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The Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (??????????????????? wan wai phra jan in Thai), also known as the Moon Cake Festival, takes place on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. During the festivities, the Chinese pray to Chang’e, also known as the lady in the moon.
If you think you had it tough over Christmas while spending yet another year fielding parents' enquiries into your (non-existent) love life - count your lucky stars, it could be a whole lot worse. In China, the pressure for women to settle down is so strong that many shengnv, or 'leftover women' (READ: single women), feel no option but to pay men to pose as their boyfriends. According to The Financial Times, business booms around this time of year when many Chinese travel to the family home to spend Lunar New Year, which also happens to be the longest public holiday in China.
And the reason there is such demand for rent-a-boyfriends and not rent-a-girlfriends, is simple: the country's one-child policy has left the country with some 20million more men than women under the age of 30.
Not only do the single women pay a fee (which varies from man to man), but they fund all travel and accommodation costs. Speaking to CBC News, rental boyfriend Zhu discusses plans (and fees) for his first Lunar New Year on the job. But Lunar New Year isn't the only thing driving the rent-a-boyfriend business, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day are also popular times of year (naturally). The 15-day festival, which starts on January 31 this year, is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. We all have our life list of places and things that we’d like to photograph at some point in our lives.

About two years ago Niels Oberson, a car enthusiast living outside Bern, Switzerland realized that driving the exquisite and serene mountain roads of the Alps wasn’t enough to escape the monotony of his office job. On this full moon, close to the autumnal equinox, the moon is said to be at its fullest and roundest.
There are several versions of the ancient myth about how Chang’e became a lunar goddess.
At that time, the Chinese people were oppressed under the tyrannical rule of their Emperor causing a peasant leader to organize a revolt on the day of the mid-autumn festival. We are already looking forward to the celebration next year, now that we know a little of the history behind this pastry. 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse according to Chinese astrology, and red is the de facto colour for Chinese New Year.
This marks the end of the harvest period and the moon cake festival probably began as a celebration for this time of plenty. Chang’e was the wife of Hou Yi the Archer, who was called by the Emperor to save the earth with his bow and arrows. The pastry is similar to Teochew moon cakes which have flaky biscuit skins and are usually round and somewhat flat, unlike Cantonese moon cakes, which are perhaps more well known in North America (imprinted with a raised Chinese character). Look for Moon Cakes in your own area – even a local Chinese restaurant may be selling them, as this is one of the most important and symbolic foods for Chinese people. We provide you the tools for easy collaboration with one of the world's most passionate photo communities.

This festival is held everywhere in the world where there is a large Chinese community, and Thailand is no exception. The scorching heat of ten suns, which at that time appeared together, threatened the earth.
Because moon cakes are sold in packages of four and with each cake cut into four pieces, the sixteen segments could be re-arranged so that the marks on the crust revealed a coded message. Our moon cakes were made by a Chinese bakery in Mae Sai (??????), which is the northern-most village in Thailand, on the border with Burma. Hou Yi shot down nine suns, leaving one and in reward, the Emperor gave Hou Yi the elixir of life, instructing him to fast for one year to prepare to take it. There were 3 types of moon cakes to choose from: white sesame seed, black sesame seed and as shown, Yunnanese ham filled, which is perhaps not so typical.
The peasants were able to successfully rebel against their Mongol rulers and later founded the Ming Dynasty; therefore, this festival also commemorates the overthrow of Mongolian rule by the Han Chinese.

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