Chinese home remedies for food poisoning

Strep throat is caused by the streptococcus bacteria and is one of the most frequently occurring bacterial infections of the throat.
In the absence of proper treatment it can lead to a severe infection, rheumatic fever or even complications in the kidneys.
Since the strep throat is likely to give rise to a parched and dry feeling inside the throat, it is better to sit in a humid room. Sip on hot teas like chamomile tea and other homemade  teas which help to reduce the pain and the irritation felt in the throat. Try having mild curries that have been flavoured with garlic as these are all good for the throat and help to fight bacteria. Nothing works as effectively as a bowl of hot broth or chicken soup to treat a sore throat. Having hot soups instead gives strength and vitality, helps to fight off the infection and also keeps the throat moist.
Using a warm sponge on the body and throat area can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes if any. In most cases the doctor will administer antibiotics to help arrest the infection in the throat.
Try to curb your intake of spicy food and fatty food as these can lead to severe throat irritation and may actually exacerbate your symptoms. In case of swollen lymph nodes and blocked sinuses it makes a lot of sense to do steam inhalation. Dissolve a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of luke warm water and gargle with this water.
At JewelPie, we believe in using medicinal herbs to nourish our body and enhance our appearance. An online herbal store which supplies major natural herbal in form of fresh herbal plants, dry herbal, herbal powder, herbal extract, herbal oil and herbal essential oil. Located at Menara KH at Jalan Sultan Ismail, this medical centre provides treatment as well as Chinese herbs. Read more about our Copyright & Fair Use Policy if you are planning to re-publish content found on this site. Also known as: Chinese tea is not an actual type of tea leaf but is really a generic name for tea which is served in the Chinese traditional tea ceremony or in Chinese restaurants. The tea most commonly used in Oriental restaurants is either green or Wulong tea because these each have a sweet, smooth flavor loved by the Western population. To learn the potential health and wellness benefits provided by the Chinese tea you prefer, simply read the label and learn the type of leaves used for that package of tea and review the benefits directly associated with that type of tea. The health benefits can be quite different and you may want to choose your Chinese tea based on the benefits you desire. For example, Wulong tea is known for aiding in weight loss while green tea is higher in anti-oxidants and helps prevent aging and cancer.
Chinese tea can be used as a beverage to enjoy without regard to the possible benefits you may experience. Each day, millions of people dine in Chinese restaurants and drink of the teas listed above as a compliment to a Chinese meal.
Chinese tea is often available in loose, bulk form to be placed in an oriental tea pot and steeped without enclosing the tea in a tea ball or cheesecloth square. Chinese tea may cause sleeplessness, but usually this occurs only when exceptionally large quantities are taken or when the tea is consumed near bedtime.
Though it is believed to help also with certain estrogen-related menopausal conditions, no documented evidence is available nor have any controlled studies been conducted on humans.
Processed fo-ti is one of the more popular tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, and is used to treat premature gray hair, low back pain, angina pectoris, low energy, and other conditions. There are no statistics on controlled studies on either the effectiveness or safe of fo-ti in humans, though preliminary studies using animals show that fo-ti may have beneficial properties for controlling cholesterol and plasma triglycerides. Japanese gardens are created mostly for meditation purpose and to come closer to nature and relax for a while. So, while making Japanese style garden, the garden area should have a boundary wall made of bamboo or it should be fenced. Different element like sand, rocks, natural plants and ornaments like water basins, lantern etc.
Karesansui are waterless or dry gardens and a very well-known type of Japanese garden design. Tsukiyama are hill gardens which usually feature an artificial hill and also includes streams, ponds, and various types of shrubs, trees and plants. Chaniwa garden came into existence in the 14th century in Japan with the introduction of tea ceremony. For creating Japanese style garden, create stream or other sources of water in your garden and put stone lanterns decorated with Sanskrit letters or some Buddhist images.
According to World Health Organization a staggering 2 billion people all over the world are suffering from iron deficiency. This statistic is enough to bring us into light about the prevalence of iron deficiency disorder and the importance of including iron rich foods in our diet. Iron is an essential nutrient required for its copious functions in our body. My braised mushroom, seafood with blanched broccoli during last year’s Chinese New Year reunion dinner was well received by my relatives. If you want to add dried oysters and dried scallops, soak them in hot water for 30 minutes or until soft, then blanch them in boiling water with ginger and green onion. We have some dried sea cucumbers but did not know what to use them for (except for Sea Cucumber Soup). Sex plays an important role in creating the bond between husband and wife and the inability to perform during sexual intercourse leads to family problems and low self-esteem in men.

Many factors such as stress, diabetes, anxiety, diet and many other psychological as well as physical problems leads to erectile dysfunction or small penis.
Moreover there are many ligaments that run through the penis and attach it to the pubic bone.
Application of heat to the penis with a cloth either soaked in hot water or kept in microwave is an ideal penis enlargement exercises.
Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, which provides a stronger erection and control over ejaculation. Penis squeeze helps to improve the girth of the penis, which is important to perform well during sexual intercourse. Attain a full erection and grab the penis around the shaft and pull it downward for about 30 seconds. Jelqing exercise has movements similar to that of milking and this increases the quantum of blood flow to the penis and helps to fill the corpora covernosa. It is a very common infection and is marked by a very high fever, redness of throat, chills and acute pain in the neck and throat region. Take half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of moderately hot water and gargle with this water 5-6 times a day. This helps to reduce the pain felt from the strep throat and also helps to reduce the feeling of parchedness in the throat. For this, heat some cloves, peppercorns, ginger, honey and cinnamon in a small vessel of water and let the spices brew in the tea for some time. It is an excellent remedy for strep throat and helps to alleviate whatever discomfort one is feeling. Garlic is a natural anti-bacterial plant that internally helps to strengthen the body’s immunity and fight off the infection. Since the throat ache and pain can be significant, it may become difficult to swallow and chew on normal food. Ideally you can even take a warm bath especially if the swelling is acute or you are also suffering from fever. This coupled with rest should help to subside the infection and help you to recover within a few days. Steam inhalation will arrest the sore throat and other cold symptoms if you are suffering from them.
Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that help to subside the infection and also soothe the throat in the process.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Only when we are healthy can we give our best at work, spend quality time with our family and looking our best.
Eu Yan Sang manufactures herbs, sell them at shops found in many malls in Malaysia and even operate clinic services.
Chinese tea is most commonly green tea or wulong tea, but any of the other teas can be served as Chinese tea. Many Westerners, however, prefer to use the tea ball or cheesecloth or purchase tea bags for brewing ease.
Promoting Natural Health and Healing using Aromatherapy, Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, Essential Oils, Teas, Juices and Nutritional Supplements. The root is the medicinal part of the plan, and in traditional Chinese medicine, it is usually boiled in a liquid that is made with black beans. The unprocessed root is beneficial in relaxing the bowels and detoxifying the blood, whereas the processed root strengthens the blood, invigorates the liver and kidneys, and provides additional vital energy.
However, keep in mind that none of these studies provides conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of this herb, so exercise caution. They should look like miniature landscape where natural and manmade elements are balanced beautifully.
The roots of lotus flower embedded in mud symbolize passion and flowers opening to the sun symbolize purity. These are large landscape gardens that can be viewed from temple buildings or houses or can be appreciated while strolling through the garden paths. You can use creative style lanterns specially designed in different sizes and shapes for this type of garden. Deficiency of this nutrient has also been categorized as one of the top ten serious health problems faced today. The primary function of iron is, formation of hemoglobin, which in turn plays a major role in carrying adequate amount of oxygen to the tissues.
Heme-iron form (found in animal source) is  easily absorbed in our body than non-heme iron (plant sources). For the Chinese, most of us indulge in high-end and auspicious dried seafood during Chinese New Year. I bought some dried sea cucumbers for this recipe, but got a bit intimidated with the re-hydrating process so went to get a rehydrated one. Join me in nourishing our body with delicious good-for-you recipes because eating healthy does not have to be bleh.
One of the common reasons for the inability to perform during sexual intercourse is the small penile size. There are many ways to enhance the penis and some of them are penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement patches and even surgeries.
Penis consist of two corpora cavernosa chambers, which are similar to two highly expandable balloons.

Penis enlargement exercises apply traction tension to the penile tissues and make them expand.
Apply heat for five minutes and repeat the application of heat in every 10 to 15 minutes and this helps to boost the blood flow and relax the tissues in the penis. For this, grasp the base of the penis as far close to the body as possible with the first finger and thumb.  Now squeeze the penis along with a hard kegel exercise, so that blood gets pumped in to the penis and penis becomes fully engorged.
Then grab the base of the penis and shake it quickly for 30 times in order to relax the penis.
This is turn increase the length and thickness of the penis and this exercise should be practiced with 80% erection of the penis. The ginger in the popsicles helps to soothe the throat while the enhanced saliva in the mouth keeps the throat moist. Keep doing steam inhalation as frequently as you can for relief from strep throat symptoms. They reflect three basic principles of symbolization, reduced scale and borrowed view, based on the philosophy of Buddhism and Shinto belief practiced by Japanese. There are mainly three traditional type of Japanese garden design, namely Tsukiyama (hill garden), Karesansui (dry gardens) and Chaniwa (tea gardens). But actually they are not full-fledged gardens; rather they are small enclosed or narrow paths leading to the main tea room (chashitsu).
In addition to this, iron also acts as an immune booster, aids in energy production, and is crucial for proper functioning of liver. Since absorption of iron is influenced by various factors, it is important for us to include enough iron in our diet.
However, the fact that they are preferred by people of all age groups makes them a clear choice.
They can be added in salads as well in main courses, making them an exceptional choice for a healthy diet. Apart from these foods, iron fortified cereals and bread, are also fine sources of iron. For some households, ingredients like dried scallops, sea cucumber and abalone are pretty common and highly regarded for their health benefits. Dried sea cucumber requires about 1 week of tedious preparation and soaking before cooking, they will expand more than twice its dried size, then cleaning the grit and finally boiling it.
Similarly, the chambers also get adapted to the applied tension by accommodating larger volumes of blood.
Hold this position for 30 seconds and then release the grip and shake the penis for some time. Repeat the exercise with left, right and straight pulling out and follow kegel exercise while pulling out the penis. The acidic properties of the vinegar help to kill all the bacteria that may be present in the throat. Symbolization is created by using sand and gravel to symbolize river, whereas rocks and stones are used to symbolize mountain. Common symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, loss of appetite, breathlessness, insomnia and decreased work performance.
Scroll down, to find some iron rich foods that are commonly available and make an effort to add them to your regular diet, for a healthy life. Sea cucumbers are great with any vegetable stir fries, clear chicken soup or pig trotter soup..
More over the stretching exercise helps the ligaments to elongate and add to increased penile length.
Repeat this exercise for 30 times and this can be practiced anytime and at any place, even while driving.
Home Remedy Central has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and should not be used to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Sands and gravel raked in patterns symbolizes streaming water and represents a rippling effect.
The main elements of this type of gardens are Japanese lantern called Toro, stepping stones (tobi ishi), crouching water basin and a waiting place (machi-ai). However, you can take vitamin C rich foods like lime, orange or lemon along with your iron rich foods, to increase the absorption rate.
Avoid having coffee, tea at least for one hour after your meal, to help  absorption of iron in your body.
Add ginger and green onion into the same pot, let it boiling then blanch sea cucumber for 1 minute. Home Remedy Central does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the natural remedies listed. Limited plants, mostly moss, are used in these gardens and sometimes plants are non-existent. Iron requirement of your body can be easily satisfied if you take foods laden with iron in your meals, at least twice a day.
Always consult with your doctor or medical professional with any questions you have regarding health concerns. Mix sauce ingredients in a small bowl, add sauce to the pot and cook for about 10 mins or until sauce thickened.

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