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Coloree, epicee, parfumee, variante, changeante, envoutante, chaude, conviviale, cuisine aux multiples facettes, la cuisine indienne est a l’image meme de son pays d’origine : l’Inde. Cuisine tres raffinee, la cuisine indienne n’est pas unique et est declinee en de nombreuses varietes de cuisine ayant subi plus ou moins des influences etrangeres. La cuisine indienne se decouvre tous les jours car elle est tres diverse, se cuisant de differentes manieres, utilisant une centaine d’ingredients et d’epices. Ce que l’on peut retenir de cette cuisine c’est qu’elle est une cuisine saine car pour l’essentiel, vegetarienne et exceptionnellement savoureuse, melangeant delicatement et suavement les epices aux legumes.
Le melange d’epices, nomme curry dans le monde, est en fait le masala et designe un savant melange d’epices.
Les principales epices utilisees dans la cuisine indienne sont : le safran, le cardamome, le gingembre, la coriandre, le poivre, la cannelle, le clou de girofle, l’anis, le piment, etc. Bien sur, le but n’est pas de concocter soit meme un repas indien en melangeant toutes ces epices. La plupart des indiens qui sont vegetariens le sont par choix, obligation ou par respect de leur religion. Les plats indiens s’accompagnent avec des pains, du riz qui peut aussi prepare en plat principal accompagne d’une sauce aux epiques ou de legumes.
De plus en plus prisee, la cuisine indienne est meme proposee en plats a emporter pour permettre aux gourmets de pouvoir en profiter a tout moment. En mode livraison, la cuisine indienne concerne les grands classiques avec les chutneys en aperitif, les naan pour accompagner les repas, le riz au curry, le curry de poisson aux legumes, l’agneau tikka, le curry de poulet, le pilaf au poulet et aux noix de cajou, les barfi, le lassi a l’eau de rose (boisson), etc. Un autre aspect de la cuisine indienne est celle qui est presente dans le nord du pays et qui a ete influencee par les musulmans moghols : la cuisson au tandoori et le kebab. Although some form of herbal medicine has been in existence since the era of the caveman, herbal medications have - at one time or another - been used by people belonging to almost every culture of the world through history.
Chinese herbal medicine The main difference between Chinese herbal medicines and Indian herbal medicines is that Chinese herbal concoctions usually contain mixtures of about four different kinds of herbs. Thus, though all herbal medicine practitioners use herbal combinations to cure ailments, traditional Chinese medicines may combinations of four to fifteen herbs at a time. Advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicine The main advantage of herbal medicines and the reason these are gaining popularity in modern times is because they are completely natural medicines and hence do not have chemical components. This herb is also an important component of traditional Chinese medicine used to detoxify and to enhance or balance the effects of other components in herbal formulas; and as a tonic, expectorant and a demulcent in Ayurveda. The traditional uses of licorice includes supplements the spleen, replenishes qi or chi (energy), clears heat, removes toxin, nourishes lungs, controls cough, harmonizes stomach and spleen, inhibits gastric secretion, has anti-inflammatory effect, anti-ulcer effect and antispasmodic effect. Glycerhizin, the compound that gives licorice its sweet flavour, is a potent anti-viral agent. Licorice has similar effects tohydrocortisone when applied topically and can be used to help fight dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis . Research indicates that the use of Licorice can be effective in treating both chronic and acute hepatitis.
It has always been common practice to use licorice in the treatment of severe respiratory problems such as coughing, asthma, sore throats, and bronchitis and modern research confirms these health benefits of licorice. It is not possible to combat the effects of stress without having healthy functioning adrenal glands. A study on 20 students showed that licorice makes LDL cholesterol more resistant to oxidation. Helps for Respiratory Illnesses – licorice contain anti-allergic properties that is essential for the treatment of respiratory disorder. Anti-inflammatory – licorice acts on the tissue much the same way as cortisone but without the negative side effects. In this case we speak of cancer, specifically colon cancer, as a group of researchers from the School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University in Nashville have associated the use of licorice with the prevention of cancer.
Licorice inhibits the activity of the enzyme 11-beta-HSD2, which in turn blocks the activity of COX-2 protein, which is achieved by preventing the development of tumors and in turn inhibit their growth and metastasis, the least in experimental models of colorectal cancer with those who worked the researchers. In fact, researchers have shown that the use of this medicinal plant has no side effects in the arteries or any part of the circulatory system, which it can occur with the implementation of conventional anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used for the prevention of this cancer.
As explained Paul Stewart and Stephen Prescott, researchers discussed the research, it is a very important research by providing a very effective alternative treatment for colorectal cancer treatment.
Writing in the Journal of Clinical Investigation the Vanderbilt researchers describe how glycyrrhizic acid, found in licorice, helps to prevent the formation of colon tumours by inhibiting the enzyme 11?-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2. One of the principal pathological processes underlying cancer is inflammation; and it is the presence of too much 11?HSD2 in the colon that aggravates the inflammatory component of colorectal cancer. Glycyrrhizic acid however works by blocking the 11?HSD2 enzyme itself; thereby preventing the formation of the inflammatory compounds themselves.
Carbenoxolone gel or cream: A 2% cream or gel has been applied five times a day for 7-14 days for herpes simplex virus skin lesions.
DGL extract tablets: Doses of 380-1,140 milligrams three times daily taken by mouth 20 minutes before meals have been used. Licorice fluid extract (10 percent to 20 percent glycyrrhizin): Doses of 2-4 milliliters per day have been taken by mouth. Licorice powdered root (4 percent to 9 percent glycyrrhizin): Doses of 1-4 grams taken by mouth daily, divided into three or four doses, have been used. There is not enough scientific evidence to recommend licorice for use in children, and licorice is not recommended due to potential side effects. Although the most dangerous effects generally only occur with high doses of licorice or glycyrrhizin, side effects may occur even with average amounts of licorice. Licorice can reduce cardiotoxicity associated with doxorubicin (31) and may improve efficiency of chemotherapy (32). Grapes were used in the cancer grape cure Oregano Help Fight Cancer Oregano can assist in a holistic cancer treatment.
Our kidneys perform the important task of filtering wastes and toxins from the bloodstream.
In traditional Chinese medicine, alfalfa tea is recommended for curing chronic kidney diseases and for removing kidney stones.
Tea made with dried nettle leaves is prescribed by folk healers for treating kidney problems.
Made from the leaves and stalks of the orthosiphon or the cat’s whiskers plant, Java tea is a popular kidney tea in the countries of Southeast Asia.
Although green tea is a rich source of oxalates, an important component in calcium oxalate kidney stones, several studies have shown that green tea could prevent formation of kidney stones.

Shingles, an infection of nerve area, is a condition characterized by painful blisters caused by virus- Varicella zoster.
While there are both conventional and preventive measures that can be used to eradicate Shingles, Chinese herbal treatment for Shingles provides the most effective means of treating the blisters. The symptoms of Shingles mainly express themselves in terms of blisters occurring in only one part of the body. One of the symptoms of Shingles is that the blisters are often accompanied with pain and itching. Soups created from Job’s tear also have an effective influence on the symptoms of Shingles. One of the basic principles on which Chinese treatment of all ailments are based is to enhance the immune system of the body. In providing Chinese treatment for Shingles, nature based herbs are used to restore the body’s balance and also the body temperature to produce a cooling effect on the Blisters. Yunnan Baiyao or more popularly known as the White Medicine is considered as a miracle drug in Chinese treatment. FREE OF: Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Artificial Preservatives, Flavors or Colors.
SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement for adults, take one (1) vegetable capsule up to three (3) times daily, preferably at mealtime or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. DiureticSambong tea is known to work as a diuretic, it induces urination and helps flush out sodium and excess fluid from the body through the urine.
Lowers Blood PressureSambong tea, due to its unique properties as well as being a diuretic, helps lower blood pressure by removing excess sodium from the blood, which is a major component in increasing blood pressure and hypertension. At the Philippine National Kidney and Transplant Institute, the use of Sambong tea is being recommended for patients with renal (kidney) problems.
Some results also pointed towards the favorable effect of Sambong in cases of kidney transplant and where patients were in the need of a dialysis, by possibly averting the condition. Cures Sore ThroatA tea made from Sambong leaves is said to act as an expectorant which will aid in getting rid of mucus and phlegm, along with curing a sore throat. Provides Relief from Stomach AilmentsIf you are suffering from stomach ailments like diarrhea, spasms, or pain in the stomach, drinking Sambong tea may prove to be a good treatment for these problems.
Among the other uses and benefits of Sambong tea, it may act as an analgesic in patients that need relief from pain after a dental operation. Source of AntioxidantsSambong tea has flavonoids, which are pigments from a plant that act as antioxidants. To make Sambong tea, you need to boil the Sambong leaves in water and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes, prepare this tea and store it in a clean container.
There haven’t been sufficient studies of the use of Sambong tea by pregnant women or women who are breast-feeding, hence it is better that its use be avoided in both cases. As the Sambong plant is a weed, it may cause an allergic reaction like itching and irritation of the skin in people who are sensitive to ragweed plants and its likes.
Sambong extracts also possess many medicinal properties and are believed to be antifungal, antibacterial along with being an astringent and providing relief from rheumatism.
The full nature and benefits of this herb are yet to be uncovered; it will require additional studies and tests to understand the full potency of this herb and how it plays a role in looking after the human body and mind. De nombreux plats en Inde sont aussi moins epices, moins parfumes et peuvent etre realises avec de la viande ou du poisson. Ce sont ces epices qui permettent de donner cette saveur et ce parfum si particuliers aux plats indiens. Le mieux est de commander des repas a emporter livres avec des epices de cote ou deja incorpores a la recette pour profiter pleinement des saveurs des recettes indiennes. Dans ce contexte, les legumes les plus prises pour la cuisine indienne sont essentiellement les legumes secs qui sont riches en proteines a l’instar des pois chiches, des lentilles, des haricots rouges, etc.
Parmi les viandes, de nombreuses viandes et poissons se retrouvent dans les assiettes de plats indiens parmi lesquels le b?uf et le porc, qui, a la base sont des viandes interdites. Herbal medicine, herbalism, phytotherapy and botanical medicine are all terms which refer to traditional or folk medicine in which the cures or treatments involve using extracts of plants.
However, in the ancient cultures of India and China such medicine has always been taken very seriously and ancient books on medicine unearthed in these parts of the world show that the herbal practitioners worked on perfecting their concoctions with every experience they had. This is because Chinese herbal medicine practitioners believe that the herbal treatment must include not only a cure for the main health problem but also should include treatment for possible side-effects of the main herb used to treat the main health condition as well as provide relief from any other symptoms that the patient may experience due to the disease. The formula for Chinese alternative herbal medicines usually has four different classes of herbs.
This translates into fewer side-effects and a lower chance of the patient's exhibiting an allergic reaction to the constituents of the herbal medicine. The medicinally used part of licorice is the root and dried rhizome of the low-growing shrub Glycyrrhiza glabra. A number of compounds including glycyrrhizin are thought to account for its biologic activity. It was alsoused to in application for sore throat, carbuncle, toxic swelling, toxicosis in fetuses and children, palpitation, diarrhea due to impaired spleen, thirst due to weak stomach, cough due to dry lungs. It is both active against HIV and protects the immune systems of those infected with the virus.
Licorice helps to slow the progression of HIV to AIDS and clinical studies carried out showed that licorice was able to slow HIV reproduction in test tubes.
Scientific studies have also shown that licorice is very effective as a pharmaceutical drug when it comes to treating peptic ulcers.
Licorice can also be used to help speed up the healing process of cold sores and has also been known to reduce the pain associated with cold sores. The compound glycyrrhizin in licorice is used clinically in Japan was found to be an efficient treatment in both hepatitis B and hepatitis C patients. A high estrogen level can cause many menstrual problems; licorice may help to balance the estrogen levels in the body by reducing estrogen.
Licorice supports the adrenal glands and its compound glycyrrhizic helps to block the breakdown of cortisol which in turn raises cortisol levels helping the body to fight against stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. The anti-inflammatory drugs mentioned previously work by blocking the inflammatory process generated by the 11?HSD2 enzyme.
Due to its active ingredient glycyrrhiza, licorice may decrease the amount of testosterone, one accusating factor to prostate cancer. Too much glycyrrhizin causes a condition called pseudoaldosteronism, which can cause a person to become overly sensitive to a hormone in the adrenal cortex.

There are powdered and finely cut root preparations made for teas, tablets, and capsules, as well as liquid extracts. Oregano will not cure cancer alone but Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) f .> Commercially, Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a by-product of the wood industry. Kidney tea is a herbal beverage, which could be taken to improve the health of the kidneys.
Alfalfa tea acts as a detoxification beverage, eliminating toxins from the kidneys and improving the health of the kidneys.
To prepare this kidney drink, pour a cup of boiling water over two teaspoons of ground watermelon seeds and steep for about five to ten minutes. Tea made with celery seeds could help to remove toxins from the kidney by increasing urination. This brownish green colored herbal tea increases urine formation, dissolves kidney stones and flushes out uric acid. Researchers believe that by eliminating free radicals associated with formation of kidney stones, the antioxidants present in green tea prevent formation of stones in the kidneys. But before discussing the various Chinese treatments available for the treatment of Shingles, let us first understand the symptoms of Shingles for its identification and proper treatment.
These blisters are usually found in the exposed regions like the face, shoulders, neck etc. The Chinese treatment for pain relief uses a mixture of any unscented lotion and red pepper on the blisters.
While this component makes the substance a little dangerous to use, inflamed conditions of Shingles gets cured when a paste of realgar powder and vinegar is applied on the affected area.
Among other things, it is also considered anti-diarrheal and anti-spasmodic In addition, it cures common cold and helps in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Although further studies are required to prove it, Sambong tea may also help people suffering from high levels of cholesterol. The Department of Health in the Philippines has been promoting the use of Sambong tea to dissolve kidney stones for a while now and has even conducted clinical studies in this regard. En vous rendant dans un restaurant indien, vous aurez l’occasion de choisir dans le menu restaurant un panel de repas savoureux dont les plus connus sont le poulet curry, le poulet tandoori.
Dans le meme temps, les plats indiens issus de certaines regions d’Inde sont moins epices que les autres. The reason that plants have medicinal properties is probably because of the defense mechanisms of plants. The first class belongs to the main constituent of the potion which must attack the main disease. The danger herbal medicine is associated is based on the fact that such medicines take much longer to take effect than conventional modern medicine alternatives and hence if the disease is progressing rapidly or has been discovered too late, herbal medicines may not be able to help the patient in time. As you know the HIV virus targets the body’s immune system and destroys white blood cells. A special form of licorice known as DGL is the preferred treatment for ulcers; this form removes the glycyrrhizin from the licorice as this can cause high blood pressure. Licorice was as effective as alpha-interferon and it did not cause the side effects associated with alpha-interferon. Attention is called in electrolytes balance, since licorice increases the levels of potassium in blood.
This condition can lead to headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. Mother Nature has given us several herbs, which can help to improve the functions of the kidneys. In the cure for chicken pox while most of the viral germs are killed, some remain inactive in their dormant stage and stay in the nervous systems of the body. Typically, unlike Herpes, Singles occurs in individuals who have already suffered from Chicken pox in one stage or the other.
The paste needs to be applied at least three- five times in a day as per the intensity of symptoms. The Government of Philippines has recognized this herb to possess kidney cleansing properties. This natural mechanism helps plants fend off predators like microorganisms, insects, and animals.
Secondary herbs and subsequent classes of herbs must prevent side-effects and other symptoms of the disease as well as prevent the main disease from spreading or attacking any other organs. This is why nowadays doctors prescribe herbal medicine supplements which must be accompanied with formal conventional healing methods and supervision by a medical practitioner.
Licorice helps to trigger the chemical compound interferon which is the body’s virus fighting agent.
DGL has no side effects and is the inexpensive option when compared with drugs such as Tagomet and Zantac.
These extracts are known as deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and do not seem to have the undesired side effects of other forms of licorice.
However, it by Cindy Pa-acRose Hip Vitamin CSome people say that you can lose weight with Acai. When any kind of stimuli activates these dormant viral germs, they cause the symptoms of Singles.
Lemon balm has anti viral properties that can be mixed with oregano, mint, rosemary, sage and thyme to cool of the inflamed areas. These defense mechanisms work by making the plant produce certain substances within them that keep predators or diseases at bay. By increasing the volume of urination, dandelion tea helps to flush out excess uric acid from your body. Practitioners of herbal and natural medicine merely found a way to acquire these substances to help humans fend off diseases as well.

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