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Support spleen, eliminate dampness, reduce phlegm, diminish inflammation, chesty and bronchial cough.
Adult: take 8 pills each time, three times daily, half to one hour before meals with warm water. Forsythia Suspensa Fruit 34mg Angelica Sinensis Root 28mg Schizonepeta Lactiflora Root 28mg Paeoniia Lactiflora Root 28mg Ledcbouriella Sesloides Rhizome 28mg Scutellaria Baicalcnsis Rhizome 28mg Gardenia Jasminoides Fruit 28mg Ligusticum Wallichi Root 19mg Platycodon Grandiflorum Rhizome 19mg Atractyloides Macrocephala Root 19mg Zingiber Officnalc Root 19mg Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root 19mg Rbeumpalmatum Root 9mg Mentha Haplocalyx Rhizome 9mg.
Tonic to assist in the maintenance of general well-being Tonic to assist in the maintenance of general well-being. Santa Anita Park has canceled live racing for Thursday, May 15, due to the effects of extremely dry conditions and temperatures that are expected to be more than 30 degrees above normal.
Average temperatures for the month of May in Arcadia are usually in the mid-70s range, but Thursday’s projected high is a record-breaking 108 degrees, which presents clear challenges for both human and equine athletes. Racing secretary Stuart Slagle has put together a very exciting card for Saturday at Hastings Racecourse.  He has good size fields and some very competitive races.
Slagle had hoped to go with nine races and the Preakness as race ten but the eight he has are all pretty solid fields. Looking over the PP’s in the Daily Racing Form many of the races are very wide open affairs with many the highly touted 3 year olds on the grounds entered.
Monday’s Holiday Card from early entries also looks like the best card of year so far with several very good races carded which includes two stakes races. Super Mario is returning home on Monday to ride and he is expected to have at least four mounts on the card.  Mario is a fan favorite and is sure to draw some of his loyal fans out to watch. Randy Goulding of the DRF and his band named Backspin are featured this Friday Night at the Derby Bar and Grill. Owned by breeders Steve Coburn and Perry Martin, California Chrome will be ridden again by Victor Espinoza. Sherman indicated the fact the colt is so heavily favored after his Kentucky Derby win is more of an obstacle than the post position. The filly Ria Antonia, owned by Christopher Dunn and Loooch Racing, is 30-1 on the morning line. Vina Del Mar Thoroughbreds and Black Swan Stable’s Kid Cruz, a winner of back-to-back 3-year-old stakes in Maryland in his past two starts, drew post 7 under jockey Julian Pimentel at 20-1. The horse, diagnosis, dosage, and estimated last administration date must be reported to the CHRB official veterinarian by practicing vets. Thyroxine is prescribed for hypothyroid conditions and to assist weight loss in unusual circumstances. Though not pinpointed as the cause, Thyro-L, a thyroid hormone, was used in horses involved in a cluster of seven horse deaths at the Hollywood Park barn of Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert from late 2011 to early 2013.
The Oak Tree Racing Association will move from its longtime offices at Santa Anita Park into a wing of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association office sometime in June. Oak Tree has kept offices at Santa Anita since its inception in 1969, when it first hosted a fall race meeting at Santa Anita.
Santa Anita now hosts the fall meeting, having terminated Oak Tree’s lease after the 2010 meet. Oak Tree recently entered into a new partnership arrangement with the Alameda County Fair, which has its annual race meeting scheduled for June 19-July 6 this year in Pleasanton. After the vans pulled in late the afternoon of May 14, all the contenders for the $1.5 million Preakness Stakes (gr. Suspensory desmopathy is a condition that can result in ligament weakening and stretching, and subsequent excessive fetlock dropping or sinking during weight bearing.
Veterinarians and farriers apply a wide variety of horseshoes to treat the plethora of hoof problems that come our horses’ way, not to mention issues farther up the limb.
Farriers and veterinarians have used the fetlock support shoe to treat tendon injuries and lacerations since the early 1900s.
White and colleagues recently evaluated the shoe’s impact on seven horses with suspensory ligament injuries and excessive extension of their rear fetlock joints. Of the seven horses, the team was able to follow four long-term, and all four had long-term lameness resolution. White cautioned that it is more difficult to achieve lameness resolution in horses with very straight hind-limb conformation and dropped fetlocks.
In addition, he said, because a slight fetlock drop generally remains after treatment this support shoe therapy won’t work for horses aimed at strenuous exercise but may help those used for light riding. RacingWelcome to a unique off-track wagering facility, located just off First Avenue at the Pacific Highway Border Crossing. The Derby Bar and Grill offers patrons the opportunity to wager on the finest thoroughbred and harness racing from tracks in Canada, the U.S.
Whether you are a first-time race viewer or experienced handicapper, The Derby Bar and Grill off-track facility provides you with a fun-filled day or evening as you watch and wager on the races on our 40 high definition television sets.
If you are new to either thoroughbred or harness racing, staff is on hand to guide you through your wagering experience and brochures as well to explain How To Bet.
Although most of these herbs are considered safe, do not consume unless you know your herbology. Agrimony has a long tradition where it was used to expel spirits, cause others to sleep, and even treat wounds.

Within traditional Chinese and Hindu medicine, Alfalfa leaf is believed to aid the digestive tract.
Lore holds that Angelica is particularly useful against curses, evil spells and spirits, and it is known as powerful healing herb. Known for its vanilla-like aroma, Benzoin is a granular incense can be used with your charcoal burner to improve the atmosphere of your home or add to your ritual magick. With medicinal uses traced back to the Native American's teachings to early settlers, Black Cohosh root is most commonly used to help treat hotflashes and menopausal symptoms. Blessed Thistle a potent aid in healing magic and is linked to Mars, and the sign of Aries, and the element of Fire.
Within spiritual communities, buckeyes are best known as an aid in attracting money, good luck, and the opposite sex. Camphor Blocks (synthetic) - Can be sniffed or placed near the bed to lessen sexual desire. Camphor is well known for its ability to help restore spiritual vigor and renew the spirit.
Famed for the effect it has on cats, Catnip can also be used in magic to help bring reach a state of euphoria for trances and general well being, as well as finding a psychic bond with animals.
Particularly useful for those seeking good luck, Chamomile can be quite helpful when seeking love and prosperity.
Known as a spice, Cinnamon is also quite potent in healing magic, and spells of protection and passion. Cinquefoil (Silverweed, Five Finger Grass) - money, luck, attracts business, gamblers herb. Cloves are potent in rituals used for banishing negative energies and spirits, and in magic seeking to aid or begin love and friendship. Often used when seeking love or good luck, red clover can also used in blessings for pets and livestock and seeking good fortune in financial arrangements.
Believed to improve luck in spells of prosperity, wealth and love Coltsfoot Leaf is also said to be a potent aid in treating coughs, colds and other such illness.
Useful in spells of protection and blessings for travel Comfrey Leaf has also used in treating sprains, broken bones and help sooth an upset stomach. Said to increase magical energy and aid in divination spells, Damiana leaf is also believed to be of use in dream magic and clairvoyance, as well as sex magic. Devil's Shoestring, often used in powerful protective magic, is also used for spells of good luck, money drawing, invisibility and controlling. Often viewed as a powerful aid in attracting money and good luck, particularly in business, some also view Yellowdock as a great aid for love spells. Elder Berries have long been believed to be able to aid in warding off evil influences, curses, and other harmful spells.
Commonly utilized in spells involving protection or healing, Eucalyptus has a long standing in aboriginal traditions of healing wounds and treating infections. Eyebright is commonly used in spells to create changes in perception and attitude, creative visions, and improve memory. Believed to possess many curative powers, Feverfew is a traditional aid in curing low spirits, nervousness, and fever. Providing abundant aid to those working spells seeking prosperity, Flax Seed is also useful in healing and protection magic.
Frankincense is one of the most valuable substances of history, used for meditation, protection, purification, and consecration by countless cultures. Known for aiding in spells seeking justice and victory in court, Galangal is also of use in magic that is intended to protect against hexes and curses.
Ginger Root has been used in folk medicine for over 2000 years, with modern science also exploring its use in treating nausea and similar such illness. Known in African lore to be a potent aid in divination magick, Grains of Paradise seeds are often used in rituals to help determine guilt among accused parties. Long held as sacred, as it was believed to be what was used to create the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus, hawthorn now sees much use as an herbal medicine. Traditionally associated with love spells, particularly those attracting lust and passion, Hibiscus is also good for divination and dream magic. High John is widely known to help overcome obstacles and achieve goals, as well as protect against negative energies and curses. Said to help in spells seeking the protection of God, Hyssop is used in rituals of protection and purification as well as rituals of healing.
Good for using in spells to attract love and prosperity, Jasmine is also used in divination, particularly that involving dream magic. Quite helpful in attracting healthy energies and goodly spirits, Juniper berries are also good for spells and rituals of love and protection. A traditional herb used to scent floor rushes and used as an incense, Calamus root is often associated with seeking out and working with your Guardian Angel.
The John Longden has 8 early entrys and the Strawberry Morn has 7 entrys by noon on Wednesday. He was assigned morning-line odds of 3-5 by Pimlico oddsmaker Keith Feustle in the 10-horse field.

But California Chrome doesn’t need the lead to win and is especially comfortable under Espinoza, who has ridden him to victory in his past five starts. Trainer Linda Rice, who claimed the colt for $50,000 from his final 2013 race, thinks he deserves a shot. An advisory May 12 points out that all thyroxine within CHRB enclosures must be prescribed by a CHRB-licensed veterinarian for a specific horse and condition.
The administration of thyroxine or thyroid hormones to horses must be reported by trainers.
Baffert told CHRB investigators that he was using the legal medication on all of the horses he trained during that time. Chillingworth, executive vice president of the not-for-profit organization well known within the racing industry for its support of research and charity. The CTBA offices are located at 201 Colorado Place in Arcadia, across the street from the Santa Anita parking lot that serves the track’s infield.
I) were on the grounds at Pimlico Race Course except for Ring Weekend, who will arrive May 15 before noon.
Injuries to the suspensory ligament (a structure crucial to a horse’s limb support system) are notoriously difficult to treat, so veterinarians recently tested a modern version of an age-old solution—the so-called fetlock support shoe—to determine its suitability as a suspensory desmopathy treatment. While it usually affects the hind limbs, suspensory desmopathy can also occur in the front limbs.
A hammock like structure attached to the back of a shoe braces the rear of the fetlock to prevent excessive fetlock sinking during weight bearing. This abnormal conformation increases suspensory ligament tension, thereby preventing healing. To make sure you have a first-class experience be it through our food services or wagering on the races. With the help of incense charcoals, you can release the intense fragrance of these fine resin granules -- without the dilution of a burning base or fixatives typical in man-made stick or cone incense. Mostly known as Chewing John, this plant is sometimes called Low John by southern areas and Hoodoo traditions. Owned by Ron Sanchez’ Rontos  Racing Stable, Social Inclusion will be ridden by Luis Contreras. The filly’s ownership team at that time expressed interest in running the Rockport Harbor filly in the Preakness, and made it official May 12. He drew post 5 under Rosie Napravnik and is the co-third choice at 10-1 with Daniel Dougherty’s Ride On Curlin, who drew the outside post 10 for trainer William Gowan and jockey Joel Rosario off his seventh-place finish in the Preakness.
In addition, the medication must be properly labeled in compliance with federal and state laws and CHRB regulations. Any thyroxine or thyroid hormones or thyroid hormone analogs found within the racing enclosure and not properly labeled will be confiscated as contraband.
The two organizations co-hosted the California Cup program for California-bred runners during the Oak Tree meeting beginning in 1990.
Treatment success with traditional options—including rest, support bandages, and anti-inflammatory medication—has been limited.
White described a modified, 21st century version as a bar shoe with a rearward extension and vertical rods fitted with a hammock of elastic tape that forms a fetlock sling.
Copal is used in rituals of purification, consecration, making contact with the other planes, and exorcism rites. Dragon's Blood is used for increased power, purification, protection, consecration, and the development of strong ritual energy. The Pioneerof the Nile   colt has grabbed the lead early in all three of his starts and is expected to provide the early target Saturday.
Horse owners are encouraged to review their veterinary bills and consult with their veterinarians if thyroxine has been prescribed to any of their horses. ACVS, reviewed the condition and the study results at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners’ Convention, held Dec.
Veterinarians have also started using stem cell or protein-rich plasma (PRP) injection directly into affected ligaments in an attempt to improve healing.
The horse’s limb is bandaged and well-padded before applying the vertical support bars, which are detachable for ease of adjustments and future bandage changes. Additionally, many affected horses’ condition can improve with surgical procedures, such as cutting the deep branch of the lateral plantar nerve (located just below the hock) and splitting the injured segment of the ligament to stimulate healing.
White noted however, it is rare for lameness due to rear limb desmopathy associated a dropped fetlock to resolve with rest, shockwave, or surgery. Castellano rode the son of Roman Ruler   one time before, beaten a head by Wildcat Red in the Fountain of Youth (gr.

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