Chinese herbs to heal broken bones

While acupuncture has grown significantly in popularity over the last several years, there is much less awareness and understanding of Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to address serious chronic and acute issues.
Like acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine addresses both the manifesting symptoms and the underlying imbalance(s) or root cause(s). Chinese herbal medicine comes in capsules and liquid tinctures as well as granules and in raw form to be simmered and drank as tea so it can fit into any lifestyle. There are many Chinese herbs right in your kitchen or available at your supermarket that you can incorporate as part of your diet to support overall wellbeing. Ginger (Sheng Jiang) warms the stomach to support digestion, prevent nausea, alleviate vomiting, expel a cold and alleviate cough with phlegm. Goji berries (Gou Qi Zi) nourishes yin and blood to address issues such as insomnia, dizziness, dry eyes, dry cough or sore back and legs. Mint (Bo He) soothes headaches, red eyes and sore throat and can help relieve constraint in the chest.
If you want learn more about the many benefits of Chinese herbal medicine, consult a licensed acupuncturist who prescribes Chinese herbal medicine within the scope of their professional practice to work with you. I initially discovered acupuncture to address a hip injury that prevented me from running, simple enough. On the flip side, going to acupuncture once a week, every two weeks or monthly magically won’t make all your issues disappear.
One of Chinese Medicine’s great gifts is in understanding our relationship with nature’s cycles and addressing the issues that arise when we are out of balance with those cycles. Sour is the taste associated with the liver so this will help kick start your digestion and naturally detox your liver to keep things moving all day. If you are an allergy sufferer, here are two more things you can do to ease symptoms so you can enjoy the sunshine and the flowers. Cold and flu season is upon us and with full lives that include demanding work deadlines, families and other commitments, getting sick can be much more than unpleasant. Even when people recognize their early alert signal, most try to ignore, fight or push through the early manageable symptoms in attempt to will themselves better only to find themselves knocked down and unable to get out of bed a few days later or still slogging through with symptoms weeks later.
The cold and damp nature of dairy foods, even the healthy ones like Greek yogurt, results in greater mucous production, meaning you’ll have more phlegm in your nose, throat and chest, prolonging and intensifying the symptoms of the cold. Instead of orange juice, which is cold and full of sugar, choose warm water with lemon and herbal teas with healing properties. We clear away toxins by sweating, through our bowels, vomiting and out our nose so whenever possible, minimize medications like fever reducers or nasal decongestants, which mask but don’t cure symptoms and can inhibit our body’s natural defense mechanisms. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help boost your body’s defenses as well as reduce stress, which in a constant heightened state weakens your immune response. As an acupuncturist, I’ve observed time and again, the power that Chinese medicine and empowered, awareness-driven self-care have in creating transformational healing, physically and emotionally. My vision for this blog is to bring the treatment room into your everyday life…to be an empowering and valuable resource that serves the individual and collective wellbeing based on the theoretical principles and practical application of Chinese medicine.
Along with acupuncture, she offers Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese nutritional therapy and wellness coaching to patients to support their inherent ability to fully thrive and heal in their lives. Research from China has found that a combination of acupuncture and moxibustion can effectively reduce symptoms of enlargement among prostate patients. The acupuncture points that were used by the clinicians were Shenshu (BL 23), Pangguangshu (BL 28), Zhongji (CV 3), Guanyuan (CV 4) and Shuidao (ST 28).
The herbal medication group received 4 tablets of Qianliekang three times every day for the three months.
Chinese clinical research has confirmed its efficacy for reducing inflammation and prostate hyperlasia symptoms.
The researchers tested the patients’ prostate symptoms using the International Prostate Symptom Score (I-PSS), maximal urine flow rate (Qmax) and residual urine tests. After three months of treatment, the researchers found that both groups had reductions in symptoms, but the acupuncture group had significantly lower prostate hyperplasia symptoms. This is not the first study that has indicated the ability of acupuncture to treat enlarged prostate. In a Chinese study published in 2008, researchers studied 276 cases of benign prostate hyperplasia in a multicenter study. In this study, the researchers measured the I-PSS cumulative scores, along with a life quality index score, nocturnia urination, urine stream rate, maximal urine flow, residual urine, prostate volume and other scores to measure the patients’ level of hyperplasia. Noting both studies’ success rates in treatment, the likelihood of success utilizing acupuncture appears to be great.
What is meant is that given the effectiveness of each treatment, odds of a successful treatment are thereby increased by many acupuncturists who utilize acupuncture with moxibustion along with prescribing the Qianliekang tablet.
Liu QG, Wang CY, Jiao S, Tang LX, Peng MH, Tian LF, Ding WX, Zhao X, Lu SK, Fu YJ, Tan WL, Qin Y. Ever since our trip to City of Hope in Los Angeles and meeting with top scientists developing cancer cures with herbs, I’ve been focusing on wisely choosing foods for my family that heal, not harm. The pantry always holds cans of coconut milk, cartons of broth and dried rice noodles – making this recipe very convenient to cook. This recipe is from my new favorite cookbook, called The Medicinal Chef: Eat Your Way to Better Health, by Dale Pinnock. Take a look at the video for a peek at how this book is structured and how Dale utilizes food to heal and promote healthy living. If you cannot find lemongrass or kaffir lime leaves, just substitute with the peel of a lemon or lime. The last time we made this soup, we added fresh tomato cut into wedges too - I highly recommend that you do the same! Thank you for sharing; always looking for recipes that are nutritious and just fabulous on the taste buds as well. Sur La Table is featuring the popular (and 5-star rated!) Cuisinart Food Processor for $99, which is a whopping 45% discount. Chinese food therapy (aka nutrition therapy) is the practice of using natural foods to heal your body as well as maintain good health. Chinese food therapy has been around for thousands of years and is also used on pets to heal their ailments. The basic idea behind Chinese food therapy is that all foods have a yin or yang property or hot or cold property. Ideally you would want to have a balanced diet of both hot and cold foods for optimal health but when healing an issue, you would focus on increasing one type and trying to limit the other type. When it comes to Natural Breast Enlargement, you want to increase the yin foods in your diet and limit yang foods.
There are many women in Taiwan reporting success with just using Chinese Food Therapy + massage + pressure points. Figwort is a perennial plant that grows 2-4 feet high; the knobby rootstock is brown outside, whitish and fibrous inside. Found in rich, damp woodlands, wastelands, and thickets from Maine to Georgia and Tennessee, and west to South Dakota and Kansas. Figwort primarily is for external use; a skin medication for eczema, scabies, scurf, tumors, rashes, etc. The Magic of Herbs, by David Conway, published by Jonathan Cape, Thirty Bedford Square, London, England. More Questions about Grobust Breast Enhancement?THE LOWEST PRICES ON GROBUSTTM PRODUCTSCAPSULES LIQUIDS LOTIONSCLIK HERE TO GET THE BEST FOR LESS!
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The results of our investigation suggest that the representations made on breast enlargement are valid.
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Alternative Herbal Supplements and Products Listed BelowGrobust Breast Enhancement for Women, All Natural, 671mg - 180 Capsules Now with Free 4oz. In the past, the artemisinin has been used as a powerful antimalarial agent, and now it has been proven that it is effective against cancer as well.
There have been many experiments that prove that the artemisinin can effectively eliminate the disease in the presence of iron. Here you can see that their research has proven that cancer cells experience apoptosis or their own destruction.
Until now, it was difficult to find this extract at lower prices, but with the growing interest for this plant, the price could be more acceptable as well. Thanks for your interest in the services I provide from my practice in Mississauga – a combination of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Bioenergetic Testing and Nutritional Counselling. In addition to treating patients for a range of health conditions, I  also have additional hands-on training in Pain Relief, Fertility issues, Cancer and Stroke Recovery. More and more people are coming to choose Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM as it’s often referred to) as this form of healthcare can work so well in addressing health issues which may not otherwise be easily resolvable. Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. The known history of acupuncture dates back at least 5,000 years ago (to the New Stone Age) with acupuncture needles made from Bian Stone having been excavated from various archaeological sites in China. The basis of Acupuncture is that the body has an energy force within it known as Qi (pronounced Chee).
Today, Acupuncture is practiced in many Eastern and Western countries to treat various types of diseases and pain. Acupuncture is used to encourage natural healing, improve energy, reduce or relieve pain and improve the function of affected areas of the body. For those who desire the benefits of Acupuncture but who are afraid of needles, or for babies and children, I provide needle-less acupuncture  and also use techniques such as Bianstone Therapy.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (often referred to as TCM) is a complete medical system that has been practiced continuously for more than five thousand years. TCM is made up of a number of treatment modalities, which include Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina Massage, Cupping, Skin Scraping, Moxibustion, Medical Qigong, Foods for Healing and Medicinal Liquors. As such, it is an integrated system of medicine which emphasizes non-invasive practices and the use of natural herbal remedies. Herbal Medicine has been used in China for more than five thousand years continuously to treat a wide range of ailments up to and including chronic diseases.
In other forms of herbal medicine, especially western herbal medicine, herbs are often delivered singly or combined into very small formulas of herbs with the same function. What can chinese herbal medicine do for you? In combination with other TCM modalities such as acupuncture, your treatment will be more comprehensive, yield better results and a better overall prognosis for recovery. Tuina is a unique form of remedial massage typically used for medical purposes instead of relaxation. Through the application of massage and manipulation techniques to stimulate related acupuncture points, channels and muscles, Tuina works not only on the muscles and joints but also establishes a harmonious flow of Qi, allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Skin Scraping is a healing technique used in traditional chinese medicine where the skin over specific meridians and acupuncture points is pressed with with repeated strokes using a smooth edged tool or stone that results in stimulation and the appearance of small red patches. From a Chinese medicine perspective scrubbing helps to dredge the meridians, activate the flow of Qi and blood, invigorate Yang Qi, remove old blood and toxins stuck at the site of trauma, regulate the internal organs and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.
Also, it has a very quick effect on painful disorders, such as stiff necks, acute back pain, etc. Cupping is a very traditional method of treatment used in Chinese medicine for over 3,500 years. Depending on the condition being treated, the cups will be left in place from 5 to 20 minutes. Once cupping starts on the skin, the cups may remain stationary for 5 to 20 minutes, .or may be slid across the skin with the aid of an oil lubricant or lotion.
Moxibustion is a therapeutic technique generally used in conjunction with acupuncture, acupressure, cupping and Chinese herbal medicine. Unfortunately, due to fire regulations and building insurance restrictions, this is not a technique I employ within my clinical practice. As with other components of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Medicated Diet has a long history dating back to remote antiquity.
Chinese medicated diet plans are prepared using Chinese herbs, foods and condiments that prevent and cure illness and fortify one’s energy. Where appropriate to a patient`s treatment and lifestyle, I may recommend the integration of chinese medicinal herbs into  the patient`s diet. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, therapeutic tinctures are often made by using alcohol as a solvent to extract the active ingredients of plants and allow them to keep for a longer period of time. Medicated liquor is easily absorbed, the alcohol promotes blood circulation and the medicinal compounds can be absorbed quickly by the patient’s body. At Mississauga Bioenergetics, I carry out bioenergetic testing using a computerised testing system to measure the energy of the body at various acupressure points. Skeptics are usually convinced less by the science than by the accuracy of the skilled practitioner in administering and correctly interpreting the measurable responses from bioenergetic testing.
Sound nutrition is the basis of our health, providing the foundation on which all else is built.

Although most people are aware of the benefits of sound nutrition, the range of information available is confusing and often conflicting. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (and as a TCM Practitioner trained in TCM Medicated Diets), I can guide you through the maze of information that is available.
Ganoderma, Ling Zhi ?? and Salvia root, Dan Shen ?? for high cholesterol, Atherosclerosis and Angina.
Used in conjunction with acupuncture or on its own, herbs have tremendous healing power and vast uses.
Some examples of conditions that Chinese herbal medicine can alleviate include insomnia, breathing disorders, digestive issues, headaches, depression, anxiety, allergies, skin rashes, fertility, PMS and menstrual issues, hormonal disturbances, pain and common colds, among others. As a result, one formula can address what may appear to be a random constellation of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Formulas combine herbs that are designed to strengthen and balance one another’s effects providing a more holistic outcome.
Formulas also can be used topically as a plaster to help heal injuries or a rinse for skin issues.
A good practitioner will want to know about all aspects of your health and life as well as use Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis and other observable signs to prescribe an appropriate formula for your individual needs. What I found was acupuncture and later, Chinese herbal medicine was a powerful way of addressing many aspects of my and my family’s health. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has resolved many of many issues, alleviated others significantly and given me a greater awareness of how to better cope with other issues.
I’d go in, spend 10-15 minutes rattling off my issues and pains at break-neck speed while my acupuncturist listened empathetically, sometimes offering a nugget of wisdom and often times, just quietly listening as she read my pulses and placed needles in various parts of my body. All of them, gifted in their own ways, also has a unique style, bedside manner and approach to treatment.
I continue to receive treatment because it makes me a better practitioner to always remember what it feels like to be a patient. This can be seen particularly in the shifting of seasons and is probably most evident as we move from Winter to Spring; surging upward from the cold and dark. Digestion is a cornerstone of health…if your body can’t move things through efficiently, it will cause all sorts of issues. In Chinese Medicine, the liver’s peak time is from 1-3 AM, which is when it does all it’s powerful detoxifying work and it can’t do it well if it’s too busy digesting a huge meal or processing alcohol.
It slows digestion down and causes inflammation, contributing to increased mucus and congestion as well as bloating and skin issues. Being out of commission for days or fighting a lingering cough for weeks is physically depleting and a very real source of stress.
However, many of us choose to ignore the signals until they are screaming at us in the form of illness. Instead, heed the early alert and prioritize your self-care…go to sleep early, eat warm nourishing foods, drink herbal tea and take a warm bath with Epsom salts. So if dairy is part of your diet, skip the milk and cheese as soon as your early alert signal goes off.
If you are experiencing more chills and stuffy nose with clear discharge, go for warming ginger tea. This goes for kids as well…Fevers are one of the body’s most powerful ways of clearing illness and a sign on health. This is a truth that I find impossible to ignore and thus, inspired to share so that you can find new possibilities for living your life as fully as possible.
They also utilized warm moxibustion therapy at the Shenshu (BL 23) point, along with the Guanyuan (CV 4) point and the Shenque (CV 8) point. Again they divided the 276 patients into two groups and gave one the Qianliekang tablet treatment and the other 138 patients were given electroacupuncture. However, it should be noted that the effective treatment rate does not necessarily mean the patients fully recovered and were normal after the treatment periods. Efficacy observation on benign prostatic hyperplasia treated with acupuncture and moxibustion. Electroacupuncture at Zhongji (CV 3) for treatment of benign hyperplasia of prostate: a multi-central randomized controlled study. When hot, add in the garlic, ginger, red onion, chili pepper, lemongrass, kaffir and gently cook for about 2 minutes to release the aromas and flavors.
Looks like a tangy and savory creamy soup full of Asian flavors and all those ingredients are staples in my kitchen so it’s an easy fix. The more I learn, the more I believe in the importance of eating a diverse array of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods. I did everything I can think of to make it fruit, so far, not even one fruit comes out of that tree! I subbed the vegetable stock with clam juice, curry leaves instead of kafir leaves, , spring onion instead of lemongrass and stillused the lime zzest!
Duke., Houghton Mifflin Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10000 The Herb Book, by John Lust, Bantam Books, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. Various herbs and herb combinations have been found to expand the size and fullness of women's breasts. Use as directed on the label twice a day with water at mealtimes for 3 to 6 months, depending on the effect desired.
Grobust LotionGrobust has combined herbs researched for many years and that have been known for centuries to increase breast size in women and to balance female hormones. Probably, the normal cells also have these receptors, but the cancer cells have them in larger quantities, and therefore they can be a target of the combination of iron and artemisinin. Please refer to Conditions Treated, Pain Relief, Fertility, Cancer and Stroke Recovery for further information on these areas of treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the second most practiced medical system in the world (after western medicine).
It is safe and effective and is often successfully used as an alternative or adjunct to medications or even surgery. I also uses electro-acupuncture as well as auricular acupuncture where indications are that this would be of benefit to my patients. TCM takes a deep understanding of the laws and patterns of nature and applies them to the human body. Herbal Medicine is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture and to enhance treatment effectiveness. In contrast, Chinese herbalists rarely prescribe a single herb to treat a condition, creating formulas instead. As a professionally trained Herbalist (Bernadette also teaches Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine) Bernadette is committed to making sure you receive the herbal formula that is appropriate to your condition – and to do this she ensures she uses the best herbs available. Archaeological studies have dated it back to at least 2,700 BC, making it the forefather of all forms of massage and body work that exist today from shiatsu to osteopathy.  Throughout its history, tuina has been developed, refined and systematized by doctors in the colleges and hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout China. Tuina can be used alone to improve circulation and strengthen the body, or in synergy with acupuncture and herbs for the treatment of many diseases.
Cupping can leave some discoloration of the skin but there is no pain and it fades within days. Cupping therapy is a helpful technique for many conditions, but like all treatments it is not suitable in every situation or for all body types. Moxa mugwort (Chinese wormwood, Artemisia vulgaris) is burned directly over the skin at acupuncture points. I do however provide advice and guidance on the use of moxibustion for my patients, and I do carry a limited amount of moxibustion supplies which are available for sale to my patients. Healing foods are viewed as equal to medicine, performing the same function in nourishing and healing the body and preventing illness. Most medicinal herbs used in the chinese medicated diet are quite mild, but have a good effects on disease cure and prevention and as a general health tonic. Bioenergetic testing uses galvanic skin response measurements to quickly and non-invasively determine the energetic balances and imbalances within various bodily systems, providing the practitioner with an important tool to restore your health.
Mainstream medicine does not emphasize the significance of poor nutrition as a major cause of a wide range of health disorders. I can review your eating habits, your lifestyle, health concerns and health issues, then work with you to design a personalized nutritional and lifestyle program that will help you optimize your and your families health.
In addition to hundreds of patented formulas available, formulas can be designed specifically for an individual and his or her unique needs by adding, removing and modifying dosages of the herbs. Inevitably, about halfway through my appointment, I’d get quiet, sometimes fall asleep and wake up feeling more grounded, centered, with more energy and less pain. So I went back, every week for awhile, then every two weeks, eventually monthly or when time would allow. As patients, we all have different needs, goals and expectations and those also change over time depending on where we are in life.
This is often the hardest thing for people to do because of demanding lives so remember that slowing down for a short period will actually allow you to be more engaged and productive in the long run.
This does not apply to infants under six months however, where fever can be the sign of a serious issue Learn more and always check with your pediatrician if you have concerns. And get some herbal remedies from your licensed practitioner to have in your medicine cabinet so you’ll be ready at the first sign of a cold, which will strengthen your body’s natural healing abilities to fight off the illness. She received her Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. The other group was given a traditional Chinese herbal medication for prostate enlargement called Qianliekang. The remedy has been used for centuries for prostate issues, along with other male reproductive problems. It merely states that the treatments resulted in significantly improved scores – hence there was effectiveness in the study.
But certainly if the Qianliekang tablet remedy is taken daily and the acupuncture treatments are somewhat regular, then the treatment success found in this clinical study may have some real application. Now, with this recipe using the coconut milk, I’m already excited to cook it tomorrow.
I'll teach you how to cook super-healthy Chinese take out recipes that your friends and family will rave about! After research of various natural breast enhancement products, GrobustTM was found to combine the most effective herbs into one easy to use product and this product has shown to be very effective at increasing the size and fullness of most women's breasts - more than any other product available. It is recommended to use the capsules or liquid in combination with the lotion to obtain the fullest effect. Moreover, in this experiment there was hardly any influence on the normal cells of the breasts. The malaria parasite cannot live in the presence of the artemisinin because it is full of iron. Please note that in addition to Acupuncture and TCM, I also provides Needle-less Acupuncture treatments for those who wish to experience the benefits of Acupuncture but who are averse to needles. Both Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can also complement western medicine very effectively and have been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of illnesses and disorders. The World Health Organization and the National Institute of Health recognize acupuncture as being effective for numerous conditions. Relief is often obtained with acupuncture when traditional medical therapies have failed. Patients who have tried acupuncture are usually amazed and pleased with the outcome and tell their friends.
At the heart of TCM is the tenet that the root causes of illnesses, not their symptoms, must be treated. A formula usually contains from one to as many as twenty or more herbs and must be tailored to the individual patient. This underlines the reality that two people with the same western medical diagnosis may have completely different Chinese medical diagnoses and corresponding herbal formulas.
Small amounts of medicated oils or herbal oils may be applied to the skin just before the cupping procedure, this makes it possible to move the cups up and down to cover particular acupoints or meridians after they have been applied. By pulling the superficial layers of skin and muscle upward, the flow of energy, blood and lymph are greatly increased which in turn releases toxicity and pain. Practitioners use moxa to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation throughout the points to induce a smoother flow of blood and qi.
Rather, an individual diet must be designed for each person based on his or her constitution, lifestyle, environment, climate, and season. I prescribe medicated liquors only after discussion with the patient on this type of treatment. Bioenergetic testing can detect low-level reactions within your body and also indicate nutritional, supplementation and homeopathic remedies which can be used to bring about an energy balance.
The MSAS-Professional is the worlds premier testing tool for measuring the body’s electrical conductivity variations along acupoints on the skin.
In many cases of ill-health, nutritional therapy can make an astounding and life-altering impact for the better. Should you have specific health concerns or issues, I can work with you to identify and correct the nutritional aspects of these.
As I became more aware of and used to feeling good, I also became more aware of the choices I made that sustained that quality of life and the choices I made that left me struggling.
Over time, the relaxation and energy became more sustained and my hip pain was both less intense and stayed away for longer until it didn’t bother me at all, even while training and ultimately running a marathon!
Chinese medicine has developed and evolved over thousands of years and in many different countries representing a vast body of knowledge so there is no ‘one way to treat.’ Every acupuncturist brings their own specialized toolkit of knowledge and skills as well as unique life experience to the treatment room.
Try to add some to every meal…in eggs or a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and sauteed for dinner. Your liver manages the smooth flow of qi in the body and movement is key for keeping things from getting stagnant and tight. Traditional Medicinals, available at most grocery stores has a great line of herbal teas for all kinds of symptoms.
Missed the preventive step and are already sick, a visit to your acupuncturist can help alleviate symptoms and clear the pathogen out of your body more quickly.

Following constantly shifting guidelines based on new scientific research and “expert” opinions can be time-consuming, frustrating and demoralizing. If you are resorting to conventional medicine to address these infections with antibiotics, you are not only adding to the problems associated with antibiotic resistance, but you’re also doing little to address the healing mechanisms within your body to address the cause. A tip is to freeze the fish chunks in one layer – just flatten the bag and lay flat in the freezer. I have some cod and jumbo shrimp in the fridge, and I always have a stock of coconut cream. I also pureed some oyster mushrooms with some rice vinegar and threw that in with some pureed salmon jerkey.
Christy & Angela HarrisWhen you want a fuller, firmer, more beautiful bust line, hormone balancing is the first step every woman should take. The bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington, Seattle, are the scientists who first discovered this. Also recent clinical research supports the efficacy of acupuncture for a variety of conditions and more and more people have acupuncture covered by their health insurance plan. Bian Stones are a special type of stone formed from Sibin Pumice, a stone with a unique chemical structure that is known to have been used thousands of years ago – and in fact the first known acupuncture needles were made from Bian Stone. The increased blood flow also speeds up healing to the area and often alleviates the underlying health issues. The main goal is to use food and medicinal herbs integrated into food as a means to achieve balance and harmony within the body. Using the electronic probe, the MSAS-Professional reads the energetic value at the meridian points and transmits that signal to the computer. Ask yourself is there an aspect of your body, mind or heart that is preventing you from fully showing up in your life? Acupuncture has tremendous benefits and can be used to treat a host of serious chronic and acute conditions. When I became a student and started to learn the theory, I started asking a lot of questions and then I spent a lot of time thinking about my treatment as well as trying to diagnose and label myself. Finding someone who meets you where you are in life, listens to your goals, addresses your needs and expectations can require a little effort. If you are feeling particularly stiff or sluggish, soak in an Epsom Salts bath for 15 minutes. It’s very likely you have an early alert signal that tells you when you are run down and on the verge of getting sick. Be prepared and buy before you get sick so it’s one less thing you have to do when you’re feeling bad. In starting a blog, the last thing I want to do is to add to clutter, uncertainty and disempowerment.
Herbal remedies not only boost lung health, but they can heal infections and even repair lung damage. I had a wonderful piece of red snapper from our Texas friends, so after having some wonderful blackened filets, I decided to cut the rest up into the chunks and make this soup. There is a kaffir tree in the garden, which I planted the very first time I visited Thailand.
The effect of the needles is to restore the balance of the patients energy, thereby improving health.
Nowadays, cupping uses a suctioning device to withdraw air or alternatively, flexible silicone cups are used. The associated computer software creates a graphic display for practitioners to evaluate and for clients to review, helping them better understand the energetic readings of their body.
And making good lifestyle choices is a critical component in sustaining good health and wellbeing.  This isn’t just the case for acupuncture.
I quickly found that it didn’t make my treatments any more effective or offer any greater benefit. In my family, we’ve learned to know that when my son has a sneezing fit in the morning, he’s got something going on. Or try our family favorite throat soothing recipe: a mug full of hot water, a teaspoon of turmeric, the juice of half lemon and a heaping tablespoon of honey to taste.
In fact, sometimes, it actually hindered my ability to get out of my head, relax into my body and the moment to let the medicine do its work. You should notice shifts and changes with treatment and sustained, genuine healing can take time but it is worth it.
Ask friends, trusted healthcare providers and me for referrals and then talk to the practitioner and trust your instincts about whether it’s a good fit. For my husband, he feels a tickle in his throat and I start to feel a little short of breath doing things like going up stairs. I encourage my patients to ask questions and am always happy to share my treatment strategy.
And if you don’t get the benefit you are looking for, ask yourself what is missing and try another practitioner before concluding that acupuncture doesn’t work. For others, it could be an achy neck, increased fatigue, some minor nasal congestion, a headache or a little runny nose. I also encourage them not to get too fixated on thinking about it but rather let go, relax then observe what shows up in their body and life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it occurs in more formulas than any other single herb because it is thought to harmonize the action of all other herbs. Licorice is very soothing and softens the mucous membranes of the throat and especially the lungs and stomach and at the same time cleanses any inflamed mucous membrane that needs immune system support. It is the saponins (detergent-like action) that loosen the phlegm in the respiratory tract, so that the body can expel the mucus.
Compounds within this root help relieve bronchial spasms and block the free radical cells that produce the inflammation and tightening of the air ways.
The compounds also have antibacterial and antiviral effects to them as well which helps fight off viral and bacterial strains in the body that can cause lung infections. Glycrrhizins and flavonoids can even help prevent lung cancer cells from forming which means they can even prevent lung cancer. COLTSFOOTColtsfoot has been traditionally by Native Americans for thousands of years to strengthen the lungs. It soothes the mucus membranes in the lungs, and has been shown in research to assist with asthma, coughs, bronchitis, and other lung ailments. Coltsfoot is available in dried form for tea or as an alcohol extract known as a tincture.3.
CANNABISThe toxic breakdown of therapeutic compounds in cannabis from burning the plant are totally avoided with vaporization. Extraction and inhaling cannabinoid essential oils of the unprocessed plant affords significant mitigation of irritation to the oral cavity that comes from smoking.Cannabis is perhaps one of the most effective anti-cancer plants in the world shown in study after study to stimulate cannabinoid receptor activation in specific genes and mediate the anti-invasive effect of cannabinoids.
Vaporizing cannabis allows the active ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural immune response and significantly reduces the ability of infections to spread. Vaporizing cannabis (especially with very high amounts of cannabinoids) opens up airways and sinuses, acting as a bronchodilator.
OSHA ROOTOsha is an herb native to the Rocky Mountain area and has historically been used by the Native Americans for respiratory support. The roots of the plant contain camphor and other compounds which make it one of the best lung-support herbs in America. One of the main benefits of osha root is that it helps increase circulation to the lungs, which makes it easier to take deep breaths. Also, when seasonal sensitivities flare up your sinuses, osha root which is not an actual antihistamine, does produce a similar effect and may be help calm respiratory irritation.5. It produces powerful antiseptic essential oils which are classified as naturally antibiotic and anti-fungal.
Thyme tea has the power to chase away and eliminate bacteria and viruses so whether your infection is based on either, it will work. Thyme has been used as a lung remedy consumed since antiquity and is used extensively to day to prevent and treat respiratory tract infections and bacterial infection pneumonia.6. OREGANOAlthough oregano contains the vitamins and nutrients required by the immune system, its primary benefits are owed to its carvacrol and rosmarinic acid content.
Both compounds are natural decongestants and histamine reducers that have direct, positive benefits on the respiratory tract and nasal passage airflow. Oil of oregano fights off the dangerous bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, better than the most common antibiotic treatments.
Oregano has so many health benefits that a bottle of organic oregano oil should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.
Lobelia, by some accounts, is thought to be one of the most valuable herbal remedies in existence. Extracts of Lobelia inflata contain lobeline, which showed positive effects in the treatment of multidrug-resistant tumor cells.
Additionally, lobelia stimulates the adrenal glands to release epinephrine, in effect, this relaxes the airways and allows for easier breathing. Also, because lobelia helps to relax smooth muscles, it is included in many cough and cold remedies.
ELECAMPANEElecampane has been used by Native Americans for many years to clear out excess mucus that impairs lung function. It is known as a natural antibacterial agent for the lungs, helping to lessen infection particularly for people who are prone to lung infections like bronchitis. Herbal practitioners often recommend one teaspoon of the herb per cup of boiling water, drunk three times daily for two to three weeks but elecampane is also available in tincture format for ease.9.
Aborigines, Germans, and Americans have all used the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus to promote respiratory health and soothe throat irritation. Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in cough lozenges and syrups and its effectiveness is due to a compound called cineole. As an added bonus, because eucalyptus contains antioxidants, it supports the immune system during a cold or other illness.10. MULLEINBoth the flowers and the leaves of the mullein plant are used to make an herbal extract that helps strengthen the lungs.
Mullein is used by herbal practitioners to clear excess mucus from the lungs, cleanse the bronchial tubes, and reduce inflammation that is present in the respiratory tract.
LUNGWORT Lungwort is a tree-growing lichen that actually resembles lung tissue in appearance. As early as the 1600s, lungwort has been used to promote lung and respiratory health and clear congestion.
Lungwort also contains compounds that are powerfully effective against harmful organisms that affect respiratory health. CHAPARRALChaparral, a plant native to the southwest, has been appreciated by the Native Americans for lung detoxification and respiratory support.
Chaparral contains powerful antioxidants that resist irritation and NDGA which is known to fight histamine response. NDGA inhibits aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis (the energy-producing ability) of cancer cells.
The benefits of chaparral are most available in a tincture extraction but chaparral tea may support respiratory problems by encouraging an expectorant action to clear airways of mucus.13.
These oils are the source of the many benefits of sage tea for lung problems and common respiratory ailments. PEPPERMINTPeppermint, and peppermint oil, contains menthol — a soothing ingredient known to relax the smooth muscles of the respiratory tract and promote free breathing. Dried peppermint typically contains menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate, menthofuran and cineol. Peppermint oil also contains small amounts of many additional compounds including limonene, pulegone, caryophyllene and pinene. Many people use therapeutic chest balms and other inhalants that contain menthol to help break up congestion. PLANTAIN LEAFPlantain leaf has been used for hundreds of years to ease cough and soothe irritated mucous membranes. Many of its active constituents show antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as being anti-inflammatory and antitoxic.
Plantain leaf has an added bonus in that it may help relieve a dry cough by spawning mucus production in the lungs.Seek the advice of an herbologist or Naturopathic Doctor on the preparation, appropriate dosages and frequency according to your condition.
All of the above are available in various forms, as nutritional supplements, tea blends and prepared oils. Material shown by Get Holistic Health is for educational purposes only and isn't meant to substitute for the recommendation of a doctor and other medical professional.

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