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With Chinese medicine she aims treatment at the symptoms of disease and the underlying cause of disease because symptoms tend to reoccur if underlying health issues are ignored. Herb and Nutritional counseling sessions are available for those who do not want, or need, acupuncture. These days many healthcare practitioners (acupuncturists included) rush patients in and out of treatment leaving you feeling uncared for and leaving your questions unanswered.
You’ll learn what’s wrong, why and how it can be healed according to Chinese medical principles and what self-care techniques you can use. When you get acupuncture treatments, Juliette Aiyana also offers the following therapies on an as need basis; nutritional counseling, herbal consulting, cupping, moxibustion, and aromatherapy.
The first visit takes 1.5 hours includes and comprehensive consultation and an acupuncture treatment. To help kids feel comfortable, instead of using the terms “acupuncture” and “needle” parents and Juliette Aiyana, L.Ac.
And for those who are needle shy, Juliette will use other techniques such as painless laser acupuncture, microcurrent, shoni-shin tools (non-invasive rounded treatment instruments), and tui-na (pediatric medical massage). Older children and teens are able to stay still for longer periods of time so we do retain needles in them as long as they are interested in the “tap-tap” treatment. If children are not interested in acupuncture or if they not tolerant of it, then I use other painless techniques such as cold laser acupuncture, microcurrent, shoni-shin tools (non-invasive rounded treatment instruments), and tui-na (pediatric medical massage). Nutritional support provided to parents is very helpful to help activate their child’s innate natural healing process. An NIH meta analysis found that, “Within the repertoire of CAM strategies, acupuncture has emerged as a popular method of managing symptoms associated with a variety of medical conditions. The Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics and The Journal of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology have concluded that acupuncture is for children safe when administered by a qualified clinician.
Some insurance companies cover Juliette Aiyana’s acupuncture services as an out-of-network provider. If you’d like us to check your health insurance benefits, the billing department will need to verify your benefits 72-hours before your appointment date. Sydney City Acupuncture is a family-owned Chinese medicine clinic located in the heart of Sydney's CBD.
Nicole and Trevor are both experienced acupuncturists and herbalists who are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.
Then the Hair Restore Advanced™ capsule formulation may be the answer to your problems!
Thank you Shelley McShane from Mosman, New South Wales, for sharing your experience of Hair Restore Advanced with us all! Thank you Christian Laki from Surry Hills, New South Wales, for sharing your experience of Hair Restore Advanced with us all! Hair Restore Advanced™ is a leading Australian brand of hair care products that has been used by thousands of Australians with great success.

The Hair Restore Advanced™ products are high quality herbal formulations that help you manage problems associated with hair loss, thinning hair and premature greying hair. What makes Hair Restore Advanced™ products different to other regrowth formulations (eg. The Hair Restore Advanced™ products are formulations with a very high concentration of hair-beneficial herbs used in Oriental medicine.
Using the same specialised concentration process, we were able to also create a shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion to complement the popular capsule formulation. The Hair Restore Advanced™ products success is not only credited to our modern scientific techniques, but also relies on the hundreds of years of herbal knowledge and use in Tradtional systems of medicine.
To find out more about the Hair Restore Advanced™ products and unique hair stimulating herbs within the formulations, please visit the products page of this website.
The Hair Restore Advanced™ capsule formulation is a unique hair loss product that helps you manage your hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall and premature greying hair. 2) According to Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Medical Theory, the NATURAL active ingredients in the Hair Restore Advanced™ capsule formulation nourish and tonify the bodya€™s internal organs especially the kidney and liver. The Hair Restore Advanced™ Revitalising Shampoo is a sulphate free formulation which is less damaging to hair follicles than sulphate containing products.
The Hair Restore Advanced™ Stimulating Scalp Lotion is the last step to a revitalised scalp and hair. As you may have noticed while browsing through the website, the Hair Restore Advanced™ products do come with a Money Back Guarantee when you order online or over the phone. If you are not satisfied with the products or results in any way, you simply need to email or call us to let us know. She has been in practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist in NYC since 2001 and practiced as a massage therapist since 1991. She treats her clients holistically and because of this, the sessions have always given me exactly what I needed.
She helped me so much throughout my pregnancy, as well with other health issues, and she had a lot of invaluable guidance that made the process go smoothly”. Not only do we suggest avoiding the obvious things such as processed foods, sugar, artificial colors and flavors, we also make dietary suggestions about what to include in the diet based on the healing wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and modern nutritional sense.
Chinese medicine has been practiced for over 2,000 years including the treatment of children. Dr Nicole Jones is a professional acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medical practitioner and has been helping people optimise their health for over 10 years. This unique, natural formulation comprising of specialised vitamins, minerals and hair stimulating herbs used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries may not only help to reduce hair loss, but may also promote the faster growth of healthier and nourished hair.
The main product of the range is the hair loss capsule formulation that contains vitamins and minerals to nourish the hair, and also concentrated herbal extracts that may assist to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.
The shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion are manufactured with the same superior quality and contain a high concentration of hair-beneficial Oriental herbs.

The herbs Ligustrum lucidum, Eclipta prostrata, Rehmannia glutinosa , Polygonum multiflorum, or Sophora flavescens may seem very unfamiliar to people in Western societies. These organs play a critical role in the removal of toxins from the blood and the production of new blood cells. The vitamins and minerals in Hair Restore Advanced™ capsule formulation rejuvenate and nourish the hair by providing a sufficient supply of a€?fooda€? to promote and maintain healthy hair growth. The shampoo, gentle enough for daily use, nourishes the hair and scalp with its high concentration of hair revitalising Oriental herbs. Fortified within an optimised liquid vehicle, the ancient Oriental herbs (Polygonum multiflorum, Eclipta alba, Ginseng, Biota leaf, Sophora flavescens, rosemary and rice protein) act to stimulate the hair follicles and create an environment on the scalp for optimal hair growth and prevent hair loss. Once you have filled in the short feedback form that we send you, you will get your money back (excluding shipping). She has taught and lectured at several of the top professional colleges in NYC and the U.S. I leave there with a sense of balance, and resources for taking the next steps if necessary.
If they say no, or if their body language says no, she’ll use the other effective, needle-free, techniques for treatment. In the Hair Restore Advanced™ product range, there is also a Revitalising Shampoo, Strengthening Conditioner and Stimulating Scalp Lotion. The high concentration and unique combination of ancient Oriental herbs help to revitalise your hair and create an environment for optimal hair growth. But to those who have been exposed to the two oldest systems of medicine in the world, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, these herbs and their role in the management of hair loss are commonplace.
A lack of nutritious blood to the bodya€™s extremities such as the hair follicles on the head is believed to be a cause of hair loss. Because everyone is an individual and reacts differently to hair loss treatments, and because the hair does take time to grow, you can use Hair Restore Advanced™ for 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or even 12 months - the Money Back Guarantee still applies.
That dynamic progression of energetic evolution manifests as healthy balance in body, mind and spirit. Cleansed blood from these organs nourishes the head and the hair, thus, reducing hair loss, promoting the growth of healthy hair and reducing greying of hair. Juliette forms a compassionate and healing rapport with patients, offers effective Chinese medical care and teaches the valuable tools of self-care through patient education.

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