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These traditional Chinese medicines are most affordable.  The brands on this page are among the finest and purest available.
Herbal Therapy includes the prescription of safe and established herbal medicines that are tailored specifically for the patient’s complaints, symptoms, and overall condition.
There are a variety of different forms of herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of which has specific uses, benefits, and qualities that are chosen based on the condition of the individual patient.

Safety is always of the utmost concern at South Denver Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, and as such, we only use products that are Good Manufacturing Practice Certified, meaning that they are free of any pesticides, contaminants, harmful chemicals or substances, produced in clean facilities, and are accurately labeled with the correct information and contain only the correct herbal medicines. About UsOur clinic is committed to offering you the highest quality Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture available, as well as offering health education, all in a safe and comfortable environment. This course offers information on some of the most widely used Chinese patent herbal formulas.

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