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This dining legend of Telok Gong, Klang, is renowned for its seafood – and one of its superstar dishes is Coconut Tom Yam Prawn.
Starting out as a single, humble street stall at Jalan Alor, Sangkaya is now a chain of dessert outlets at various shopping centres.
Heavily frequented for its one-of-a-kind, healthy Chinese herbal soups, Keong Kee’s innovative menu also includes Coconut Herbal Chicken Soup. A pioneer of coconut-based steamboat broths, Ye Zi (which means ‘coconut’ in Mandarin) features 5 different coconut broth soup bases: Organic Chicken, Imperial Canton, Taiwanese Beef Spice, Shao Xing Wine Seafood and Wild Forest Truffle Mushroom Soup. A small eatery with a big reputation, the appropriately-named Coconut Shake eatery serves precisely that. Your orders for pickup or local delivery would be 2 days after your payment is received and cleared.
But the coconut is expanding its repertoire and inspiring brand new gastronomic innovations that are delighting modern palates.

Alluringly presented in a young coconut shell, large, succulent prawns are served in a rich and aromatic tom yam soup that offers a medley of flavours. One of the secrets to their success is their signature Thai-style Coconut Ice Cream, which is a sensation among patrons. Featuring chicken cuts ingeniously boiled in a host of traditional Chinese herbs within a coconut shell, the dish boasts a unique flavour – not to mention a range of restorative properties. Aromatic, flavourful and healthy, Ye Zi’s offerings are a lovely twist to a traditional communal dish.
Based on a recipe created in Melaka, the signature dessert comprises fresh coconut water topped with a scoop of special homemade vanilla ice cream. Novel coconut-based dishes and desserts have bloomed in inventive eateries across the Klang Valley – inviting you to jump on the epicurean bandwagon, and go nuts over coconuts in a brand new way.
As an added innovative touch, the soup is enhanced by a sprinkling of slivers of tender coconut flesh. Comprising 4 scoops of ice cream, the dessert is served with strips of coconut flesh in a Thai coconut shell – and customers can select as many toppings as they wish.

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