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Our Miracle shampoo is scented with relaxing lavender & stimulating rosemary essential oils. He Shou Wu has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for its ability to prevent and reduce grey hair, hair loss and signs of aging. Organic & Natural All herbal fix products are made using certified organic bases which contain no nasties like SLS or parabens. Our shampoo comes in a 200ml BPA free, recyclable PET plastic bottle with an easy dispensing, secure click top. With just short of 40 years experience as a hairdresser and salon owner by now I must have come across virtually every type of shampoo ( hair cleansing product ) offered within the industry.
Yuda Pilatory mixing with more than ten kinds of natural Chinese traditional herbs is processed by high-tech biological project. For optimum results, it is recommended to finish with Nutri-Repair Moisturising Conditioner. Enriched with various Chinese herbal extracts, including Dictamnus Dasycarpus Turcz, Ginseng, Euphorbia Hirta, and Mint extracts, the BAWANG Anti-dandruff shampoo cleanses and soothes an oily scalp, refreshes and relieves itchiness, leaving your hair looking healthier and dandruff free. The BAWANG Ginger Refreshing Shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern knowledge and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to the users.
The BAWANG Hair Strengthening Shampoo is enriched with various Chinese herbal extracts including Polygonum Multiflorum, Eclipta, Ganoderma, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi extracts.
Chinese studies have shown He Shou Wu helps up to 60% of those with alopecia (hair loss) regain hair.

Without getting into the science of shampoo manufacturing they all have seemed to lack that certain something. I wash my hair every day and now have lusterous, lively looking hair that is thicker stronger and looks more vital. This product has its unique and precise prescription, dainty raw material and perfect technique. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. The shampoo contains all natural and mild hair fall control essences such as Angelica, Ginkgo Leaf and Mint. It also contains all natural and mild hair fall control essences which helps to replenish lost nutrients in your hair.
The ingredients are designed to nourish and repair damaged hair, making your hair become more elastic, luster and bright.
All natural herbal are selected with best qualities and safe for internal intake or external use. They have been used for thousands of years to restore and stimulate the hair and nourish the scalp.The Miracle range is specially formulated to include nine powerful Chinese herbs from an ancient formula for hair mixed with gentle, organic and natural ingredients to nourish and boost your hair. This rises as high as 83% in studies where herbs are combined with use of the plum blossom hammer. I am sure it is down to the lack of polymers and salts ( thickening agents ) that many so called professional shampoo’s contain.

That not only extracts the effective active ingredients but also keeps the bioactivity of those raw materials. These ingredients are vital to stimulating hair scalp to absorb the nutrients in the shampoo. The intensifying Chinese herbal shampoo also contains natural anti-bacterial and inflammatory agents to soothe and cleanse itchy scalps. It has great effect on seborrhea alopecia, alopecia areata, hybrid alopecia and chemical alopecia. Such nutrients are essential for hair growth and help to control hair loss as well as hair breakage. Ita€™s a Herbal hair toincAUTIONS:People who are allergic to alcohol should be cautions in using.
The Drug is collected in autumn on flowering, removed from the older stems, and dried in the shade.

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