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For 27 years we are the largest TCM center in Europe, encompassing TCM medical treatment, education, and trading with modern scientific techniques. A valentines promotion for you & your love one, 10 sessions facial revitalisation acupuncuture for only $450 (you save $ 400 ) at torrance acupuncture wellness. We are special, because we are not only treat your symptoms we also treat your under cause and help you regain and restore your healthy for a long time and improve your life qulity. Also you may click here to see the Testimonials page which contains some of the heartfelt thanks which our doctor Ming Chen & Lu Yang has received from their patients.
If you are looking for experienced and skilled Acupuncture treatment whilst in London then you have come to the right place. Recent Testimonials"I suffered from a very painful shoulder for over a year and it had been aggravated by my doctor sending me to physio.
Dr Feng got to work with acupuncture and hot cupping and each treatment the pain eased and I quickly got movement back to my arm. Chinese Medical Healthcare is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Chi Nei Tsang is a vital practice to enhance fertility that Taoist Sages have practiced for thousands of years.
This massage can help break up stagnation, improve elimination and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Chi Nei Tsang sessions may be added to your acupuncture session or done separately as its own therapeutic treatment.
Chen has been successfully teaching, practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine in China and United State for over 33 years, during which time he has treated over 45,000 patients and many types of conditions with astounding results. Chen has a formal education including advanced medicine and earned his medical doctoral degree at a Traditional Chinese Medical University in China at 1982, learning a combination of ancient Chinese healing arts and modern medicine, after being selected as a promising student and chosen among thousands to attend school. Yang, a master acupuncturist in Los Angeles, specializes in Neurological disease , a medical doctor in China who practiced both Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and western medicine since 1982.

Yang received eight years medical education in both Chinese medicine and modern western medicine. Yang has been practicing integrative medicine for over 33 years in China and United States; Dr. Yang got strict training in neurology, internal medicine, acupuncture and herbology therapy and worked as attending physician in inpatient and outpatient departments of neurology, acupuncture & physiotherapy, general medicine, and cardiovascular medicine in different hospitals.
Yang treated a lot of patients (usually see 20-40 patients a day in China) by using acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and western medicine.
Yang has solid knowledge and the overall view about Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine, the newest therapies and the latest development on this field.
I was crying frequently for no reason, which was embarrassing and difficult to deal with for my family and co-workers. I have tried almost every possible cure short of surgery, including medications with their various side effects, massage therapy, Botox injections, exercise, diet, chiropractic, and numerous over-the-counter products.
Dong Zhilin, the founder of Shenzhou Chinese Medical Center has actively participated in all ranges of activities in the field of TCM including legislation pertaining to TCM and the registration of TCM products. Dong Zhilin has passed valuable information to enterprises, proposed educational and clinical advice to TCM universities and institutions in China. This practice was used by monks in China to help detoxify and strengthen their immune system in order to maintain high levels of energy. Chi Nei Tsang can also help with chronic back and shoulder pain related to misalignments of the feet, legs and pelvis. He graduated at the top of his class, focusing on preventative and restorative Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
Ac & Herbalist, a Chinese medicine expert from Henan, China who has over 30 years of experience.
My female cycle had been completely erratic for four years, and I was having a menstrual cycle every 10-14 days.

He continually promotes direct official dialogue between Chinese and European Union governments, so as to create a pleasant political atmosphere and environment from which TCM education, clinical practice and products sales will benefit. According to the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, Chi Nei Tsang does not attempt to treat symptoms or cure illness; rather it is a system designed to precipitate change by bringing awareness to the internal organs of the body, thus inducing the body to heal. He also is one of members of the Council of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and often returns to China to learn about the latest developments in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.
Dong Zhilin actively communicates and cooperates with the European Union governmental bodies, providing feedback from local Chinese medicine practitioners. In addition, he supports the protection of the source of herbal medicine by means of artificial cultivation to save endangered plants and animals. In that way, there is no condition of the person, whether manifested physically, emotionally, or spiritually that is not addressed by Chi Nei Tsang.
Yang is also a graduate majored in combined Chinese medicine and western medicine from GuangXi University of TCM--one of the best medical universities in China, where she conducted another 3 years advanced study and research on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease with the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and modern western medicine. He advocates the idea that to offer European patients a better clinical service from Chinese medicine, and to offer good quality and safe TCM products will provide Chinese medicine a solid foundation in Europe, resulting in a bright TCM future there. She recommended 2 treatments per week, saying it may take awhile since I’d had migraines for so long. He is fully achieving all aspects of the ancient healing arts science and metaphysics, and thousands of patents have had satisfactory results. I have weaned myself off of all medications and have had only one migraine since starting treatment.

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