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This tourmalin ceramic foot massage plete "Bio Heart" is specially designed for activation of acupoints in the feet (as known from reflexology) and to increase blood circulation in tired feet and legs with alternating hot and cold therapy.
As the drawing shows the nerves in the foot closely related to the internal organs of the body. Foot is referred as the second heart since so many capillary vessels and peripheral nerves are distributed all over it and feet actually affects legs as well as pelvis and even spine. Therefore, stimulating the feet can make inactive internal organs to the normal condition or even a stronger condition. As seen here NM-55 Bio Heart is composed by two separate surfaces, one is very hot and the other side very cold. Blood circulation in the feet and legs is increased significantly by the energy from Nuga Best Bio Heart.

A structure being arched on the middle of foot's sole is called foot arch, and this foot arch should be maintained by the support of tendon and ligament, but when this support is being weaken, foot arch will be collapsed. But, the blood circulation in foot is not smooth since foot is the farthest from the heart, and also foot is vulnerable to various diseases.
And is further speeded up by means of frequent 2-minute shifts between the hot and cold surface.
When a walk is unsteady due to this collapse of foot zrch, knees, hip, the pelvis and the vertabrae will be impacted so that pain on each metastasized part can occur.
NM-55 Bio Heart is designed so that energy is gathered at one point and focus the negative ions and deep infrared rays on your feet, for the best result. It thus turns between heat and cold exposure in 2-minute intervals to further boost blood circulation.

Especially, most people pay little attention to their feet, so upon investigation, it is proven that more than 80% of adults experience some problems on their feet. Therefore, stimulating these spots can revitalize the movement of internal organs corresponding to each spot though meridian pathway, and prevent or cure various diseases. This interaction accelerate the blood circulation and help especially people suffering from poor blood circulation in legs and feet. The massage plate tells you automatically with a sound when you need to change foot position, just as there are 3 different temperature settings to choose from.

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