Chinese herbal drink for skin

The Chinese herbal tea or cold tea is a drink concocted from medicinal herbals to ease the summer heat in human's body or sore throat caused by the dry winter. Drinking herbal tea is an age-old custom in Guangdong province, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, where the climates are damp and hot and people living there easily suffer from excessive internal heat.
With many years of practice, different herbal teas have been evolved for relieving different symptoms. Herbal tea is drinkable in four seasons, which has the functions of relieving summer-heat and body's internal dampness. Herbal teas' functions can be classified as inducing sweat, relieving syndrome of cold, moisturizing dry-heat and clearing away dampness. Herbal tea for relieving the syndrome of cold is mainly made up by radix isatidis, suitable for drinking in four seasons. Concocted by roots of straight ladybell, fragrant colomonseal rhizome, tuber of dwarf lilyturf and white fungus, herbal tea for moisturizing dry-heat is effective in relieving cough and easing people's parched mouth and the scorched tongue in Fall. Herbal tea for clearing away internal heat and dampness is good for the people who have bad breath and red and sallow complexions. If you have no idea about your physical condition, it is better to see the doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to choose a right herbal tea for you.

Herbal tea stores once could be found everywhere in Lingnan region (which mainly covers Guangdong and Guangxi). The earliest brand of Guangdong herbal tea is Wang Laoji, which was originated by Wang Zeban in 1828 and now it has become a household name in China.
The Old Tea and Horse RoadLi Xu was tightly connected with Delamu, for being one of six original names of this road.
Given the recent haze situation in Singapore, my home has been boiling various refreshing drinks to combat the haze, and one of our favorite is the boiled chinese pear with some chinese herb. Preparing is very easy, basically you only need to wash the ingredients and bring to a boil for about 2 hours to soak up all the essence.
After the pear drink has been boiled, you can drink warm, or chill in the fridge for a refreshing drink.
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In order to repel internal humidity and heat, people collect herbs which can clear away heat and dampness from mountains and valleys to concoct into herb tea. Herbal tea for inducing sweat and relieving internal heat is suitable for the people who suffer from excessive internal heat.

Its ingredients include honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and wild Tuckahoe, appropriate for summer drinking. Since most of herbs are cold in drug property, drinking too much will harm to the spleen and stomach, especially for people who lack of vital energy.
At first, the stores classified herbs and packed them into small packages to meet customers' different needs, and then concocted herbal tea was sold at stores with very low price. TESTED WITH REVIEWSDawn on OOTOYA DELIVERY MENUS & TAKE AWAY MENUSwin on HAPPY CALL FRYING PAN – ONE OF KOREA GREATEST EXPORT!
Medicinal herbs honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, scutellaria are the main ingredients of this herbal tea, which is appropriate for drinking in Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Therefore, women during the menstrual period, children and the elderly people are unsuitable to drinking herbal teas.
Since herbal tea tastes bitter, some herbal stores offer preserved orange peel to customers for free to ease the bitter flavor.

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