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Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre consists of a team of experienced and professional Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, providing trusted healthcare services to Perth community since 2003.
Professional Team of TCM PractitionersAll of our TCM practitioners are professionally trained with a minimum 5 year bachelor degree in TCM and Acupuncture, and are registered with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (under APHRA). Proven ExperienceWith up to 30 years of expertise in different areas of TCM and acupuncture we provide high quality professional services in acupuncture, TCM Remedial Chinese Massage and Herbal Medicine.
Private Health Fund RebatesOur TCM practitioners are registered and recognised providers of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with most private health funds. Friendly FacilitiesBaolin Natural Healthcare Centre upholds a safe, clean and professional environment, and respects the privacy of patients.
Academic Links and Healthcare ForumThe centre organises annual academic seminars with renowned national and international guest speakers. What is the theory behind Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?TCM works on the principle that all diseases or medical conditions arise from imbalances within the body.
How does Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture work?Chinese herbal medicine works by restoring overall balance in body and energy through the use of a variety of herbs with different properties. Acupuncture works on improving the circulation of ‘Qi’ (pronounced “chee”) through the meridians within the body. During a typical consultation, the TCM practitioner will use TCM medical diagnostic tools which involve assessing the patient’s skin colour, tongue colour and texture and pulse quality, as well as symptoms, medical history and whole body evaluation to make a diagnosis to a particular disease type based on TCM principles.
What’s the point of difference between Baolin Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Centre and other TCM practices?Most TCM practices will only have one practitioner providing difference TCM services.
Are treatments covered by Private Health Fund?Our TCM practitioners are registered and recognised providers of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with most private health funds. Is acupuncture painful?Acupuncture is generally a relatively painless procedure as the needles used are very tiny. Are the needles sterile?All our needles are pre-sterilized, non-toxic and disposable, and comply with Australian standards. How long is the duration of treatment with TCM?TCM aims at not just eliminating the disease or symptoms but to restore balance of the whole body. Why is it necessary to continue treatment for awhile even after symptoms have resolved?This is because TCM aims at treating the disease by treating the body as a whole, to re-establish balance within the body and enhance the general wellbeing of a person.
Does acupuncture have to be accompanied with Chinese herbal medicine?For complex cases or longstanding diseases, we recommend undertaking combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine which can work synergistically and more effectively together.
What types of dosage forms are available in Chinese herbal medicine and how are they administered?The main dosage forms used in TCM are whole herb combinations, herbal granule mixtures, and herbal tablets or pills. What is cupping?This treatment involves placing round glass cups on the skin to create a partial vacuum through suction.

What is moxibustion?Moxibustion is the use of heat to stimulate specific points on the body, usually in adjunct to acupuncture. Spine Scan Chiropractic in Scarborough and Mount Pleasant focuses the goal of assisting people quickly through the acute pain stage and into rehabilitation using the latest research and technology. Nov 21 2015 0Chinese Cupping Therapy BaolinChinese cupping therapy is another modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine besides acupuncture, massage therapy and herbal medicine. Latest TweetsAugust 18, 2015 Contact us today, and expect the utmost care and expert treatment to restore your health and wellbeing.
Unlike most Chinese Medicine clinics where there is only one practitioner providing all the different services, our point of difference is that we have a group of practitioners, each with specialised qualifications and experience in a particular field of TCM practice.
Our practitioners also have international working experience in the most advanced TCM centers around Europe, Canada and China.
Depending on your cover, our Hicaps system facilitate rebates to be claimed immediately on site for consultation, acupuncture and remedial massage.
It is equipped with all basic facilities such as enclosed consulting rooms and treatment rooms, waiting room, retail counter, and public washrooms. Our practitioners are committed to continuing their professional development, and attend national and international conferences and workshops to improve their professional skills, and keep up to date with the latest TCM developments.
It aims at treating the disease by correcting specific imbalances within the body through improving the body’s circulation and eliminating toxins from the body, therefore re-establishing the natural equilibrium. The practitioner formulates different combinations of herbs specific to the patient’s body type and condition. Meridians are a system of channels in the body which are also related to the internal organs and Qi is the electrical or energy flow within these channels.
Then the TCM practitioner will formulate a unique herbal combination or specific acupuncture points for the patient, based on this diagnosis derived from each individuals’ body condition and disease condition. Our centre is unique in providing professional healthcare from various TCM practitioners each specializing in different fields of TCM such as acupuncture, herbal medicine etc. Please check with your private health fund for the type of treatment and level of rebate you are entitled to under your cover.
However each patient’s response to acupuncture is different and depends on sensitivity of the patient. The body’s ability to return to a healthy state can vary depending on the individual and factors such as type of medical condition, duration of the medical condition and medical history, elimination of causal factor, patient’s general health, response to treatment, and diet and lifestyle. After symptoms have resolved, usually it is recommended to continue treatment to nourish the body further, for a stronger and healthier body overall. BaolinAustralian Bureau of Statistics released figures showing that stress levels in Australians are peaking more than ever.

Chinese medicine encompasses Acupuncture , Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage ) , Cupping , Moxibustion etc , all of which are available . The centre also conducts a weekly program on Perth Chinese Radio on health issues to share our expertise and promote the natural approach to healthcare. Unlike Western herbs which are often prescribed as a single herb, Chinese herbs are almost always used in combinations. Their individual expertise can be collaborated and tailored to meet your needs and provide optimal health outcome for you. Often for majority of patients, at the time of needle insertion, there may be a slight & temporary discomfort like a mosquito bite. Frequency of acupuncture sessions can be gradually reduced until full recovery and to minimise the chances of reoccurrence of symptoms or disease. This allows the herbs to interact, enhance and modify each other, working synergistically to restore health and minimise side effects. Usually for acute cases such as minor injury or recent illness, treatment duration can be a few days or up to a couple of weeks. Like acupuncture, it also helps to clear obstruction in the median system of channels and allow free flow of Qi (see How does Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture work?). Different parts of herbs are used such as leaves, bark, roots, branches, flowers, fruits and seeds.
When obstruction in this system of channels and flow of Qi occurs, it can cause imbalance, pain and disease in the body. However for complex or chronic medical conditions, several weeks or several months of treatment may be necessary. While herbal tablets or pills is the more conventional dosage form, and are best take with warm water half hour after meals. The acupuncturist will identify blockages in a patient’s meridians and specific acupuncture points are chosen on the body along the meridians. Needle insertion stimulates flow of Qi, which may cause sensations of tingling, heaviness, heat or electrical movement in the area of the needle.
These points are then stimulated by insertion of tiny metal needles through the skin, which will remove blockages and correct imbalances in the flow of Qi, guiding it to flow to deficient areas and away from areas where it is in excess. Most people find the treatment very relaxing, and some even fall asleep during the treatment.

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