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Akupunktur yang di lakukan oleh Great Wall Acupuncture Clinic adalah Akupunktur Tiongkok yang lebih komprehensif, yang di sesuaikan dengan gejala ikutan yang di alami setiap pasien. Pasien dengan gejala gangguan Buang Air Kecil yang Kurang Lancar, Air Kemih Sedikit, Tersendat dan Menetes, telah kami obati dengan baik, sehingga terhindar dari proses Operasi. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox. Chinese medicine purchased over the counter in Australia has been found to contain the DNA of endangered species.Laboratory testing of the capsules purchased in 2012 found they contained DNA from snow leopard - and possibly tiger.
Roger Byard from Adelaide University's school of medicine said a research student purchased the traditional Chinese medicine from a shop at the Adelaide Central Market.The traditional medicine known as Jian Bu Qiang Shen Wan, which is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, is said to relieve arthritis pain.

Professor Roger Byard wants more done to stop the use of endangered species in traditional Chinese medicine.
The traces of tiger DNA were harder to confirm because the research team couldn't get enough proof on the readings.Professor Byard said one of his major concerns was that the snow leopard DNA was discovered by accident as part of a small study. Oleh sebab itu, setiap titik akupunktur yang di aplikasi kan berbeda beda di sesuaikan dengan gejala dan kebutuhan pasien…. Both species are listed on the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species. He said the study, led by DNA expert Mike Bunce from Murdoch University in Western Australia, would be expanded."Who knows what else is out there," Professor Byard said.

Despite this, rhinoceros horn can sell for as much as US$50,000 a kilogram as it is believed to 'cure' everything from AIDS to cerebral haemorrhage, while monkey skeletons are used to treat general pain. Extracts from water turtle shells are used to treat cancer and the bile of moon bears is used for the treatment of digestive illnesses.

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