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This product is pure herbal chinese medicine, no adverse reactions, for male impotence, premature ejaculation and prostate patients have a good effect on those who have long lasting effects. Premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, weak sperm, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido, penis short, waist and knee pain, weakness, dizziness, tinnitus, night sweats, nocturia, prostatitis and other symptoms caused by kidney deficiency. Tell us what you think about Wholesale dragon power original herbal male sexual enhancement pill, share your opinion with other people. Have any question or inquire for Wholesale dragon power original herbal male sexual enhancement pill? 8 November 2012 by Heiko Lade 1 Comment Much research has already confirmed that acupuncture can help women with fertility issues but what about men and low sperm count. Now men can make a choice between the risk of a blood clots from the side effects of gonadotropin or having their sperm quality improved naturally with acupuncture. The results were achieved with only 2 acupuncture treatments per week over a 5 week period. For example, in some cases, sperm quality could be improved by addressing the male patient’s spleen energy and other cases may require the liver to be treated. About Heiko LadeHi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, New Zealand. Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance, rather than an herb, but is classified as one of the top Ayurvedic herbs, translated as the "conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness." It is much respected in the Ayurvedic world and commonly used as an ingredient in herbal preparations, often combined with ashwagandha as an adaptogen tonic.
Fo-Ti root (He Shou Wu) is my all time favorite herb and I include it in my daily intake of adaptogenic herbs and live superfoods.
This anti-aging herb is commonly known in the west as Fo-Ti root (or Fo-Ti-Tieng) and is a member of the buckwheat family. He Shou Wu is a premier yin tonic and anti-aging herb that can be consumed daily to increase your human longevity potential. Animal studies have clearly shown that He Shou Wu creates positive changes in life expectancy, especially in mammals.
Superoxide dismutase (there are actually multiple forms of it) is a critical antioxidant enzyme that your body makes as a defense against superoxide.
Fo-Ti root is extremely rich in zinc and its daily consumption prevents deficiency of this vital trace mineral. Another tonic action of the Fo-Ti root spoken about by Chinese herbalism is its blood-building qualities. Once again science has confirmed what Chinese herbalists first observed in this potent herbal adaptogen.
The prepared Fo-Ti root is even an effective anti-aging herb for looking youthful and healthy!
Please make sure that your review focus on Wholesale dragon power original herbal male sexual enhancement pill. The research was performed using a standardized protocol of acupuncture points so that it would easier for researchers to compare it to the control group. Patients often ask Heiko Lade at The Acupuncture Clinic, why the kidneys are treated in male fertility issues.
Patients need to be warned that they will experience more energy, a deeper improved sleep, increased mental clarity and concentration as well as a general improvement  in their  well being.
If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me.
Ocimum sanctum (Rama) is the primary form of tulsi used for medicinal purposes to promote a healthy respiratory tract by removing excess Kapha (or mucus) from the lungs. This western nickname was given to it in the 70's and is now its most commonly recognized name. Raw and prepared Fo-Ti roots are understood to be two different herbs in Chinese herbalism. Superoxide is one of the most dangerous free radicals that can occur in your body and superoxide dismutase is your body's solution to its presence.

Animal foods that are considered high in zinc usually have 3-8mg per 100g (with the exception of oysters which are on par with Fo-Ti root), whereas He Shou Wu contains 42mg per 100g! He Shou Wu is higher in iron then both Dang Gui and Goji Berries, which are known for their high content of iron.
A study of 36 people were given Shou Wu liquor (a dilute alcohol extract) to see if it would help them with gray hair reversal.
This was for my husband and I noticed a big difference not only in his performance but also in his energy level! Research has now shown that acupuncture for improving sperm quality is successful and there are other benefits as well. In reality though, in an actual acupuncture practice, results would be expected to be much better because treatments would be tailor made for the individual’s unique diagnosis according to traditional Chinese medicine. The answer is quite simple; the kidneys are connected to the urination organs, the bladder, which is in turn part of the sexual organs. One study on the survival ability of mice in conditions of extreme cold showed that the group being fed prepared Fo-Ti root could withstand colder temperatures for a longer period of time.
Superoxide when left to do its thing will damage any type of tissue, but most notably has the ability to damage our DNA. Here are a few important facts and functions of zinc in connection to your human longevity potential:~Male semen has a high concentration of zinc. Acupuncture is non evasive, simple and does not have the dangerous side effects that human chorionic gonadotropin has. Although raw foodists like myself might like the idea of taking raw He Shou Wu, its tonic effects are absent when un-prepared and it is actually a strong laxative.
This showed how He Shou Wu enhances the adrenocortical function (the adrenals and thyroid are responsible for withstanding external temperature changes). Superoxide dismutase is the king of antioxidants (even above resveratrol) since it can prevent the damage to our DNA which is the fundamental cause of all aging.Superoxide dismutase levels decrease with age and this allows more opportunities for cells to incur genetic defects. When semen is lost without replenishing zinc through a longevity diet, it will soon lead to a deficiency for men, especially after a lifetime of reckless ejaculation. He Sou Wu is also a rich source of lecithin which is suspected as the cause of its ability to strengthen the membranes of red blood cells.
Ancient Chinese physicians have been using acupuncture for centuries to increase libido and promote fertility so it is only natural that research confirmed that it increased the sperm count. The journal, Fertility and Sterility, has published the results of a trial where it reported that acupuncture significantly increases the number of normal sperm cells as well as  reducing  sperm structural defects. These defects are then spread throughout the body as cells divide, eventually leading to all forms of disease.
A zinc deficiency will cause low libido, low fertility and a greatly increased risk of prostate cancer! The effective rate was 88.9%, which is incredible for something that few people believe is even possible.
This should give you an idea of the potential that fertility herbs can have on your health, especially as you supposedly "get older". It stands out among the top fertility herbs and builds sexual staying power for men and women (as all yin tonics do).Fo-Ti root is infamous for gray hair reversal. Just scroll down the screen until you see the 45 gram package of Ho Shou Wu.Mountain Rose Herbs offers bulk whole herbs if you enjoy brewing your own herbal teas.
It increases the weight of the thymus gland (place of maturation for T-cells) and delays its atrophy with age. This is definitely one of the top fertility herbs for men!~The synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins requires zinc. It must be noted that Fo-Ti root should be taken for long periods of time to get these results along with lifestyle changes such as learning ways to deal with stress so as to not cause more gray hair!Liver spots in aging people are caused by a brown pigment called lipofuscin collecting in a patch of skin.
Folklore and legends tell a few different versions of how the Chinese name (He Shou Wu) for this herbal adaptogen came about. It also increases the phagocytic function of abdominal macrophages (large white blood cells), immunological function of T and B lymphocytes and the production of g-interferon.

One controlled study compared blood SOD (superoxide dismutase) levels of mice at 11 months old. Many of the proteins that help with DNA repair are zinc-associated (contain zinc or require zinc to function).~A common quality in people who live to be centenarians is that they rarely exhibit zinc deficiencies in these advanced years. The lecithin content of Fo-Ti root would also help lower high cholesterol!Prepared Fo-Ti root has been shown in test animals to prevent excessive blood platelet aggregation (clumping) and improve blood flow.
It is composed of oxidized lipid containing residues of cellular wastes and metals like iron and aluminum. One of them describes that a General He was convicted of a serious crime and sentenced to death by confinement to a remote cell that was dug into the ground with no access to food or water.
The group that had been fed a He Shou Wu extract for 7 months had SOD levels in their blood equivalent to that of 2 month old mice not on the extract. Blood clotting (platelet aggregation) is necessary to form scabs on external and internal injuries. Fo-Ti root has been shown to reduce lipofuscin content specifically in heart tissue, but it could be suspected that this would reduce the overall lipofuscin content in the body and thus perhaps be preventative to the formation of liver spots on the skin. After a year, upon returning to the cell to have his remains removed, his executioners were surprised to find that not only had General He survived, but he had gone through a complete rejuvenation that had been able to reverse gray hair on his head back to black. The control group of mice showed a strong decline in SOD production after the 11 month period. Metallothioneins are special proteins which bind to and then release zinc in areas of oxidative stress which then signals for the activity of superoxide dismutase!
Health problems occur when blood clots form inside the blood vessels unnecessarily, which can result in a heart attack or stroke. These combined with the increased production of superoxide dismutase makes the Fo-Ti root better than any antioxidant supplement on the market, plus it's more absorbable since it's a whole food. In experiments on mice, prepared Fo-Ti root has been shown to reduce the buildup of hepatic (liver) fat. He consumed an organic tincture of various herbs, one of which was the Fo-Ti root on a daily basis for the last 100 years of his life.
The increased production of SOD in the body along with the various stilbene glycosides is likely the most significant function the Fo-Ti root has for enhancing longevity in humans.Things found in nature often resemble the things that they treat in the body. Lipid peroxidation can occur from cell membranes having electrons stolen from them by free radicals (known as oxidation). They have He Shou Wu listed under Fo-Ti root which you will see when you open this window.All of the benefits of He Shou Wu mentioned in this article are attainable by taking this adaptogenic herb for an extended period of time. He also included Ginseng, Chinese Licorice and Gotu Kola in his rice wine organic tincture. For example a tomato is red and has four chambers like the human heart, which it is known to help protect.
It is highly unlikely that the life of this famous Taoist will ever be proven as fact or fiction, but we can take his teaching about using lifestyle and diet for longevity as a clue for creating changes in life expectancy within ourselves.
A liver functioning at optimal capacity is going to be better at cleaning the blood of toxins. The Fo-Ti root has a vine that spirals and coils much like how the double helix of human DNA. Resveratrol is found in the seeds and skins of dark grapes (a vine plant) as well as in Japanese Knotweed (another vine). Of course not every single plant that grows vines has properties that are so powerful for protecting the DNA!

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