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Much has been written about Dr Goh Keng Swee’s role as one of the nation’s founding fathers. Soon after Dr Goh became our first Finance Minister in 1959, he put his attention to jump-starting the stagnant economy.  He decided that trading activities could no longer provide the jobs needed for Singapore’s growing population and that Singapore must embark on rapid industrialisation. Dr Goh’s vision was for Jurong to be a prime industrial town for generations of Singaporeans.
As Jurong Town developed, its rail and road network grew more comprehensive to facilitate the increased movement of goods and people. As the number of people who worked and lived in Jurong Industrial Estate continued to grow and expand, Dr Goh, as Minister for Finance, pushed for the JTC Bill, which was passed in Parliament in 1968. Dr Goh was, in the words of the Jurong Town Corporation’s (JTC) founding Chairman Mr Woon Wah Siang, the “Father of Jurong”. The transfer of the administration of Jurong Town to the JTC proved a boon to its residents. In less than a decade, the industrialisation drive in Jurong contributed significantly to the economy of Singapore - the GDP (at factor cost) reached $5.565m, an increase of $724m or 15% over the previous year, and manufacturing ranked top in percentage contribution to the growth.
We will never forget what he did for us in Jurong, like the many other things he did for Singapore.
This article was based on materials provided by National Archives of Singapore (NAS), who also provided the oral sound-clips of interviews related to Dr Goh Keng Swee.
After the success of J-Gateway, MCL Land is proud to unveil another new exciting development located in the Jurong Lake District.
IntroductionCommercial Building DetailsI-Hub is a commercial building situated at 9, Jurong Town Hall Road , Singapore 609431 in District 22.
Commercial Building LocationI-Hub is located at 9, Jurong Town Hall Road , Singapore 609431 in District 22.
Amenities aroundThere is nothing more energizing and exciting than reveling in the pulse of the city.

QUN JIAN MEDICAL HALL Jurong West Street 52 Singapore, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Clinics 1, Search Result for Qun jian medical hall - STDirectory. Commercial Building Details Jurong Port Admin Building is a commercial building situated at 37, Jurong Port Road, Singapore 619110 in District 22. Commercial Building Location Jurong Port Administrative Building is located at 37, Jurong Port Road, Singapore 619110 in District 22.
Amenities around There is nothing more energizing and exciting than reveling in the pulse of the city. Conclusion Jurong Port Admin Building is definitely a highly sought after commercial building as it is located near to Singapore’s upcoming Jurong Business hub district. It accompanies the Community Tribute Pavilion organised by Jurong GRC and Yuhua SMC Grassroots Organisations. The vast land immediately available there made it an ideal site to him – it was not far away from Singapore Harbour (Keppel), relatively flat and low population density.
A panoramic view of Jurong in its early development stage taken from “Fresh Water Reservoir Hill”, c 1963. Bridges were built over the Jurong and Pandan rivers, as well as to some of the southern islands.
In 1967, Jurong Industrial water lake was opened, with boating facilities for members of the public to enjoy a scenic ride, and an open air cinema began operation.  Although the initial pick up was slow, housing became more popular with the growth of Jurong Town.
To cultivate better understanding and closer ties among residents, the Jurong Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC) was formed in April 1965 by the People’s Association.
It was Dr Goh’s vision and political determination to push through the Jurong Industrial Estate project in the face of much public scepticism and criticism that was decisive in transforming Jurong into a large and thriving industrial complex, equipped with efficient and modern infrastructure and facilities capable of attracting numerous investors, and providing jobs, incomes and homes to many Singaporeans. This new development is within an established residential area and is well connected to major arterial roads and expressways such as Boon Lay Way, Pan Island Expressway and Ayer Rajah Expressway. The 482-feet long and 24-feet wide reinforced concrete bridge linking Pulau Semulun to the Jurong mainland, when completed in 1964, became the second longest bridge in Singapore.

The CCC coordinated various activities in the constituency, including community service and welfare projects. To-day, hardly 7 years have passed, and Jurong Industrial Estate has grown into manhood by becoming the Jurong Town.
Better quality and range of housing was made available, a 20 acre sports complex with tennis, badminton and basketball courts, as well as an Olympic sized swimming pool was constructed, bus services to Jurong greatly improved, medical facilities in the form of a government outpatient clinic and a private hospital established. With Lakeside MRT Station just a few minutes’ walk away, residents will enjoy convenient access to all parts of the island. For more shopping, dining and entertainment purposes you can head down to the Orchard shopping district and Marina Bay District which is about less than 25 minutes’ drive away. Construction was also underway to create a beautiful 700-acre public park in Jurong to rival the Singapore Botanical Gardens – comprising of the Chinese Gardens, Japanese Gardens and then Tropical Gardens. Dr Goh (first photo, far left) during a visit to the proposed site for Jurong Industrial Estate, 1960. The Chinese Gardens was designed by Professor Yuen-Chen Yu, a well known Chinese Garden expert from Taiwan while the Japanese Gardens was designed by Professor K. The unpromising ground (right), and distance of Jurong from Singapore’s town and port led the project’s detractors to term it “Goh’s Folly” in the beginning. It is located in the Jurong Town part of Singapore and is seamlessly connected to the rest of the country. Being strategically located in the uprising Jurong Hub is definitely a plus point for business start up here.

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