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In the future, when you get pregnant, between a boy and a girl, which gender of your unborn child that you prefer more?
In case you’re pregnant, we highly recommend that you should avail this 2016 Gender Chart with the updated gender prediction calculation tool. According to the Astrology studies, this pregnancy calendar has existed for over 700 years. After having both the Chinese age and month of conception, you will receive a full Chinese Baby Gender Chart. August 5, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment It has been truly 16 weeks into our pregnancy, and we do not really know what to expect. August 5, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment During 20 weeks of pregnancy we have got a heavyweight in our belly. August 4, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment Are you trying to get pregnant in this year?
August 4, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield 4 Comments It is agreed that the attempts to control kids' sex have been practiced for centuries. Are you interested in finding out all the essential details about the legendary astrological chart that it has been used in China, ever since the 13th century, for predicting the gender of a fetus and for discovering the periods when a woman has big chances of conceiving a baby of the preferred sex, either a girl or a boy?
Although this useful post is focused on this interesting chart, it also covers the details regarding the manner of using it for the two purposes mentioned in the previous paragraph: sex prediction and sex selection. There are actually two versions of the Chinese baby calendar: a simple one and a Gregorian translated one, which contains all the details included in the simple chart, along with the Gregorian or Western or common periods corresponding to the Chinese lunar months and ages mentioned in the simple table. The lunar year is also different from the year used in America and Europe, because it begins on the day of the second or third new moon after the winter solstice. Many scientific evidences have proven its accuracy, of course, the answers can’t be absolutely perfect (100%).
You’re looking for the best method for pregnancy from your mothers, your friends, or even books about pregnancy, aren’t you?
Anyway, this chart and the corresponding methods of gender prediction and predetermination should be considered useful only for entertaining purposes, because they lack any official information, scientific, empirical and statistical evidences.
Each of the twelve columns of these two kinds of tables represents the Chinese lunar month in which a baby was conceived or will be conceived.
The lunar months begin on an astronomical new moon and finish on the day before the next astronomical new moon, and, therefore, they differ from the common or Gregorian months, and they also differ from one year to another. For example, the Chinese lunar year that corresponds to the common year 2016 begins on February 8, 2016, and it ends on January 27, 2017, as it can noticed from any reliable Gregorian translated gender chart for the year 2016. However, with the existence of Chinese Gender Chart 2016, everything seems to be much easier for you.
Most married couples find this simple tool can be used as a fun test for foretelling baby sex. Are you preoccupied especially with the Chinese gender predictor chart corresponding to the year 2016? Moreover, the fact that there are so many twins of different genders, boy and girl, along with the fact that there are numerous persons of different genders that were conceived in the same Chinese lunar month by women with the same Chinese lunar age at conception clearly prove that these techniques are not reliable. Each of the rows of these two types of tables represent the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the moment when she conceived a baby or when she will conceive it. These Gregorian translated dates are officially provided by the website of the Hong Kong Observatory. Simple Strawberry Face Mask: This strawberry mask is great for many reasons- it is suitable for all skin types, and naturally cleanses the skin and the pores, tightens them, and also brightens dull skin by exfoliating dead skin cells.
When using the Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, you don’t need to convert the conception date as well as your age at the conception time into Chinese date format. Well, I have good news for you: you are on the right webpage, because this succinct article contains all the aspects of this special table, and they are very well explained. In case you are still interested in them and in this chart, you can read the rest of this article. Besides this chart, you can utilize the Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator to forecast as it’s much simpler for you.
You can use the free online Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter to get the Chinese lunar year.
If you would rather be interested in finding even more details about the Chinese calendar for the gender selection, read this article. Easy Baking Soda Mask: Acne is a common complaint among teens, and using chemical products can only worsen the condition.
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Forget to fail at sleeping, with some babies, you need to use tips and tricks to put them to sleep.
They are either hyperactive or fatigued, and they usually get up at noon to create a ruckus when ita€™s your time to sleep. Bananas:Bananas are rich in sleep-promoting properties, with chemicals like melatonin and serotonin, which have soothing qualities. Bananas also contain magnesium, which relaxes the muscles and helps the baby fall asleep quickly.

Whata€™s more, you could even blend bananas with sleep-inducing foods for better results.2.
Such babies are already programmed, so having some warm milk before bedtime would be enjoyable. Formula milk might be devoid of tryptophan, but when warmed, it might exhibit a mild sedative property. Honey:SponsoredHoney, when mixed with small amounts of mashed bananas or warm milk, enhances both these foodsa€™ sedative properties. What one needs to remember is that large amounts of sugars or sweets trigger the onset of sleep, but the same can be achieved with small quantities of glucose, as it tells the brain that it is time to slow down by switching off the neurotransmitter called orexin, known to be associated with alertness. Although it is said that babies under one year of age must not consume honey as it is less digestible. Small amounts of honey blended with regular foods are good for older babies to sleep undisturbed and with fewer issues at night.4. Also warm and soft oatmeal makes a healthy food option for babies and fills them with sleep inducing nutritive and high-quality components right before bedtime.The most important tip is that your baby must be well fed before ita€™s time to sleep. But these sleep-promoting foods might do the job a little too fast and allow your baby to sleep for a longer period. Soon, your baby will follow suit and develop a proper sleeping pattern and let you catch up with your naps too.
Click SHARE THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK The following two tabs change content below.Latest PostsBioLatest posts by Divyatha (see all) Why Are More Women Opting For Water Bath? What To Look For And Why You Should Know Debolina Raja on June 27, 2016 Image: ShutterstockTable Of Content1. Being Gifted: Behavioral IssuesChildren have better learning abilities and are sharper than adults.
The US National Association for Gifted Children defines gifted individuals as a€?those who demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude (defined as an exceptional ability to reason and learn) or competence (documented performance or achievement in top 10% or rarer) in one or more domains. Your Child Will Speak And Read Early:Your child will most likely learn to speak and read much faster than other kids of the same age. Have A Better Vocabulary:Having a better vocabulary is, of course, related to your kid being able to read and speak early. As a result, not only will she have a better vocabulary than other children of her age, but also will love to read.3.
Will Be Able To Understand Signs:Instead of always needing to be told what to do, your gifted kid will be able to read your body language and pick up signs even before you convey it to her orally. She would be unlike many children of her age who may need to be given explicit instructions.5. Inquisitive and Thirst For Learning:No matter how much ever you teach your child, she will want to learn more, as if her thirst for knowledge will never end. From being inquisitive to trying to find solutions to problems herself, your child will have an urge to learn more. She will be persistent and focused till she is happy with what she finds out.Your gifted child will not just listen to what you tell her but will delve deeper and look for the a€?whysa€™ and a€?howsa€™.
She will ask you questions to understand more about various things and will be extremely inquisitive.
She will take pride in doing things on her own, and even if you offer her help she may refuse it. She will want to try out things on her own instead of you doing it for her or telling her how to do it.7. Extremely Energetic:A gifted child would be so full of energy that you may find her to be hyperactive. As a result, it will be difficult for her to stay entertained, so she will try to ease her boredom by keeping herself occupied.8.
Relates To Older Children Or Adults Instead Of Children Of The Same Age:Your gifted child will find it difficult to connect with children of her age.
She may find them too dull or boring and may also find it difficult to explain her viewpoint to them.
Other children who are her age may also find it difficult to understand and connect with her.
As a result, your child will feel comfortable in the company of older children with whose mental level matches with hers. She may also love the company of adults as she will be able to understand your discussions.9. Organizational And Problem Solving Skills:Your gifted child will be good at organizational skills and might also come up with solutions (of her level) to various problems.
It does not mean that she will be organized and efficient all the time, without creating a mess. Sensitivity And Sense Of Justice:Your child will be sensitive towards her family and friends, and, in general, avoids hurting anybody.
Provide Intellectual Challenges To Your Child:Your child may end up completing tasks faster at school than the other children.
As a result, she can feel bored and uninterested and may underperform or underachieve in the early grades.She will realize that she often does not need any practice or effort to do what other children are doing. This could sometimes lead to inferiority complex as she sees her classmates working hard, and she is not able to put in so much effort.Support her by giving her greater intellectual challenges.
Compliment Your Child:Your child is talented, and she gives you ample reasons to be proud of her.
Make sure that you express your appreciation to her, but responsibly.Though your child knows about her gifted talents, it is important to you as a parent to make sure that you acknowledge her hard work and her intellectual abilities. Instead, you can give her compliments for the small things she does and make her feel proud of it.For instance, if your child reads and understands a book that is well beyond her grade, tell her how proud you are of her reading abilities and how happy you are that she is into the habit of reading. Make sure that you boost your childa€™s confidence levels and make her realize her worth, instead of just taking it for granted all the time.3. Enjoy The Time Together:You can connect better with your gifted kid and have a lot of fun together.
Make sure you use her talents to the hilt to spend time together and make the perfect parent-and-child team.As your child will connect more with you than with other children, you will have an opportunity to talk to her and teach her more about the world. Treat Her As An Adult:No matter how gifted your little one is, she is still a child and not an adult.

Your child will always need your guidance and protection instead of being asked to do everything on her own, so remember to keep her age in mind before you set her on any task.While your child could be independent, do not expect her to be so all the time. Be around for those times when she comes to you for help.If you leave major decisions to her, you could be putting your child to undue pressure. Over-Burden Her With Schedules:Your gifted child needs intellectual stimulation, and the best way to make sure it happens is by giving her access and exposure to various activities.
It simply means that she is using up that time to let her body rest and to let ideas build inside her.
Free time in which you do not plan any activities or offer a strict schedule is always a great way to let your child think on her own and come up with ideas.
You will be surprised at how much more active and interested she will be after these breaks.3.
Push Your Child For Perfection:While you know that your child is gifted, do not make it a habit of pushing her for perfection. Just because she is gifted, does not mean that she excels in every aspect of life.Help her identify the areas in which she excels, and let her focus on them. As a parent and as an adult, you know the various opportunities your child will have in life where she can use her talents to the maximum. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you want to teach her academic or life lessons:It is normal for your child to exhibit her talent one day and behave in a very relaxed way the other day. While she may be great at picking up subjects and may be a fast learner, do not expect her to do it every single time. Tune yourself to her pace.Offer your child more avenues to learn instead of just going by the book. If you have a gifted child, the last thing she will like to do is to learn through routine methods.
If you think that learning through a playful approach will help her grasp the concept quicker, do it.Conduct regular assessments at home so that you understand your childa€™s level of competency. In some cases, the school will allow your child to skip a class or two and go to a higher class.
The best way to do so is to sit with your child at the end of the academic year and see how much your child already knows of the next standard. If you feel that she is well-versed with the syllabus, speak to the school before the new session begins. May Lead To Uneven Overall Development:While your child will often find it easy to grow on an intellectual level, it may be a problem for her to develop on all counts. For instance, if your child is not able to mix with other children and maintain a good social life, resulting in fewer friends.2. Be Extra Sensitive:When your child is gifted, she may look and react to things and situations around her in a delicate manner.
For a gifted child, it is tough to accept any form of rejection, whether it comes from an intellectual angle or a social or emotional angle.Having a gifted child can be a blessing, but as a parent, you have to ensure that you give your child the right avenues to grow as well as to nurture her childhood.
Set the expectations right and be there for your child at all times.Moms, do you think your child is gifted? But in reality, women constitute a meager 24% of the senior leadership positions across global businesses, as of 2016 (1). Women seem to lean less towards their career or work outside of the home when compared to men.
But starting a family is still one of the top reasons why women leave their careers behind without a thought. What is it about having children that makes women want to quit their jobs, while it encourages men to do better and earn more?SponsoredWhile some may say it is the maternal instinct, others blame the exhaustion that comes with balancing work and family. That said, maintaining the work-life balance that allows you to excel at work and home can be challenging for both the genders. Many men still don’t believe in contributing to the upbringing of the kids or managing the house. An unsupportive partner is just one of the many challenges that working women have to deal with. GuiltGuilt is an emotion that drives working moms to quit their successful jobs to become stay-at-home mothers.
But if you choose to be one because you are feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your kids, it is bad. If you can meet your standards, chances are you won’t feel guilty being successful at work.
Work-Life BalanceMaintaining a healthy work-life balance is important for both men and women. Women are expected to do more not just at home, but also at work to prove that they are good enough.
The pressure to excel at work without compromising the quality of parenting can be exhausting for women because the same rule doesn’t seem to apply to men. Lack Of Equal OpportunitiesEven today, there are few family-friendly workplaces that have a decent maternity policy.
Even with a good maternity policy to support her, a woman might lose a chance for a promotion or lead a project just because she got pregnant at the wrong time!
Expectations From SocietyWhen a child is born, the society expects the woman to give up all that she is doing, to care for the child. The world is filled with stories of women who have had to stop their education mid-way, give up their passion or lifestyle and put an end to their career so that they could raise a child.In ConclusionIf you are a mom and are bored of being at home, remember that it is never too late to get back to having a successful career.
If you are young and are already planning to cut your career short for the family, postpone that career decision until you become mom.It is totally up to you to continue working or stay at home to take care of the kids. Click SHARE THIS STORY ON FACEBOOK The following two tabs change content below.Latest PostsBioLatest posts by Sagari Gongala (see all) Nursery Rhymes - Origin And Meaning - July 6, 2016 8 Top Reasons Why Your Partner Should Be With You During Childbirth - May 31, 2016 Mom Or Career Woman?

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