Chinese herbs used in pregnancy

Before the weather started to get warmer, there was always an overwhelming choice of leafy greens in the market. On the day I was shopping for some fresh ingredients for making a quick, meatless meal, the crisp-looking garlic chives stood out among her other veggie relatives, and without a second thought, I brought them home and made this dish, almost in minutes. Like other simple Asian vegetable dishes, garlic chives can be quickly stir-fried on its own. Cut chives into 4 to 5 cm sections (you may keep the buds at the upper end, but for stir-frying I’ll usually remove them, which may then be used for making a paste – more or less like herbs).
To get immediate updates and new recipes from my blog, you may also SUBSCRIBE them via RSS feeds. I really love meatless dishes like this, love the contrasting colours of the garlic chives and tofu.
I prepared a similar vegetarian stir-fry last week but with leeks replacing the garlic chives.

I believe the pressed tofu you mentioned is in the same family of the dried tofu I used in this recipe. I also wanted to add a few words about my last experiments with Ci Fan Tuan and luffa : I paired them for last night’s dinner and both turned out FANTASTIC ! I usually consume dried tofu (not vacuum packed) the same day I buy them, or, store in fridge for 1 to 2 days more. Thanks for updating your achievements on luffa and ci fan (sticky rice rolls), am happy to hear about them. That scene however has gradually changed recently, probably giving us an early notice that the spring is going to end soon.
Sometimes I also like simplifying this by frying the chives with garlic only, resulting in a rather garlicky dish. If my guess is correct, then yours and mine are the same except that your pressed tofu is flavored with 5-spices powder but with little saltiness.

Toss in garlic chives, turn heat to high, and again stir-fry for about half (if you want the chives to be crunchier) to 1 minute. Whether they are garlic chives or leeks, they are pretty intense and go very well with dried tofu.
I also have garlic chives on hand, so may I use the brown tofu for this recipe instead of the dried one ?

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