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An eminent fertility doctor whose private company was paid A?630,000 to treat a backlog of his own NHS patients is at the centre of a fresh row over his role with a controversial Chinese IVF clinic. Since last April, Mr McVeigh and his colleague Timothy Child have between them spent almost three months visiting the Tongji Reproductive Medicine Center, which offers fertility treatments that are beyond the reach of all but the elite in China. Mr McVeigh also features prominently on the website of a rival Chinese fertility chain, the Congramaria Hospital Group. The OFU, a private but non-profit-making company run by Mr McVeigh and Mr Child, is one of the countrya€™s top fertility centres and works in partnership with the NHS and the University of Oxford.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Take a step towards a happy, healthier life… and welcome to Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia. We are Australia’s leading provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the only provider of ancient Traditional Chinese Medical practices.
We believe it is possible for every Australian to live a long and healthy life free of pain and disease using traditional Chinese medicine treatments and wisdom that have worked for more than 5000 years.
Improving your daily quality of life – Every day, you should feel happy, pain free and stress free. Helping you reach maximum life potential – You should pass away from old age comfortably and peacefully, not from disease or sickness. We offer a gentle, intuitive approach using Chinese herbs and remedies and will teach you to listen to your body and to develop a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that is specifically tailored to your needs.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia was founded by Dr Shuquan Liu, who is a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and a recognized leader in the field. Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia currently runs four clinics in Sydney and one clinic in Melbourne, as well as our 101 Wellbeing Centre on the NSW Central Coast. John Wyn Parry has been practising in Topsham since 2005 having set up Redlands acupuncture.
He is a both a highly regarded and respected osteopath and acupuncturist with over 10 years of clinical experience.
With his many years of clinical experience, John often combines the best of both modalities, enabling him to effectively treat a wide range of conditions. Lisa completed a four year degree in Acupuncture at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading commencing in 2004. Lisa also has training in Tui Na (chinese massage), Indian head massage and is an experienced yoga teacher (Anusara trained). Lisa is an enthusiastic and committed practitioner and believes in an integrated and holistic approach to health and medicine. Lisa is a member of the British Acupuncture Council and abides by the BAcCs Code of Safe Practice and Code of Professional Conduct. As a medical herbalist with a 4 year BSc (Hons) degree in Phytotherapy, CPP accreditation and NIMH qualifications, and a CNHC-registered massage therapist and tutor with APNT and BTEC Level 5 training, Isobel is ideally placed to promote and practise Specialist Clinical Bodywork and bespoke Herbal Medicine. Isobel has been a professional clinical therapist for over 12 years, practising Herbal Medicine and Sports & Remedial Massage (specialising in Myofascial Release techniques). Isobel takes an in-depth view of her clients’ well-being, providing individualised treatment and advice to relieve pain, discomfort and stress as well as to restore full function and optimum health. Post Graduate certificates of study with Anatomy Trains lecturer  James Earls, Advanced Deep Tissue massage and Myofascial Release with US bodywork guru Art Riggs and UK’s award-winning Ruth Duncan. Isobel is currently studying with Ruth Duncan to obtain the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (iMFT), accredited by EdExcel as a QCF Level 5 qualification.
Ruth is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and the Health & Care Professionals Council. Ruth currently works within private physiotherapy practices at Estuary Clinic, Topsham as well as in Cornwall. Ruth has a diploma in Body Massage which she believes improves her hands-on skills and a Baby Massage Instructor diploma. Ruth has trained with the Acupuncture Association of Physiotherapists to enable her to use Western Acupuncture within her physiotherapy treatment which she finds a useful and effective tool for treating pain conditions. Ruth has a friendly and caring personality and she is dedicated to building strong professional and therapeutic relationships with her patients. Rachaels first experience in the field of health care was as a teenager when she would help her hardworking grandmother after returning home from work as a ward sister and district nurse with very painful feet.
After an initial career as a riding instructor, Rachael chose to study at the  Welsh Centre for Podiatric Medicine due to its commitment to providing extensive supervised clinical experience including NHS placements and research into care of the diabetic foot.  She graduated in 1998 with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.
In 2000 Rachael decided to leave the NHS in order to move to the south coast and so went into private practice in Exmouth where she continues to enjoy providing quality podiatric treatments to members of the community, whilst continuing ongoing professional development and keeping up with the latest research. Rachael is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists which provide professional liability insurance and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.
I studied for four years for a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy, after spending the previous ten years feeling unfulfilled with an engineering career.
Her first calling was Clinical Reflexology which she studied with Beryl Crane, a highly eminent Reflexologist, in 1994.
She has worked in many fields including Antenatal Clinics, GP surgery and an Osteopathic Clinic. Finding many of her clients’ issues seated in the emotional and psychological, she went on to take her Diploma in Integrated Counselling in 1999. She works in a holistic way, finding which of her disciplines is most appropriate for a client and sometimes moving from one to another as the requirement emerges. In 2012 I completed my two year Yoga Teacher Training course with the Devon School of Yoga tutored by Duncan Hulin and his inspirational group of tutors. In 2014 I qualified as a Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga Trainer under the tutorage of Judith Hanson Lasater and have been delighted to assist Judith on her Relax and Renew courses in London.
In researching therapies that would support both my son’s and my healing journey I have gathered a toolkit of practices that I feel offer powerful release from emotional stress, physical stress and trauma, safely and effectively.
I have found all these tools personally healing and I feel honoured to be able to share these with others. TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) are simple comfortable but profoundly powerful practices that help us release trauma held in our bodies from the past whether it is emotional or physical. I am a Level 2 EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner in Meridian Tapping Energy Psychology.I have also trained with Professor Tony Stewart for my Advanced Level 3 Practitioner Qualification which I am presently completing. As I mentioned at the beginning of this intro, my son Matthew has autism, but what defines him is not that label it is his dear nature, his warmth, his humour and his presence. So… thank you my dear son and guide for leading me to such a place of peace and smiles. Trish MoroneyTrish began her career teaching children in hospital, and first became interested in Hypnotherapy having seen it demonstrated at a lunch time lecture by a psychologist at Great Ormond Street. She qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2001 from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and has practised successfully in a number of locations before relocating to Exeter in 2014. As well as being a Physiotherapist & Massage Therapist here at Estuary Clinic, Ruth also teaches Clinical Pilates, a Back Care class and a Baby massage class. Ruth trained as a Pilates Instructor with the British School of Yoga and has also trained with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute.
Ruth applies her Physiotherapy knowledge to create safe exercises for her Pilates students and often uses Pilates exercises within her Physiotherapy treatment so the two approaches go well together hand in hand. In keeping with our Integrated approach here at Estuary Clinic, our Yoga Teacher Lisa and Physiotherapist Ruth combined forces to design a Back Care Course. Ruth holds a Diploma in Baby Massage and has really enjoyed teaching the class here at Estuary Clinic. Knowing very little about birth and babies, I was fortunate to come across Janet Balaskas and the Active Birth Centre in London. I hold Active Birth Workshops,Birth Art Cafe Classes and Baby Massage Classes in Truro, Cornwall and I am also available as a Birth Doula. Diana is caring, compassionate and supportive and works with a wide range of clients, from all walks of life. As well as being a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and Coach she is an experienced complimentary therapist having worked in this field since 2008 as both a Reflexologist and Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, she is well aware of the effects of stress and how it can effect our health and wellbeing, and the way we function.
Mindfulness and Meditation helped Diana to transform her own life at a time when she was dealing with chronic pain, disability and all that came with it. Having completed his Sports Science degree in 2002, Steve started his career as a personal trainer, and quickly specialised his area of training by gaining his Diploma in Pilates with the Pilates Institute in 2003.
Through this new found understanding of anatomy, the principles behind the style of Pilates that Steve had taught all these years no longer added up. Laurie first discovered yoga 16 years ago initially starting to practise at home to videos for purely physical reasons.

Over the years Laurie has travelled to various countries to practise yoga and most notably India. Through the practise of yoga Laurie believes that it is possible to heal oneself and that what you learn on the mat will help you so many ways in your everyday life.
Laurie is currently studying the 500hr Teacher Training with Devon School of Yoga along with a Diploma in Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring through The institute of Counselling. Having tried various disciplines of yoga one style that has particularly resonated with her is Prana Flow a style founded by world renowned teacher Shiva Rea. Laurie is also a qualified Traditional Indian Head masseur and qualified with the Bristol School of Holistic Therapies.Sara Reed Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher I am a qualified Anusara inspired yoga teacher having completed a 200 hour Teacher Training programme between 2014-2015. Anusara yoga offers a dynamic, heart opening practise with a strong focus on alignment principles which enables you to develop a safe practise that will have a calming and uplifting effect. I started practising yoga at University and ran the university Yoga club as it was a great way to relax from my studies. I aim for classes to be enjoyable where the student will feel supported through a combination of different energising and relaxing poses. Annah Herbert Graham Yoga teacher  “When I was a student, I started attending yoga classes as a way to relax, disconnect and recover from a running injury. Annah completed the 200 hour Certificate in Yoga Education at Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nashik, India, in 2010. Since then, she has been teaching yoga to groups and individuals of all ages and abilities across the South of England. In 2013, she travelled to New York to study with Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor at the Strala studio in Soho, which developed a dynamic Vinyasa flow style practice and emphasised the importance of moving with ease.
She has completed professional training in alignment and adjustment, and attends classes and workshops locally and nationally to maintain her own personal practice. Her style is both dynamic and restorative, providing space, time and guidance for you to move, breathe and reconnect. In longer classes, Annah dedicates time to a lovely restorative Shavasana, incorporating Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) techniques and visualisations to promote deep relaxation.
As a languages graduate, qualified primary teacher, yoga instructor and trainee nutritional therapist, Annah has a broad and varied professional and academic background. With four years teaching experience in primary schools, Annah has an acute awareness of children’s needs, and incorporates yoga practices into the school day to promote concentration, confidence and understanding of others. With the history of the Tavistock Institute at top of mind, we rode the tube up to Swiss Cottage to look at the Tavistock Clinic. As a change from riding the London underground, we decided to return to the hotel on a double decker bus to see more of the city. The next day, I acted as scribe while Gary conducted an interview with Sir Richard Bowlby, on the ties between the research between by John Bowlby and cybernetics.
Accommodating a tight schedule, Dav and LJ met us at Paddington Station a few hours before we caught the train to Oxford.
Fountains at Sherbourne Park, Water feature on plaza at Sherbourne Patk, with Toronto Harbour just behind. I stayed with Jennifer at her house in Pocklington last May (before I started photoblogging!) Thus, the precedent of my cooking dinner has become part of the routine. HyVee Washington: Golden maple planted 2 years ago on farm not doing well, clerk advised more fertiizer. Cherry sculpture by Jay Stratton (2016) titled Vortex, in MLI airport terminal, on display by Quad City Arts.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License. Gynaecologist and government adviser Enda McVeigh, of the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, has regularly travelled to Shanghai over the past 12 months to help set up the state-of-the-art unit 6,000 miles away. A single cycle of IVF costs almost A?3,000 a€“ more than the average annual salary and 50 per cent more expensive than other Chinese clinics. When Mr McVeigh first informed John Radcliffe Hospital about plans for the trips, then clinical director Dr Anne Edwards told her superiors she feared the regular absences would delay patient care and drive up waiting lists. We have helped thousands of people deal with medical issues such as infertility, high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS, cancer, skin conditions, sciatica, muscular skeletal issues and obesity using Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments involving acupuncture, Chinese herbs and massage. He holds two BSc (Hons) degrees in the field of osteopathy and acupuncture, having studied at Oxford Brookes and Brighton University respectively. The college is a Centre of Excellence for Chinese Medicine in the UK.The degree combined studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Five Element theory alongside conventional medical sciences, anatomy and physiology. This has given her a thorough knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and she often incorporates this knowledge into diagnosis and treatment.
She is committed to regular ongoing supervision and post-graduate training in order to further her development as an acupuncturist. She builds the foundations of her treatments on identifying and resolving the source of problems as well as the symptoms.
In her work as both teacher and practitioner, she combines her medical knowledge and clinical experience, with an analytical but holistic approach to both bodywork and herbal medicine. Her training at the University of Plymouth had an emphasis on evidence-based practice which she continues to integrate into her practice. She specialises in musculoskeletal pain conditions including back pain, neck pain, any muscle and joint pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation to name a few. She has has also attended post graduate courses in Tendinopathy and Sports Massage and is committed to continuing her professional development by actively attending courses and researching current concepts and evidence. After a brief and interesting spell working in south east London covering maternity leave went to work for then Southmead,  later North Bristol NHS trust gaining experience in a wide range of clinical skills in general practice in health centres and outpatients departments  and nail surgery at Southmead hospital.
Like many others who practice what may be considered as complementary therapies, my own health problems led me to explore alternatives to mainstream options.
I also strongly believe that an integrated approach to healthcare is the most beneficial for the individual. This includes regular attendance at seminars and workshops, subscriptions to trade publications and keeping up to date with current research in the naturopathic and nutritional therapy fields.
Dip (reflex), Dip Counts, MCSRSue is an experienced therapist with over 20 years in practice. She has continued to build on her original training and has also trained in the technique of Vertical Reflexology developed by Lynn Booth in Bristol. Sue has treated a wide range of ailments and conditions, as Reflexology can be effective in so many areas. I had been supporting my son Matt’s journey through the special education system, he has autistic spectrum difficulties, and I had got lost somewhere between bureaucracy and overwhelm.
Restorative Yoga is deeply nurturing, it holds you and cherishes the precious being that you are. Having experienced profound restorative peace during an iRest retreat with James Reeves in 2013, it led me to complete Richard Miller’s iRest Level One training last year. Tony Stewart is a Professor in Public Health for the National Health Service and an NHS Consultant .He has achieved great success using EFT with patients presenting a wide range of emotional, physical and traumatic issues. Matthew has enjoyed all the tools in my kit and his inner intuition knew that these therapies would help him crack the code of being human.I think he’s spot on.
He successfully demonstrated its use in helping a child with eczema cope with the symptom of itching. She has recently trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which engages with the client to focus on the desired outcome rather than focusing on the problem. Back pain is so common with 80% of the UK’s population experiences back pain at some point within the lives. After my undergraduate studies, I completed an MA in Art History at the Courtauld Institute. I attended weekly Active Birth Yoga classes and completed her highly regarded Active Birth Workshop which prepares both the woman and her partner for the process of labour and birth. Because of the huge benefits she has experienced from her own meditation practice, she felt is was a very natural progression to train as a teacher and enable her to share the many benefits with others. She has her own regular daily practice and continues to study with Daizan Roshi (Zen Master), for her own personal and professional development. Diana’s intention is to deliver training with understanding, compassion and without judgement, making it accessible to all, and offering her clients a firm foundation in Mindfulness and Meditation, so that they feel equipped to deal with everyday challenges and to live a more Mindful Life. Karin had trained with all the remaining people left alive that Joseph Pilates had originally taught – and indeed discovered that his original technique was something very different from the modified technique of the present day. As the years went on Laurie felt the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga and the yogic lifestyle has become a massive part of her life. It was in India that yoga became firmly entrenched into her being and she knew that all of the amazing skills that she was learning she wanted to share with others.

I have continued my practise and was truly inspired by Bridget Woods-Kramer, the UK representative of Anusara yoga, who was my teacher for 5 years in Truro and who delivered my teacher training programme.
This was an immersive training, in which students lived in an Indian ashram environment for the duration of the course.
Each class brings a fusion of traditional Hatha yoga postures, contemporary Vinyasa flow (linking breath with movement), practical breathing techniques and relaxation, accompanied by carefully selected music to ease you into movement. She has travelled extensively, and spent time living and working in Australia, Spain and France. She has organised and delivered a specialised programme to A level dance students to increase strength and flexibility. Forest-themed chairs, tables and benches, in the “Design Camp” of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Forty male and female characters carved out of lime trees from the Carpinthian Mountains on southeast Poland. Greenery in the city, bike path through Taylor Creek Park, view southwest fron the O’Connor Drive Bridge.
One of two cannons aimed westward at the Ontario Legislature Buildings from 23 Queen’s Park Crescent.
Flowers stretch westward, hoping for the sun on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Hull, England. Via Flickr: At #isss2011 , great minds put to work during the welcome reception, synthesizing knowledge and experiences on synthesizing better futures. The four trips, each lasting a fortnight, took place despite objections by a hospital director, who argued that Mr McVeigha€™s visits would take him away from NHS patients. Economic growth in the vast nation a€“ particularly in Shanghai a€“ means demand for IVF is now booming despite Chinaa€™s one-child policy. However, the trips were sanctioned by Stephen Kennedy, head of obstetrics and gynaecology at the hospital.
John has practised in a number of work settings from medical practices to established private Clinics fueling his passion to create a truly integrated cross referral health system. With his extensive knowledge in neuromuscular dysfunction (nerve and muscle related problems) and human biomechanics he has a strong passion in identifying the correlations between acupuncture theories and emerging neuromuscular models providing the best treatments for his patients. She is also training in Pilates instruction and enjoys teaching successful classes at both clinics including Pilates, Aqua Therapy, a Movement & Posture course, a Back Care course and Baby Massage. In my role as a nutritional therapist, I aim to provide appropriate information and achievable recommendations in order that the individual is able to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. Her particular areas of interest are back pain, sciatica, ME, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, infertility and pregnancy. Hatha Yoga and Meditation practices propped, strengthened and soothed me so completely that I wanted to pass their gift on to others. And in that cocoon of rest it brings you back to who you were and opens your mind and body to a place of deep calm. Trish enjoys helping people gain confidence, improve their sleep, and achieve their goals with hypnotherapy.
Exercise has been shown to reduce episodes of back pain so Lisa and Ruth designed a course to provide safe and effective exercises, along with Physiotherapy advice and education, to help prevent or treat back pain. Of course as a Physiotherapist I can’t help but give out post-natal physio advice during the course and we often go through core and pelvic floor activation as well as stretches and exercises for the back and shoulders.
I simply remind a woman that birth is a normal process, an experience well within her capabilities, and not something to be frightened of. She is fortunate to have been trained to teach from both the traditional (Zen) Insight approach and the more Western approach (research based) with the emphasis on Stress Reduction and Wellbeing. Throughout various periods in her life, practising yoga has consistently been a grounding and supportive way of being that has enabled her to deal with situations with strength and clarity.
This new self awareness led me to embark on a journey of discovery across India, Australia, Europe and the USA.
This gave her a secure grounding in traditional Hatha yoga practices, and sparked an interest in yogic philosophy and lifestyle.
She is an eternal student; always wanting to learn more, and keen to share her knowledge and experience with others. Since I haven’t had an assigned office in about 20 years, I had forgotten that people can personalize their spaces for creature comforts. Part of the Polish Season organized by the University of Hull Faculty of Arts and Social Science, placed on a plaza in the central campus. However, the issue of fertility treatment has proved controversial in the staunchly traditional country. Companies House documents reveal that Mr Kennedy is a former business partner of Mr McVeigh. Taking a course in yoga and meditation at Phool Chatti Ashram in Rishikesh and studying at Sivananda Ashram Neyyar Dam in Kerala.
I then completed my Total Yoga Nidra teacher training through the Yoga Campus with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli.Total Yoga Nidra has expanded my understand of the many aspects of this powerful technique. He has taught many thousands of people from diverse cultural backgrounds throughout the world. When I have used EFT with clients it has enabled them to release old patterns of emotional hurt, painful memories or unhelpful negative beliefs about themselves. Two important factors contributed to the way in which I was able to cope with these enormously powerful natural events. I am a woman myself, I have given birth, I am present to hold your space, perhaps your hand, but most of all simply to be there with you.
Unfortunate barricade around the installation, presumably to deter damaged, but the fences are distracting.
Last week, a reporter from this newspaper visited the clinic, where the walls were lined with -photographs of Oxforda€™s historic city centre. And Mr Kennedya€™s position is funded by the Oxford Fertility Unit (OFU), which is run by Mr McVeigh and Mr Child. In 2012 I studied with Dr Bo Forbes Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Therapist, this enabled me to understand more about how we hold emotional memories and traumas in our bodies.Our issues are in our tissues! TRE has provided relief in conflict zones and with large populations of survivors following natural disasters.
One was the confidence and knowledge of my instinctual abilities gleaned from my Active Birth classes and the other was the presence of an experienced caring birth companion throughout my labours. Birth is an organic process, rooted in the earth, developing instinctively and a unique creation directly dependent upon the energies of the mother. One leading doctor said: a€?Dr Edwards did express concern to her line manager that these trips to China would cause waiting lists to grow. TRE has proved effective for those who were experiencing or recovering from trauma, PTSD and its sometimes debilitating disorders.
The woman is in control, she is the one doing, and as Michel Odent notes, the best carers are simply present in the wings.
Aside from IVF, other treatments offered include artificial insemination, which costs 8,000 yuan (A?770) per course, again significantly higher than many other private clinics in the country. Later on, when there was a backlog of hundreds of patients, she suggested that throwing taxpayer cash at the problem was not the right way to go.
The quiet reassurance and understanding offered by a doula to the mother in labour has a noticeable effect not only on how the birth unfolds, but, perhaps more significantly, on the way in which a woman feels about her birth. I feel strongly that a woman should never be made to feel as if her body did not work correctly, as if her behaviour in labour did not meet some expected ideal. Ita€™s yet another example of a huge conflict of interests.a€™ The Mail on Sunday revealed earlier this month that John Radcliffe Hospital paid the OFU A?629,030 to clear the backlog in November and December. The money paid for 25 consultant gynaecologists and anaesthetists to carry out the procedures during their non-NHS time. Enquiries by this newspaper have established that senior anaesthetists at John Radcliffe Hospital complained about the quality of the anaesthetists contracted.
In a letter to medical director Professor Edward Baker dated November 11, 2010, Dr Jane -Quinlan, chairman of the hospitala€™s Department of Anaesthetics, labelled the decision to take on a€?locum anaesthetists who fulfil none of the Trusta€™s clinical governance measuresa€™ as a€?bizarrea€™.
Another consultant anaesthetist, Dr Nicholas Crabtree, warned in a letter to Ashok Handa, clinical director of theatres, anaesthetics and clinical care, dated December 17, 2010, of the a€?significant potentiala€™ for patients a€?to suffer harma€™.

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