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While some conditions respond very well to acupuncture alone, other symptoms are best treated with herbal therapy. Chinese herbs are prescribed differently than what you may be used to from your local herb shop or health food store. We can provide herbs in a way that matches both your diagnosis and your lifestyle, which may include loose herbs that are cooked into a tea, powders that can be dissolved in hot water, or pills.
Chinese herbs are quite safe when prescribed by a trained herbalist for an individual patient. For this same reason, we are careful about combining herbal medicine with any prescription drugs you may be taking.
Finally, the herbs used in this clinic are purchased from distributors with impeccable reputations for quality control. It grows in the Molucca Islands, in the East Indies; and this Specimen was taken from a Branch of the Tree at Sr. Using a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat the butter and salt and beat for a couple of minutes, or until fluffy. With such a long history of use it makes perfect sense that you would want to include a selection of herbs in the survival garden. As with many other herbs in your healing garden, lemon balm promotes relaxation and a sense of calm.
When brewed as a tea, parsley can help supplement iron in a person’s diet, particularly for those who are anemic. A tea made from lavender has many uses with one of the foremost being it’s ability to have a calming effect on a person’s mind and body.
Because it is a strong antiseptic, lavender tea, when applied topically, can help heal cuts, wounds and sores. One thing that is true is that with a little time and for a nominal cost, you can grow the makings for healing teas, infusions and balms in your own garden.
I wanted to mention that parsley shouldn’t be used during pregnancy as it is considered abortive. Another warning we found out the hard way: sage is a common seizure trigger for those with epilepsy. I just wanted to add that stinging nettles are actually really good for you, they are fab for the immune system. I grow several kinds of thyme, mints, lemon balm, sage, French tarragon and feverfew in my garden at 6000 feet in Wyoming. Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) is a plant used widely as an herbal supplement to treat menstrual cramps, nausea, hot flashes and morning sickness. Traditionally, the plant has been used to treat rheumatic conditions, gall bladder complaints, inflammation, colic, testosterone related imbalances in men and a wide range of other disorders. Wild yam grows in the form of a tuberous vine and has more than 600 species of which only 12 known varieties are consumable.
Standardized extracts of tinctures and oil are considered to provide a more reliable dosage.
It is generally advised that solid formulations like pills and capsules be taken with a glass of water.
Several wild yam progesterone creams are falsely promoted of being “natural” and often suspected to contain synthetic versions of the hormone. Note: Some wild yam products (Wild yam Complex) contain a combination of herbs to enhance its effectiveness. Due to lack scientific information the right dosage for Wild yam supplements cannot be ascertained.

Pregnancy and Breast feeding: Pregnant women along with nursing mothers should try and avoid the use of wild yam. Due to lack of conclusive evidence it can be assumed that the herb might possess estrogenic properties which can have harmful effects on certain condition specific individuals. Hormone sensitive condition: Women with a personal or family history of breast cancer [10], uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids should consult their doctor before using any wild yam supplements.
Protein S deficiency: People suffering from Protein S deficiency are at a higher risk of clot formation. People on any form of medication should consider using wild yam supplements only under the supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Your practitioner will advise you during your first or second treatment as to whether or not she would recommend herbs.
Even though herbs work at a more subtle and holistic level than Western drugs, they are can be quite powerful and may produce negative reactions if taken by someone other than the patient.
Most of the time, the herbs will not interact with your drugs, but it is very important that you let your practitioner know about any prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you may be taking.
This assures us that you will receive exactly the herbs you are prescribed and that they will be free from contaminants.
In acute conditions, such as a cold or flu, you may need to take the herbs only a few days. An evergreen native to Indonesia and India that grows from eight to twelve meters in height, the clove tree produces flower buds in clusters that are pale in color at first, become green, and then bright red, when they are ready for harvesting. While you can get garlic herb butter from the store, it’s so much easier to make it at home.
As I mentioned, I made it for the garlic cheesy bread, but ended up using it for many more dishes, such as garlic noodles, brushing it on grilled shrimp, or just plain on my morning toast. Now that I have made it from scratch, I can’t wait to try out different variations of flavored butter…I get excited thinking of the endless possibilities! If fresh parsley and garlic are not available, dried parsley flakes and garlic granules can be substituted, plus the shelf life may even stretch a bit longer if stored in an air-tight container. No part of the content (digital photographs, recipes, articles, etc.) or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. You might recall that many statues of the ancient Greeks and Romans show men wearing sprigs of rosemary on their heads – signifying mental acuity.
The root and bulb of the plant supposedly contain diosgenin which is a chemical compound that mimics human hormones and is used for making various steroids, such as progesterone and ehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
Some herbalists also suggest its use as a natural contraceptive (for birth control) though there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the same. Some of the more commonly found species that might contain diosgenin are Chinese yam, Mexican wild yam, American yam, Atlantic yam, China root, Mexican Yam, Wild Mexican Yam. If wild yam supplements contain similar compounds then they too might be more beneficial in the form of a cream. Such over- the- counter creams can cause side effects like chemical toxicity and hormonal imbalances. An appropriate dose would depend upon several factors like health, age and severity of condition.
Among popular treatments, wild yam extracts are applied topically in the form of a cream by women afflicted with menopausal symptoms. A case report [11] suggests that wild yam supplements may adversely affect such people and further increase their risk of clot formation.
Instead, we create “formulas” or recipes of approximately 8-15 herbs together that will address your complaint and your individual physical and emotional constitution.

If you do elect to take an herbal formula, please know that the herbs you are given were specifically combined for your particular case. Furthermore, we would be happy to provide information about your herbs to your doctor to make sure you are getting the safest and most effective care possible. For more chronic concerns like digestive or menstrual problems, you make take the herbs several months.
One has to think only of a ham garnished with whole cloves to realize how ubiquitous and versatile the use of the spice has become.
Alexander later became court physician to Frederick I of Sweden, where the couple had gone to start a new life. Transfer the the garlic herb butter onto a sheet of plastic wrap, roll up to form a cylinder shape.
Greek physician Dioscorides reported that sage stopped bleeding of wounds and cleaned ulcers and sores. It is commonly used to soothe or treat symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, indigestion, irritable bowel, and bloating and more. It is also useful for dealing with various gastrointestinal issues such as upset stomachs and flatulence. Thyme is awesome for healing sinus infections breathe a little thyme oil in steam and it takes care of it right away! But consuming diosgenin in its natural state may not be effective as the human body cannot transform the same into progesterone; the process can only be conducted in a laboratory.
Combining herbs in this way also creates a checks and balances system so that the strong effects of one herb may be mediated or softened by another herb. They may not be effective for someone else with similar symptoms, and should not be shared with others. The clove scent is common to perfumes, and using cloves in oranges as a decorative pomander is a popular European tradition during the Christmas holiday season.
To Which Is Added a Short Description of Ye Plants; and Their Common Uses in Physic (London, 1739). But he got involved in diplomatic intrigue, was convicted of conspiracy against the crown, and was decapitated in 1747. Also different formulations of the herb should not be used simultaneously to avoid the risk of an overdose. Clove oil has both antiseptic and anesthetic properties; for example, it has been used in treating toothache for centuries.
Little is known of what became of Elizabeth Blackwell after her husband’s execution, but her plates are a testament to something lasting and beautiful. My first question is that I don’t know which plants grow themselves in Georgia, in our climate.
While many Asian countries have developed numerous therapeutic uses for the spice, Western culture has generally underrated its potential as a herbal remedy. Instead, they should treat the imbalance and then let your body take over it’s natural homeostatic inclination. You should learn to recognize which weeds are edible, since many are much more nutritious than food we grow, they can always be found, and most people don’t know they are edible. My second question is that, I have a German Shepard that has some skin problems, and was wondering if some of the essentials oils are safe to use on him, and if so, which ones should I try?

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