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Korean actors are among the most handsome people on the earth and most ladies throughout the world agree to this fact.
This successful and handsome Korean actor is known for featuring in the famous dramas including My Princess and Endless Love. Kim Hyun Joong was born on 6th June 1986; he is a popular and handsome South Korean actor, the leader and main rapper of Korean Boyband Ss501 and a Korean actor. An alternate very admirable and captivating Korean drama actors is the thirty one year old Jun Ji-Hoon. When you're worth several billion dollars, you're bound to want to spend that wealth on some extravagant toys. From sports franchises to private planes, we've rounded up some of the most interesting toys tech billionaires have splurged on in the past. I'm sure by now you've watched the epic video of the 'billionaire kids' break up at a Nairobi basement parking.

This handsome and beautiful South Korean actor, singer and model was born in 7th April, 1986 however was authoritatively recorded as 10th February, 1987. This gorgeous, good looking and charismatic South Korean actor was born in 25th September, 1982. Song Seung Hun was born in 5th October 1976; this thirty six years old Koran actor began his acting profession in 1995 as a model for a popular brand of jeans “Storm”.
Just to acknowledge how adorable and prevalent this star is, he was among the initial four Korean superstars to show up on the Chinese postal stamps. This gorgeous singer has his name resonating in the minds of numerous ladies in Korea as well as around the world due to his staring in the dramas City Hunters, Personal Taste and “Boys Over Flowers”. If you observe them in action, you can’t help however fall in adore with their movies or whatever sort they are included in. In this drama, In addition to acting, Yong Jung Hwa Korean actor is the pioneer of a well known Indie Korea known as CN Blue; with many hits entitled I am a Loner.

Taecyeon was born in 27th December 1988 and began indicating acting aptitudes right on time in life. His most recent drama is “When a Man Falls in Love” while most recent movie is “The Messenger”. Taecyeon now acts in many Korean dramas with the most prominent being Cinderella “Step Sister” where he features as a player of baseball known as Jungwoo.

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