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Acupressure (Shiatsu)Acupressure, also known as Shiatsu, is a form of touch therapy that utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
Chinese Medicine views the body as a small part of the universe, subject to laws and principles of harmony and balance. Ancient Chinese Wisdom to Help You Sleep: Reflexology and Acupressure Points for InsomniaDo you suffer from insomnia? If this sounds like you, then you may have an energetic imbalance in your body that is causing the insomnia. First, let’s go over the root cause of insomnia—specifically, what’s out of balance in your body? Yin Yang SymbolAnd if you’re not familiar with a yin yang or if you’ve simply forgotten what it means, here’s a quick explanation.
Everything in the Universe can be categorized as yin or yang, where yin represents female, cold, darkness, and substance. In Chinese philosophy, it is said that yin and yang are mutually dependent, meaning that they depend on each other. However, if the Heart is weak, then the qi has free reign to float upwards and the excess qi in your head disturbs your sleep. I was the person who figured out how a visitor would go through a site, screen-by-screen and click-by-click. Fortunately, I made a number of life changes (you can read about them here) that led to restoring balance in my body and also honouring the relationship between my Heart and Mind.
I share my story to inspire people to make changes in their lives and to show it is possible. For a long-term solution to resolve the root imbalances causing insomnia, you need to strengthen your Heart and restore balance between your Heart and Mind. However for right now, you’ll want to massage your feet to draw the qi down from your head. This point is close to Kidney-1, a powerful acupuncture point for drawing excess qi down from the head. WARNING: Do not massage the Kidney point if you are pregnant because it is located near the acupuncture point, Kidney-1, which is used for inducing labour. The Kidney reflexology point is also good for recharging your energy stores—think of it like a cell phone battery, but for your body.
When you’re more rested, I’d highly recommend learning more about the Kidney point because it is the most important point in this system of Chinese Reflexology, and it’s the point that can make the biggest difference for your health and longevity.
This forms four quadrants, and your Kidney point is located in the top inside quadrant of the foot. Then press in with your thumb pad and massage on this area, with a small circular motion for about five seconds. If you’ve been feeling agitated, frustrated or angry lately, it’s no wonder you can’t sleep!
Liver-2 is located on the top of your foot at the tip of the webbing between your big toe and second toe.
Hopefully, you’ll be yawning by now—and not because my article is boring, but because pressing your points has helped get that excess qi out of your head. Many years ago, when I was getting acupuncture to treat insomnia, my acupuncturist was this old school Chinese Medicine doctor from China. Then, continue moving your focus down your body one inch at a time, relaxing your head or whichever part of your body is at the one inch level that you’re focusing on. Showering can also help you sleep, so long as it’s not one of those invigorating type of showers. You may already know this, but the light coming from screens can disturb your body’s natural sleep cycle. You can learn more about the Kidney point and how to use Chinese Reflexology to find energy disharmonies in your body and start bringing your body back into balance.
Just as a side, an auntie in Oakland is an acupuncturist from Nanjing, and she always needled the following spleen point for my sleep issues… do you recommend it as well? As she is going through initial tests st the moment, I am praying we have found this early enough!! I wish you continued success in your quest to help others, and I congratulate you on the publication of your book.
Thank you so much, Holly, for the wonderful and systematic presentation for the benefits of the people suffering from various disorders. Acidity is one of the most common medical conditions where the liquid fillings of the stomach reflux back to the esophagus. Other than the conventional forms of treatment, a number of natural based remedies exist that help to cure the symptoms of this disease without causing any side effects.
In order to understand how acupressure works for treating acidity, there are two major terms that we need to understand- P6 and LES. Commonly known by the name of Neiguan, P6 is the prescribed a€?acu-pointa€™ of our body that is located in between the two tendons underneath the wrist.It is easy to locate.
There are various studies that auricular therapy through acupressure relieves a person from stress. Now that you’ve freed up your mind and heart from your problems, then you can proceed with this auricular therapy.
If you find it hard to sleep because you’re thinking too much of so many things, then relieve your stress by doing the technique. Hopefully the technique on how to destress yourself above through auricular therapy on your Shen Men helps. Is there anything we can do for you?If you have any comments, suggestions, updates, tips, or if you want us to review something then you can visit our Contact page. In fact, in China, there are doctors on staff at almost every hospital who are dedicated Tui Na specialists. Just like other forms of massage therapy such as Swedish, deep tissue and Thai massage, Tui Na therapy works on the musculo-skeletal system: muscles, connective tissues, joints and skin.
That’s why if you have upper gastric pain, insomnia, PMS (pre-menstruation syndrome) or a variety of other conditions, Tui Na therapy makes an excellent supplement to your doctor’s treatment.
Unlike many other popular forms of massage, Tui Na therapy has developed a sophisticated method of evaluating problems. Another unique characteristic of Tui Na therapy is that sometimes a problem can be treated by working on a point far away from the problem area.
Tui Na therapy also serves as an alternative for those who want a needleless treatment, because Tui Na therapy and acupuncture work on the same principles. A typical Tui Na session involves evaluation, treatment and following treatment, some suggestions or recommendation for self-treatment.
A Tui Na therapist asks questions about the problem, examines the problem area, does some tests if necessary, palpates meridian channels.
Based on all the information collected, the therapist draws on all knowledge of Chinese medicine, anatomy, physiology to form a treatment plan. Movements such as joint rotations, extensions, flexes and stretches are used to improve flexibility and movement, strengthen muscles and break scar tissues. When a new client comes to me, I like to begin by asking some questions to learn about them and their problem: when and how it began and any details about how it has progressed or gotten worse, the intensity and quality of the pain. Then I examine the problem area by touching around to find sensitive, sore or painful spots.
When the problem is more internal, I use other methods like tongue reading and pulse taking to help me better evaluate the problem.

Here’s some ideas about how you can include Tui Na therapy as part of your healthy lifestyle. Make Tui Na sessions a regular part of your health regime which always includes regular exercise and nutritious foods. Theoretically, any problems that are treatable by Acupuncture can be treated with Tui Na therapy, because they work on the same principles.
From an athletic injury to seasonal allergies, flu and colds, Lorie utilizes a variety of therapies to address these issues. Chronic disease and pain require multi-dimensional approaches to get to the ‘root cause' of the issue. An important part of Loriea€™s approach includes teaching self-care techniques and offering educational opportunities to learn how to manage your own well-being and sustain a healthy lifestyle. In acupressure, the same points on the body are used as in acupuncture, but are stimulated with finger pressure instead of with the insertion of needles.
Chinese Medicine does not make as sharp a distinction as Western medicine does between mind and body. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. When you understand the root of this disorder, then you can take a multi-pronged approach to fix it. If you’ve ever seen a yin yang symbol, you can compare the Heart and Mind relationship to the relationship between yin and yang. As you can see in this diagram, a yin yang looks like two fish swimming together in a circle. When there is too much qi in your head, it’s a sign that your body is out of balance.
It can also cause you to worry and overthink even more, feeding a perpetual cycle of too much qi in your head disturbing your sleep. Every interaction on the website had to be mapped out and documented in advance, right down to what would happen if User A entered an alphanumeric character for the zip code box when they should have entered a number instead.
This is different from the Western perspective of having heart disease, but equally serious in Chinese Medicine. If you had met me 10 years ago, you would be completely surprised at how different I was from how I am today. Do this now, and focus later on strengthening your Heart—and there are Chinese Reflexology points to help restore balance.
In addition, there are some really powerful acupressure points that can help calm your mind. The excess qi is what’s keeping you up at night so when you massage this point, it helps to clear the excess energy out of your head, which helps to soothe your mind. When you sign up, you’ll get free reflexology charts, and also receive a series of online lessons that show you how to use Chinese Reflexology to uncover energy imbalances in your body.
Place your thumb on the imaginary vertical line so that the tip of your thumb is just below the ball of your foot. Then move your thumb down (towards the heel) by a few millimeters or a sixteenth of an inch, and repeat. The sensitivity is an indication of the energy disharmony in your Kidney meridian, as well as the depletion of your life force energy stored in the Kidneys from the lack of sleep. To massage this point, press your knuckle into this area right between the toes near the tip of the webbing. He was a super nice guy and he took the time to share with me a simple exercise to help pull the qi down out of your head. Move your attention one inch lower (or 2.5cm for the metric connoisseurs) and relax this area.
While I hope you’ve found the information in this article helpful, it’s time to turn off your computer, shut your tablet, or put down your phone. You are really concerned for the wel-being of others.Almighty God will certainly help you in all your endeavours, as you have been doing HIS work. The contents are usually acidic in nature and cause heart burn, irritation of the throat and sourness.Other than improper digestion, pregnancy, reaction against food stuff etc also cause the symptoms of acidity. The use of acupressure for acidity treatment is one of the natural and ancient forms of cure.Acupressure, an ancient Chinese form of treatment, has been successfully used for the past two thousand years for treating digestive disorders.
When we eat, the valve opens up to allow the food to pass into the stomach and remains shut to prevent the gastric juice from the stomach to reflux back into the esophagus. The bands are fitted tightly on the wrist and a button on it is used to apply pressure on the P6 point. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
He is a freelancer writer covering different topics by publishing articles like reviews, news, how to's, trending gadgets, and many more. Chinese considered She Men auricular helps to alleviate apprehension, fear, anxiety, and to help regulate the sympathetic nervous system. If you’re feeling too uncomfortable and the stress you’re feeling is persistent then you should consult a specialist. In addition to that, Tui Na therapy works extensively with the meridians to restore and support balance in all the body’s systems.
One of the commonly used methods is to palpate the meridians to sense variations in the tissue along the channels. For example, when a client has a frozen shoulder and it is too painful to work on directly, a Tui Na therapist can apply pressure to a point on the hand to treat the problem. In addition to directly treating the problem area in the muscles, Tui Na therapy goes deeper by addressing imbalances in circulatory system, nervous system and Qi or life energy system.
This process may include tongue reading and pulse taking if the therapist thinks it helps to find the possible root cause of the problem. The therapist uses different techniques to relax the related muscle groups first, from superficial layer to deep layer.
That might include doing certain exercises at home, using ice or a heating pad or taking bath with salts and herbs. Sometimes I ask questions that don’t seem related to the problem, but they give me clues about the possible root cause, especially when the problem is more internal. Besides that, I always palpate the related meridian or meridians to look for signs of imbalance such as nodules, hardness, looseness, sensitivity and change of temperature. The advantage of regular Tui Na sessions is the ability to take your vitality to a new level and maintain it. In China, for hundreds of years, Tui Na self-therapy has been practiced and developed as a part of our daily health care. On the other hand, through the medical tradition, problems with the musculoskeletal system respond readily to Tui Na therapy.  Issues related to internal organs and the nerve system can be helped also. A Acute stress impacts your physical and emotional well-being far more than you realize and, like many conditions, if left un-treated can turn into a chronic, debilitating problem. I had a lovely chat with Alan prior to the session which made me feel very comfortable and excited for what was to follow.
Or maybe you drop off instantly because you’re so tired, only to wake up a few hours later?
Discover how massaging reflexology and acupressure points can help you get a good night’s sleep. Normally, when the Heart organ and energy meridian is strong, it acts as a counterbalance to the qi floating up to your head.

As I could write a whole article on the Kidney point (and I have in my free online mini lessons), it is a bit more than necessary for this article.
Then imagine a horizontal line dividing your foot in half (from the tip of your big toe to the base of your heel).
When the Liver meridian is out of balance, it can drive too much qi up to your head, causing you to have trouble falling asleep. Similarly, soaking your feet in warm water before you go to bed can help pull the qi downwards, too. Basically you breathe in for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds, and then exhale for 8 seconds—and you have to do this while touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth. Do this for several breaths, and he recommends no more than 15 seconds the first time you do it, and then to gradually build up to one minute.
If you visit the homepage of my site, there should be a sign up box right at the very top (between the picture of me and the picture of the feet). Where acupuncture was a little too strong for a client suffering with debilitating migraines, the advise you gave on reflexology for migraines was really great and I feel a gentler alternative for a man that was almost driven to suiside.
P6 is the point located at the center of the wrist, approximately two-fingers away from the point of meeting of the arm and the hand. Acidity is caused when the LES gets relaxed, allowing the juice from the stomach to enter the food pipe.As per traditional Chinese medicine, acupoints are points of connection that fuel the flow of internal energy in the body.
But as a quick remedy, or should I say first aid to destress yourself then you can give this technique a shot. Acupressure on the meridian system helps to relieve the body of stress, optimize organ function and activate the body’s own healing power. It is not surprising that many Tui Na doctors have developed their own specialized techniques and treatments to target chronic problems. Combined with other methods, a Tui Na therapist can detect the possible root cause of the problem by feeling along the meridian lines. So a person without any complaints can also benefit by having sessions designed to enhance the flow of Qi and blood to all parts of their body and maintain healthy open channels. Then acupressure is  applied to certain points to move the Qi and blood within the meridians to disperse stagnation and balance the body. It is not uncommon to see people practice Tui Na on themselves in the park or on the bus.  There are many Tui Na self-therapy routines that a person can learn and practice. Some problems commonly treated by Tui Na therapy are headaches, sciatica pain, lower back pain, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, insomnia, pre-menstrual cramps, constipation, diarrhea and others. Find out how Acupuncture or Seva Stress ReleaseA can help you deal with your day to day stressors. When using, pinch needle theca, lie magnetic needle on the skin, thus the needle is fastened on the body, not piercing in the body. I always believe that if you don’t help yourself then any type of medications will never ever work.
There are also other lesser known practices derived from Qi-gong such as visualization and breathing which can go a long way to enhance the healing effect.
This is consistent with Chinese philosophy that there are many approaches to a single problem.
Many clients report that one of these tune-up sessions leaves them feeling vibrant, clear-headed and at ease for days afterwards. Besides that, very often the therapist works on the whole related meridian or all related meridians for best results.
More complex problems can be helped by Tui Na therapy in combination with your regular medical treatment. It is found in food, air, water, and sunlight, and it travels through the body in energy channels called meridians. Imagine a vertical line from this point going straight down and intersecting with your wrist crease.
You can also use this point whenever you feel stressed as it can help to calm your spirit and soothe your Heart.
Thank YOU for all that you do to help and support others on their journey back to wellness :).
P6 is considered as an important a€?acu-pointa€™ of the body and stimulating it enables energy flow into the various parts of the body. I guess not – well not if your ancestors came from Ancient Chinese who knows acupuncture and acupressure.
Even people with cancer or other serious conditions can benefit from strengthening life energy flow and enhancing blood circulation that come from Tui Na therapy.
There are 12 major meridians in the body that transport chi, corresponding to the 12 main organs categorized by Chinese medicine. Locating the exact pressure points and application of the correct amount of pressure, are the two major factors on which acupressure treatment depend. I studied the techniques under Professor Henry Wang at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland. After the Access Consciousness session, Alan offered to also work on my thighs and lower back which has been an annoyance of mine since August.
The effect is equal to that of the traditional milli-needle acupuncture.Haci MASC has good effect of magnet treatment, especially N, S pole therapy. You can get a good night’s sleep every night(you can read about them here)and you deserve it. Professor Wang studied the method under Nin Du , the Tui Na doctor who developed it at Reijin Hospital in Shanghai, China.
They are all effective points at the distance of 3 cm to the point for shape of channels is like broad brand. And one of the auricular therapy wonders of applying pressure to your She Men is learning how to destress yourself.
Besides this there is another method to find effective points, that is, press by finger according to the picture.
This means that by applying pressure unto a specific location on your ear can give you such relief. And I am starting to overcome certain difficulties I have had with letting go of thought during meditation. For common diseases, significant curative effect can be obtained after several treatment courses (for some disease, one course has ten days). Ally gave me two prenatal massages during my pregnancy that comforted, soothed and balanced me. With love, NatalieNatalie BSometimes people find they are at the end of their rope trying to heal themselves. Sometimes even our friends don't quite relate to what is going on even though their hearts intention is to help. She is one of the very few who I trust to take care of me when I sense I am on the verge of an energetic change, which  I have come to realize indicates a major life event change or personal breakthrough. With her life partner Alan, together they create the I AM HEALING space and energy that is safe, impartial, and devoted to healing whatever comes to them.
I highly recommend Ally, and I hope you have the opportunity to work with her too.Bianca C.

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