Chinese cancer registry annual report

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With the anti-smoking ban coming into affect in China next month, the smoking cessation clinic at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing gave out its first “quit smoking” prescription yesterday.
The hospital is the first to combine all its anti-smoking resources, including the clinic, outpatients, and a national smoking hotline, to provide support in the battle against smoking.

Hospitals hope that with these measures, as well as the ban on smoking in public places, the pressure will be lessened on other parts of the hospital. The hospital is trying to reach out to as many smokers as possible, with the hope of supporting them in their fight with addiction. 8 acre corn maze hay ride cow train corn popper jumping pillow learning about agriculture and farm games activities and food. I hope Epcot food and wine festival 2015 the epcot food and wine festival is a food and wine event at epcot.
Patients can now utilize the registry system for smoking cassation help, as well as acquire prescription drugs. They hope, in time, cases of respiratory diseases, cancer, heart problems, and other smoking related illnesses will decline.

Quitting has always been a hard task, often willpower is not enough, and so doctors hope that with the new methods and avenues of support, those who are struggling with their addiction have easier access to help and advice.
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