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This past Friday, my parents and I coordinated a belated birthday in Clarksville, Tennessee. I’ve been to China King Buffet before, but it has probably been at least 6+ years ago. With over 180 items on their buffet line including a sushi bar, hibachi grill, and dessert bar, China King Buffet has a little bit of something for everyone. Being a Chinese cuisine lover and avid seafood devourer, I would definitely recommend China King Buffet in Clarksville. Ladies with long hair, make sure you tie it up because we don’t want you getting scalped just for a bit of fun.
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They told me I could choose any restaurant I wanted but of course like most Asian parents, they will often speak their minds and told me they wanted to eat at either Charlie’s Steak House or China King Buffet. Never before have I seen a Chinese buffet so busy… an obvious indicator that there is a reason for the popularity. With my parents eating seafood and I eating snow crab legs, you often have to get a 2nd plate or reuse a dirty plate to place your shells. However, these are pretty battered in a glued-back together sot of way and 2 karts can vary widely in performance.
These are scary the first time you take off because the wheels spin, power band kicks in and you are launched out of the pit lane. I have been to this place so many times over the years, but recently have not found the time for an rush.
Well traveled in China and the rest of the world (not that anything outside of China really matters when you are inside of China). All the items on the buffet were fresh, tasted great, and were constantly refilled on a normal basis.

As we were discarding the shells from the crabs and oysters, several waiters and waitresses other than our own would take the filled plates and give us new ones. In particular, they eat plates of the spiced calamari, raw oysters in a half shell, and the snow crab leg. I would have liked more of a Chinese cuisine selection (such as Kung Pao Chicken, General Tso’s Chicken, and Seafood Delight). That may seem a little steep but keep in mind that price is for dinner and also includes the sushi, hibachi, and seafood offerings on the buffet lines.

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