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Obafemi Martins has visited his team-mate Demba Ba in hospital following his horror leg break at the weekend. Ba, who has notched 20 goals in 29 games since moving to the Super League club in 2015, tangled with an opposing player when his left leg took the blow.
Shenhua boss Gregorio Manzano insisted Ba would receive 'the best medical treatment' available to aid his recovery. The incident occurred in the 72nd minute and the 31-year-old was immediately substituted for Martins.

The 31-year-old was rushed to hospital and woke up in excruciating pain four hours after being given general anaesthesia. Ba is too good to have this happened to him.a€? The player who tackled Ba, Sun Xiang, has visited the forward in hospital, as has Shanghai vice-mayor Zhao Wen. Shenhua chairman Wu Xiaohui broke down in tears when describing the extent of the injury to the media.

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