of the AVF cyclotron, a large scale accelerator for nuclear physics experiments, to the Research Center for Nuclear Physics at Osaka University in 1972, the SHI Group has been developing and manufacturing numerous accelerators, such as large scale ring cyclotrons or linear accelerators, as well as ultra-compact synchrotron radiation (SR) rings, etc., thereby contributing towards the development of accelerator technologies in Japan. An variety of products, including proton accelerators with energy levels ranging from 12 to 30MeV, are available (HM-12, 20 and 30).

The SHI Group is the only Japanese manufacturer delivering cyclotrons for PET and providing support for PET diagnostics in Japan, from development through to after sales service, backed by an infallible framework.
Operation training given at the launch of a facility, as well as the dispatch of operators, are provided by the SHI Accelerator Service Ltd., (our wholly owned subsidiary).
Cartilage acts like a natural shock absorber, preventing both bone on bone contact and providing a smooth, pain-free surface for the bones to glide against. Tracer RIs, such as the 18F-FDG, which is used for identifying the position of cancer by accumulating at the cancer nidus, are essential for PET scans, which have been adopted by many medical institutions.
The HM series of products of compact cyclotrons for PET was developed based on such a proprietary accelerator technology.

We can propose optimum systems to our customers based on their requirements, such as the necessary nuclear species and yields, as well as the installation space and whether or not integrated shielding is necessary, etc.
Since the first unit was delivered to Kyoto University Hospital in 1981, the SHI Group has been taking the lead in the proliferation and development of cyclotrons for PET in Japan.

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