Chinese herbs for unexplained infertility

I grew up drinking Chinese herbs because my mother is a Chinese doctor, and herbs were our go-to medicine whenever we got sick.
Inner Peace is the only clinic in Charlotte that carries a line of tinctures from Conceivable which is made by fertility acupuncturists specifically for fertility acupuncturists. Depending on your lifestyle and taste preference, I will prescribe one of these forms of herbs that best suits your needs.
For more information, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Eating dairy-free, grain-free, and gluten-free does not mean you have to sacrifice taste or stress out about meal planning. It uses chicken broth as a base and has tons of vegetables, herbs and spices that, according to Chinese Medicine, will nourish your Qi.
Here are some tips to insure that your metal element is balanced throughout the Autumn season.
2) Take inventory mentally, physically and emotionally of things that you may have been holding onto that really serve no purpose in your life and only create stagnation.
4) Healthy bowel movements are essential to wellness and mean you are eliminating properly. Still in season: cucumber, eggplant, green beans, hot peppers, okra, salad greens, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, winter squash, zucchini.
Made From Fresh Fruits And Vegetable RecipesSecret To A Vibrant And Healthy Lifestyle That You Can Find Easily At The Comfort Of Your Kitchen.
Vitamin A toxicity: Possible involvement of vitamin a in testicular toxicity New Inventions in Cosmetics & Beauty Should You Really be Using Low-Fat Salad Dressing? My passion for the treatment of infertility prompted me to pursue the highest training available in the field of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.
I am a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and a board-certified Fertility Acupuncture Specialist.
With additional training in Chinese herbology, I am also board-certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbology by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). The decision to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture was a return to my roots: I was born in China, and my mother is a prominent Chinese doctor. With a doctor in the family, I hadn’t considered a career in Chinese medicine until I had to turn to acupuncture and herbology as an adult when I had trouble with my own health. Since creating the Empowered Fertility Method, I have dedicated my time to training and educating others in the field of holistic reproductive wellness.  It is my goal to empower women to take charge of their own health and realize their dreams of motherhood. When I am not busy educating others, making webinars, videos, and customized fertility treatment plans,  I enjoy being a mother to an energetic little girl, reading, watching cooking competition shows, and kickboxing. I am a native of Concord, NC and currently split my time between Charlotte, NC and Asheville, NC. My interest in women’s health and infertility began while I was attending Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts.
In May 2015, I received the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, NC.
When I am not busy helping patients, I enjoy traveling the world, reading an interesting book and looking for new experiences and adventures. Like many young women, I was suffering from terrible menstrual pain that got worse with each passing cycle.
With regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese Herbal Medicine, I was finally able to experience a pain-free menstrual cycle. I am also passionate about educating patients on the importance of good nutrition and lifestyle choices, and incorporating my knowledge of homeopathy, flower essences, and essential oils into my treatments.
I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Charlotte two years ago, leaving the bright lights of New York City behind. Having grown up on the standard American diet, I began to experience the negative effects on my body at a young age.

But there’s an important aspect of Chinese medicine – in conjunction with acupuncture – that a lot of people don’t know about.
I’m talking about the ancient practice of using herbs – derived from various roots and plants – to help heal the body. With these powdered herbs, I can concoct formulas more specifically than I can with tinctures because I control the amount of granules. These pills are patent formulas and can’t be modified— they’re based on classical formulas that have been around for thousands of years.
Below is one of my favorite recipes for dinner that’s super-quick, easy, and packed with nutritious ingredients.
The butternut squash and sweet potato combo thickens the soup and adds a creamy texture without dairy. Chinese medicine uses nature as a teacher: It strives to maintain harmony within the body just as Mother Nature strives to maintain harmony of the earth.
Metal is, when in balance, responsible for giving us a sense of self-worth and structure in our lives. Upon bringing awareness to your “stuff,” act skillfully and with integrity, address it and let it go. A healthy bowel movement happens at least once a day, being formed, easy to pass, containing no undigested food and fully emptying the intestine. A runny nose, sneezing, congested sinuses and loss of smell are all symptoms of compromised lung function. Here is a list of spicy, white foods you can add to your diet: almonds, pears, chickpeas or any white beans, scallions (the white part), ginger, fennel, white fungus, horseradish, white sesame seeds, raw honey, lily bulb.
Ovarian endocrine functionsIn the study to investigate  the mechanism of flavonoids from Semen Cuscutae (FSC) improving the ovarian endocrine functions, showed that SC decreases the contents of beta-EP in hypothalamuses and increases contents of LH in anterior pituitaries in female rats exposed to psychologic stress, which may be one of the mechanism of FSC improving hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary axis(1). Osteoblastic bone formation In the study to evaluate whether the aqueous extract of To-Sa-Za (TSZ-AE), the seed of Cuscuta chinensis Lam in osteogenic activity in human osteoblast-like MG-63 cells, showed that TSZ-AE enhanced ALP activity, collagen synthesis, BMP-2 expression, and mineralization in MG-63 cells.
Though I began my career in engineering several years ago, I’ve found my calling in helping women restore their health and achieve pregnancy through Chinese medicine. In addition to acquiring board certification with ABORM, I became a Certified Integrative Fertility Coach, and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist recently.  Using the knowledge and experience I have accumulated, Empowered Fertility Method was created to bridge the gap between the mind and the body, and to truly focus on achieving conception through optimizing health of the whole person. Despite a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Chinese medicine worked for me!  After that experience, I knew I wanted to help others, especially women. I have humbly traveled the world and lived in various parts of the country in search of experiences and knowledge focused on holistic health care and well-being. I was writing a research paper on holistic, alternative treatments for HPV and cervical cancer. I am nationally certified in Acupuncture and Herbal medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).
I studied extensively with my Mysore Ashtanga teacher in Hawaii and received my teacher training in Ashtanga in India with Yogacharya Lalit Kumar. At Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, I studied extensively with Jeffery Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist Priest. After learning and applying knowledge of whole foods and holistic practices in my daily life, I was amazed by the dramatic transformation in my energy levels and overall health. The Spleen as we know, provides useful energy for thickening the uterine lining and sustaining the pregnancy.
Her passion for Chinese medicine combined with certification in Prescriptive Yoga truly makes her unique.
As Mother Nature gives her signal to harvest those last bits of crops before she sheds what is no longer needed, she is preparing for creation and abundance to come next Spring. By wearing a scarf and proper clothing according to the weather, you will protect yourself from sickness by staying warm. Throughout history and nature, you find humans and animals harvesting the last bits of food for the winter and working to ensure they stay warm throughout the harshness that winter can offer. Ways to ensure your large intestine is eliminating properly are to eat local, seasonal foods that are high in fiber and warm in temperature.

If you are feeling a cold coming on, put on a scarf and make yourself a cup of fresh hot ginger tea with a scoop of brown sugar. Do not use the herb in newborn, children or if you are pregnant or breast feeding without first consulting with the related field specialist.3.
I find it so powerful and rewarding to help create life and to also help women who are struggling with pain, stress and hormone-related problems. I was fascinated by the research data and the effectiveness of holistic therapies for cervical cancer prevention.
Since graduation, I became one of ten yoga instructors in the country that is certified in Dao Flow Prescriptive Yoga, a revolutionary style that combines Chinese Medicine and yoga to support the body in maintain its harmonious nature. Spending time with him resulted in a deep understanding of Classical Chinese Medicine and how to utilize the five meridian systems of the human body. For several years, I managed the monthly pain by taking over-the-counter pain killers which eventually lead to needing higher dosages to alleviate the pain. Tinctures are the second-most potent form of Chinese herbs after the raw form, and different solutions can be mixed together depending on what the patient needs. For raw chicken breasts, cook for about 45 minutes, until chicken is cooked through and tender enough to shred with a fork. More information on Prescriptive Yoga to come, but first, here are some tips to stay healthy during this transition from late Summer to Fall. When these organs are in balance and functioning properly, we stay healthy through the change from late Summer to Autumn. Although we have become more efficient to ensure we have these things throughout the changes of seasons, we can remain mindful, contain ourselves and reserve our energies to allow us to sustain through the colder months. The Practice of Female Circumcision To Be Revived in The Name of Religion in Egypt Does Your Blood Type Influence Your Heart Disease Risk? Dao Flow yoga works for any condition, however, my focus was on the treatment of infertility.
Not satisfied with the options I had been presented with, or my lack of improvement, I decided to seek an alternative…Oriental Medicine.
Since then, I have been working for a successful practice in Miami for the last six year where I treated various types of pain, menstrual irregularities and other conditions related to women’s health. Now, as a Patient Care Coordinator, my interest in the healing powers of acupuncture has continued to blossom after seeing the many lives it has positively impacted. On my recent move to Charlotte, I found my inner peace (literally) and love every minute of working here. The lungs and large intestine signify taking in what is needed and letting go of what is not.
If you feel your symptoms are further than the onset, call Inner Peace Acupuncture & Wellness for an appointment.
Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose a€“ How to Clear Nasal Congestion Honesty is the Best Policy a€“ Research Finds Being Honest Leads to Better Health Look Mom! I realized that through diet and lifestyle adjustments, our bodies have amazing abilities to heal. I create a customized yoga sequence for each phase of the menstrual cycle for my patients based on the Chinese medicine diagnosis. Robin “Saraswati” Marcus of Nourishing Life Center, a women’s health and fertility specialist. This is the best time to get acupuncture, as it will gear up the immune system to fight off your cold quicker.
It became clear then that I want to educate and empower other women to take charge of their health and fertility.
I also enjoy the outdoors, cooking delicious paleo meals, and enjoying the company of my fiance and our mixed German Shepherd pup.

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