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Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that uses localized finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on acupuncture meridians.
Each point is held for for two to eight seconds to improve the flow of energy and help the body regain balance.
Massage techniques and genres originating from Asian countries like India, China, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand are generally referred under the common name of Oriental massage therapy. There are several types of Asian massages which can be benefited from depending on the preference of the individual and the requirement of the body. The basic principle behind any Oriental massage therapy of Chinese origin is the use of acupressure points to provide relief from pain and ailments. The most popular Oriental massage therapy worldwide, is the Shiatsu massage which is based on the principles of acupressure. There is a certain amount of mysticism associated with the Asian massage parlors all over the world.
You will surely be greeted by petite women as receptionists on the entry who shall be able to guide you regarding the variety of services available at the massage parlor.
Regular sessions of Oriental massage therapy have proven to be the perfect elixir for overall well being of the body as well as the mind.
Enhanced Blood circulation: The strokes of the oriental massage therapy are designed to help maximize the flow of blood to all parts of the body. Better Muscle Flexibility: The kneading, pulling and twisting actions during the therapy make the muscles and the joints more supple thereby increasing their flexibility and additionally help prevent injury in case of inadvertent bending or stretching.
Better Immunity: Increased circulation to the lymph and faster elimination of toxic wastes from the body implies that the immune system of the body is better strengthened.
Lower Blood Pressure: For all those suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure related conditions, a good oriental massage can do wonders in substantially bringing down the blood pressure to more tolerable limits instantly. Skin Glow: Regular massage increases circulation in the skin and additionally the anti oxidant properties of the essential oils prevent degradation of the cells on the surface according the skin a better tone and an enviable glow. Facilitates Healing: People recovering from surgery are often advised by doctors to undergo regular Oriental massages in order to fasten up the recovery process. The pleasant sensations that come along with a host of health benefits make the Oriental massage therapy an essential part of the busy schedules of modern living. Reflexology is a non invasive holistic treatment that is generally carried out on the feet, but in some instances may be performed on the hands or ears. Reflexology treats the body as a whole and although cannot claim to cure may relieve symptoms of many conditions.
These therapies have a long history dating back to several centuries and have over the ages evolved into highly detailed and comprehensive regimes that are extremely effective in their relaxing experience and therapeutic applications.

The most common forms of Oriental massage therapy are the Japanese origin techniques called Shiastsu and Ashiatsu which have thousands of years of fine tuning and development behind them to provide a powerful and stimulating experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and reenergized for a long time.
The Indian school of thought reflected in the Ayurvedic massage therapies relies more on the use of organic products of medicinal value to be applied on the various parts of the body to provide the desired relaxing sensations and health benefits. The technique applied in this Japanese method is guided by the Chinese Meridian System of energy points in body on which specific amount of pressure is applied with the palm, thumb and fingers to provide relief from pain and relax the tensed muscles. They shall escort you to the massage room where the actual trained masseur will be introduced. The most apparent benefits to the mind are its soothing and calming effect that helps reduce anxiety, tension and stress. This increased circulation prevents atrophy of disused muscles and helps the excretion of bodily toxic waste significantly. Most holistic living gurus advise regular usage of this kind of natural and organic therapies for maintaining a balance between the hectic work commitments and still being composed enough to be able to devote quality time for the family. It works on the principle that we have channels of energy flowing through our body’s that can become blocked, when for example, we become stressed, injured, or have an ailment of some kind. The growing popularity of the oriental massage therapy has resulted in a large number of such massage parlors having opened up in almost all parts of the world. Both these techniques have been largely influenced by Buddhist traditional medicine procedures and have been known to cure several ailments like back ache, spondylosis and arthritis.
A heated blend of medicinal oils that is extracted from organic sources is used for treating body ache, joint pain, stiffness and muscle pulls.
Tapping, rubbing, kneading and squeezing are the primary pressure application techniques contrary to the popular belief that this massage therapy uses needles at the pressure points.
Due to their traditional roots, the Asian parlors are more culturally oriented in their outlook and the general decor of the place it maintained to exude the oriental mysticism. It is customary in Thai massage parlors to a take a cleansing bath prior to commencing the therapy so as to prepare the body for the process.
The feel of the fingers on the muscles and energy points releases untapped energy of the body and thus gets the receiver rejuvenated and ready for more action. The Oriental massage therapy is truly one the greatest gifts that the East has given to the West in the modern times. These blockages can make it difficult for the body to activate it’s natural healing system and this is where reflexology can help. You will then be made comfortable on the treatment couch and covered with towels or a blanket, and soothing music will be played in the background. More and more people in the western nations are now resorting to Asian massages as a dependable means of de-stressing and rejuvenation on a regular basis.

Other forms of Oriental massage therapy includes the famed Thai massage, Amma, Balinese massage, Hoshino therapy, Marma therapy and Zero balancing therapy. There are innumerable benefits of the Shiatsu massage therapy for the body as well as the mind which contribute to its immense popularity across the world.
You shall be offered herbal tea in most places so as to relax your mind before the deft fingers of the masseur start working wonders on your body and mind.
The pleasant sensations of a good oriental massage combined with the aroma and feel of essential oils on the entire body is an amazing aid to peaceful sleep for those suffering from amnesia. Reflexology is based on the theory that there are specific points on the feet that mirror and correspond with the whole body, including it’s organs and systems.
The feet will then be worked on one at a time and I would like to stress that this treatment does not tickle the feet.
There are several types of these therapies ranging from a full body massage to specific part oriented programs like the feet massage or the facial massage.
The primary aim of all these massage therapies is to unlock the various points of energy circulation in the body called the Nadas or Energy Lines which will thereafter facilitate the free flow of positive energy throughout the body. It is truly a symbol of the widespread acceptance that the Oriental massage therapy has received on the global scene. Aromatic candles with magically flickering lights that is scattered around the room through various types of bamboo screens are the hallmarks of such places. Soft oriental music floating in the room has a soothing effect which is helpful in imbibing the maximum pleasure from the oriental massage therapy experience.
Pressure is exerted on these points or reflexes, as they are also known, and along with massage, and the inducement of relaxation, the body begins to regain it’s inner balance. The ultimate experience of a soothing massage from a well trained and experienced masseur is not only great for the skin and the body but is equally beneficial towards calming the mind.
Fragrances of natural products and incense cover the entire place with a mesmerizing effect. In some massage parlors the clients may be offered a session in specially designed saunas and Jacuzzis that have been treated with herbal products which get absorbed into the body through the surface pores in the skin. The massage couches are soft with white linen laid out in positions to facilitate full body massage for the clients. There may be separate cubicles in the parlor for feet and facial massage sessions segregated by wooden screens.

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