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FO-TI: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions And Warnings - WebMD - Fo-ti is POSSIBLY UNSAFE to take by mouth due to concerns that it might cause liver damage in both adults and children.
Fo-Ti Root Is The Most Effective Of The Fertility Herbs - Fo-Ti root (He Shou Wu) is my all time favorite herb and I include it in my daily intake of adaptogenic herbs and live superfoods. Fo-Ti - Swanson Health Products - Rated 1 out of 5 by Tealt Extremely dissappointed, will not buy again I purchased this a little over 13 months ago because the price was amazing, but wanted to finish .
L-arginine Benefits For Men, ED, Fertility And Sex Drive - L-arginine benefits for men include improved sexual performance, fertility, athletic performance and better circulatory health.
Please tell us how you felt about this product so we can let potential new owners know a little about it first. The extensions are temporary as they are only attached to a strand or two of your own hair but can last for several weeks depending upon how you treat your hair.

If they fall out you can reuse them, however each pack has 100 strands so you have plenty in a pack which will last a long time. Each strand takes a few minutes to put in but once you have done a few you soon get faster.
Fo-Ti or He Shou Wu is considered a powerful longevity herb in the system of Chinese Medicine.
Fo-ti (Polygonum multiflorum) is a perennial climbing plant from the knotweed family, native to eastern Asia and grown in China, Japan and Tibet..
You can wash it as normal and it will withstand heat up to a temperature of 160 degrees, so you can still colour and style your hair with them in. People generally like between 10 and 20 strands in their hair - you can put them in one area, or 15-20 will generally complete a full head.

Hold the folded hair between your thumb and index finger of your left hand (if right handed) to create a loop at the top.
Place the thumb and index finger of your right hand down through the loop and grab the two strands of folded hair through the loop (see photo). Pull the ends with your right hand through the loop so that you create a slip knot with the Angel Hair on your left index finger.
Pull their hair through the slip knot, making sure the knot slips as close to the root of the hair as possible and pull gently.

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