Chemotherapy regimen for kidney cancer

One of the major issues we face when starting treatment with medicinal cannabis is which cannabis strain to use for a particular medical problem.  There are many cannabis strains with considerable variation in THC and CBD content.  When it comes to treating cancer with cannabis oil, which strain gives the best results? Results of three months of treatment with high CBD Realm Oil showed that all 11 children (100%) had reduction in motor type seizures.
Sophie Isabella Ryan was diagnosed with a low grade, Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor on June 23rd, 2013 at the age of 8 ? months old. 4) Pineoblastoma in 4yr 8 month male Oct 2013 with hydeocephalus treated with Intraventricular Shunt.  33 proton radiation treatments.
Images first image shows enhancing pinealmoa tumor located centrally.  Second image after treatment shows the lesion is no longer seen. 1) begin quote: “Sophie Isabella Ryan was diagnosed with a low grade, Optic Pathway Gliomabrain tumor on June 23rd, 2013 at the age of 8 ? months old. Sophie has been on high concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oil at a gram a day since she started chemo in October of 2013. We truly believe that THC plays a huge part in killing her tumor, and she has continued to be on approximately a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD. We truly, truly believe that we will completely get rid of this tumor, and Sophie will not have to live with a mass in her brainfor the rest of her life.
Naturally occurring alkalinized spring water is shipped in from Arkansas in glass jugs to be used as her drinking water.
Cyclophosphamide) for 43 weeks and also received 28 radiation sessions over the course of approx.
The tumor responded well to the therapy and significant shrinkage had occurred by the first three-month scans. The Marinolhad limited success, showing promise at first with some initial appetite stimulation, but soon was judged by the family to be largely ineffective, at least at the dosage recommended. Zeldas) and Chico then proceeded on a regimen of both a high THC and a high CBD oil, taken at a 2-1 ratio, THC to CBD.
The family noticed that his peripheral neuropathy was arrested despite the ongoing chemotherapy drug Vincristine continuing to be  administered. In terms of tumor shrinkage, the 6 month and 9 month scans showed continued shrinkage of what remained of the tumor, which was by the three  month scan assumed to be dead scar tissue.
The pattern for Chico was that every three weeks he would be admitted as inpatient for the infusion of the three chemo drugs.Then approximately ten days later he would develop a fever to coincide with neutropenia. During these hospitalizations he was prescribed large amounts of IV opioids, mainly Dilaudid. There is no way of knowing whether or not this is latent chemo-related nausea which is failing to be medicated by the THC if thedose is missed, or whether it is a physiological dependency on the THC itself. 2 –The ingestion of oil certainly stimulated appetite –albeit not consistently, but certainly significantly. 3 –The ingestion of oil helped to curb nausea and vomiting –again not consistently, but certainly significantly. 4 –The ingestion of oil coincided with a halt in the deterioration of his neuropathy, despite him continuing to be given the drug known to  cause peripheral neuropathy and foot drop.
5 –The mass that remained at his three month scans, which at the time was assumed to be dead scar tissue, continued to shrink throughout the  rest of treatment, despite the medical team’s expectation that it would remain the same.
6 –The ingestion of oil, and occasional vaporising of oil, certainly helped promote a feeling of calm and well-being in the patient. 7 –Chico missed school for 15 months and was able to catch up on his work over a three month period with just 6 tuition hours per week. 8 –The patient continues to be in remission from the cancer and by continuing to give the patient a maintenance dose of oil, the patient and parents have a heightened level of peace of mind, knowing that they are taking a pro-active role in helping prevent relapse, rather than doing what the medical profession would suggest, which would be to metaphorically go home and keep their fingers crossed that their son will not relapse! Needless to say, the realization that our amazing Morgan would be battling this monster disease made us feel lost and broken. After pointing out that the April and June scans were done on different MRI machines and presenting both scans to the Oncology tumor board, they concluded there was no enhancement and agreed that the tumor has remained stable. HELP EDUCATE YOURSELVES & OTHERS(EDUCATION IS THE KEY) SO IT CAN BE AN OPTION FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE! GAVE THE INSIDE OF YOUR BODY THE PROPER NUTRITION AND HERBS IT COULD AND WOULD DO THE SAME THING? In the ER on 5-12-13 we were told that Silas had an abnormally high WBC and needed to be flown to SF (300 miles) via flight for life immediately.
After a port placement surgery, a lumbar puncture, and a bone marrow aspirate, Silas was diagnosed with precursor b acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or preBall. While doing the first high dose inpatient chemo, Silas got mucusitis, had no appetite, vomited profusely, would get head to toe heat rash with vomiting episodes, diaper rash that turned into chemical burns, and thrush.
We are now 16 months in, Silas is still cancer free, gained 7 pounds since diagnosis, full head of hair, walking running and jumping, speaking in full sentences and is recognizing letters and numbers.
Steep Hill Halent was launched in early 2008 as Steep Hill Medical Collective to provide quality control services to the medical cannabis industry, which — 12 years after its legalization under California law— consisted of hundreds of businesses providing potentially unsafe herbal products to hundreds of thousands of consumers.
Combining NSAIDs with cannabinoids (either eCBs or exogenous cannabinoids) produces additive or synergistic effects. In summary, antipsychotic drugs likely upregulate CB1 expression in parts of the rodent brain. Salvinorin A in divinorum produces CB1-mediated effects in the gastrointestinal tract of rodents. Camelia sinensis, and many other plants) exert modest inhibition of FAAH in the low micromolar range [161]. Compounds with phytocannabinoid-like moieties have been extracted from legumes [167], [168], Helichrysum [169], Rhododendron sp. Chronic, high dosing of THC causes a predictable desensitization and downregulation of CB1 and CB2, accompanied by drug tolerance. In summary, the effects of THC upon the eCB system oscillate between potentiation and suppression, depending on acute versus chronic dosage. The dividing line between “acute” and “chronic” is a gray zone, and likely differs amongst individuals. EPSILON has been the true backbone of patient-level cannabis research in the medical cannabis industry for nearly a decade. Synergy Wellness is a non-profit collective engaged in horticulture production of high quality medicinal cannabis and marijuana products. This is a small boutique horticulture operation in West Marin that is focused on high quality. FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. About chemotherapy Chemotherapy is used to treat many different types of cancer.
The CT images showed a significant amount of residual mass, but without hypermetabolism on the PET images, showing that it would have been difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment with CT alone.
The pathophysiology of acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) can be envisaged as a three step process. 4 children were diagnosed with Doose syndrome, 2 with Dravet syndrome, 1 with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, 1 with metachromatic leukodystrophy, 1 with cortical  dysplasia and 2 with idiopathic epilepsy. We were originally told that her only option would we a 13 month protocol of chemo using Vincristine and Carboplatin in hopes to arrest the development of the tumor. We worked her up to that dose slowly and the only side effects she ever had was a little sleepiness that completely went away as she acclimated to the oils. In the video below you will see the tumor from September 2013 on the left and June 2014 on the right, as explained by the neurologist.”end quote pdf file. After two separate caregivers privately suggested to the family that “the real thing” would work better than Marinol, they asked the doctors for a recommendation for medical cannabis which was given, on condition that it was not to be smoked, but vaporisedor ingested. Improvement in this common side effect of Vinctistinewas not achieved but the continuing deterioration of the neuropathy and  footdrop was halted.

It was expected by the oncologists that the size would remain the same, but continued shrinkage occurred throughout treatment. In 13 out of the 14 cycles he developed a fever so had to be hospitalized for inpatient infusions of antibiotics. Chico’s mother was able to wean him off these  opioids very easily over the course of two to three days once he returned home, as it was felt that the oil helped to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of the opioids.
He is still struggling with appetite and is having a hard time  gaining the weight back that he lost during treatment but the oil and vaporising do help to stimulate his appetite and he has been able to  have his feeding tube removed. The oncologists are saying that as his case of nausea and vomiting throughout the chemotherapy was so severe thatitis not beyond the bounds of reason that the nausea he experiences still from time to time is related still to the chemo, but there is definitely a correlation between missing a dose of oil and the nausea and vomiting coming on.
We had just driven away from the hospital after an MRI that was prescribed to us by a neurologist to “eliminate all of the worst possibilities” for some strange symptoms (unexplained ear pain, hardly using her right arm, tilting her head to the left) our 2 year, 9 month old beautiful daughter had been experiencing during the preceding 12 months.
We met with so many doctors, nurses, specialists, social workers, etc., that the initial 5 day stay in the hospital was a blur. Any stranger seeing her out and about would only see an adorable little girl and would have no ideawhat she is fighting. The company’s primary mission was and is to protect the public health by providing infrastructure and analytical services to legally authorized distributors and producers of cannabis and to regulators tracking their operations. Also note that concerning an answer which appears as an electronically posted question, I am NOT creating a physician — patient relationship.
This article may be reproduced on the internet without permission, provided there is a link to this page and proper credit is given.
We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of issues of significance.
It involves taking anticancer medicines – these are usually given directly into your bloodstream. We were told that she would for sure go blind in her left eye and her right eye would likely be compromised. Since it is a low grade glioma, chemo was never meant to get rid of the tumor, and if we saw even minimal shrinkage it would be considered a huge success. Now her only side effect is hunger, which is amazing since the chemo can effect her appetite. Sophie’s tumor has surpassed everything that doctors told us was possible with chemo alone, and we are now at month 11 of a 13 month chemo protocol. The family proceeded to try various edibles on their son without much success, given the patient’s reluctance toingest any foods! Its efficacy in terms of symptom mitigation was inconsistent –extremely effective at times, and not effective at other times.
As CBD is known to sometimes suppress appetite, the dosage was adjusted according to his daily needs. He was able to be switched from TPN, which is known to cause liver damage, to feeding through a g tube from August 2013 as he was largely able to tolerate the feeds without the excessive vomiting which has previously occurred, preventing much g tube usage. However, themedical team were very insistent towards the end of treatment that Chico be put onto a daily methadone dose.
Other than this, there have been no negative side effects whatsoever from this now 12 year old boy ingesting cannabis oil daily for more than 14 months. As we were pulling out of the hospital parking lot, my cell phone rang with an unfamiliar number. After a biopsy, a couple MRI’s, and countless tests, we were given an avalanche of information but the one piece ofinformation that will forever resonate in my mind is: 2 years.
Although we are encouraged by the fact that the tumor, which is the size of a golf ball, has remained stable and not grown since the first MRI in February, we decided to start Chemo on August 14th.
During the initial hospital stay in February the doctors reviewing her MRI were absolutely dumbfounded that she could walk.
The next round we went armed with a new cannabis oil regimen and an Aunt Zelda’s cannabis healing topical. We credit cannabis for saving our sons life and protecting him from the damage the chemo was doing to his healthy cells. Although identities will remain confidential as much as possible, as I can not control the media, I can not take responsibility for any breaches of confidentiality that may occur.
We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. This is known as intravenous chemotherapy and involves inserting a thin, flexible tube into a vein.
Because of the shrinkage we have seen from the use of cannabis we have saved her vision, and the only challenge she has is a lazy eye that we are working on correcting. After 11 months of chemo and high doses of cannabis oil, our daughter’s brain tumor is about 70-75%  gone, and a massive cyst that had formed is about 85% gone. When we give Sophie her medicine we separate them into 4 doses and give them 3 hours apart. On top of the amazing shrinkage we have seen, Sophie has also continued to gain weight and has a great quality of life despite having chemo once a week with short breaks from time to time.
It was at this point,  approximately 5 months into the treatment in June 2013, that the family learned about the curative properties of whole plant cannabis extract medicine and decided to order some cannabis oil, which transpired to be approx.
He gradually built up to a dose of atotal of 2 grams of oil per day, so effectively approx.
This caused tremendous problems as the team had great difficulty pinpointing the appropriate starting dose of methadone.
On occasions when he has inadvertentlyskipped a dose, he suffered extreme nausea and vomiting. He has sometimes (no more than perhaps 5 times) appeared to be giggly and a little silly, but never anything negative apart from one incident when he was first put on methadone and the oil dose had not been reduced and there appeared to be a very significant exacerbation of the action of the methadone by the oil.
Having gone through a pretty intense morning of first time anesthesia, an MRI (and recovery), I let it go to  voicemail. When asked about what the future holds, the neurosurgeon told us that with successful Chemo and Radiation treatments, our daughter’s probable life span was 2 years. In a nutshell, we have one shot at this and we don’t want to look back and wish we had done something or wish we had done something sooner. He was lethargic, cranky, he wouldn’t eat, was extremely constipated and gassy, he was bruising from every touch, he was having breathing issues, covered in petechaie.
He was upped from intermediate risk to high risk and placed on the highest most aggressive protocol. This allows the translocation of microbial products, such as lipopolysaccharide, from the intestinal lumen to the circulation, which stimulates the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumour-necrosis factor (TNF), from host tissues (particularly from macrophages). The experts that we work with believe that by separating the THC and CBD it allows the THC to attach to the CB1 receptors, and the CBD to attach to the CB2 receptors without competition, which results in better absorption. Her hair has grown back, she is advancing developmentally, and despite the need for frequent blood transfusions she is otherwise really happy and healthy.
Modified ketogenic using no refined sugars or carbs, and an abundance of good fats is used daily and 20 minutes before every cannabis dose. 60% THC with negligible CBD, and which isopropyl alcohol had been used as the solvent (when the supplier had claimed it was made with food grade alcohol and was 80% THC).
With hindsight, we feel that the oil was masking the withdrawal symptoms leading to him being under-dosed with methadone.
After the voicemail beeped I listened to the message which was the neurologist asking us to call her as soon as we got the message. We use cannabis along with acupuncture, reishi spore mushrooms and diffusing oils to help with the side effects of chemo. Who knows what’s been working to allow her to live fully and keep the tumor stable but fornow, we plan to continue as we have.
The doctors prepared us for constipation with huge tubs of Miralaxthat he never needed, future flight for life rides that haven’t happened, feeding tubes that were never even discussed later because he always maintained his weight.

Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. Activated macrophages produce chemokines that activate neutrophils, which further increases inflammation. The percentages of CBD and THC varied according to which strains were given, but usually fell within the 55-80% range. This passed withina few hours and did not require medical treatment, although it was as a result of this incident that the oil dose was reduced and titrated upwards as the methadone was titrated downwards. We called her back while driving home and she asked that we pull over and stop in a safe location. We spent 2 nights there fighting for his life and were released with 2 epipens and a class on how to use them.
He even gained 7lbs through 16 months of aggressive chemotherapy, held onto a full head of hair for 7 months. The release of these pro-inflammatory cytokines increases the expression of MHC and adhesion molecules on host cells, enhancing their antigen-presenting capacity. This translates into a maximum daily dose during treatment of approximately 900mg per day of THC and 500mg per day of CBD. From what we can tell she  can see perfectly, and has had zero complications due to sight loss. It was noted that the cannabis oil seemed to intensify the action of the methadone, so the oil dose was drastically reduced and titrated upwards as the methadone dose titrated downwards.
The aromatherapy was like magic for him and he began clearing his methotrexate levels in record time. Donor T-cell activation results mainly in interferon- (IFN) production, which further increases the expression of MHC and adhesion molecules, chemokines and CD95 on antigen-presenting cells (APCs). They found a “mass” in her brain and wanted us to turn around immediately and go to the emergency room. Following each treatment you will have a rest period of a few days or weeks when you won't have any treatment.
This results in further increases in antigen presentation and recruitment and the expansion of host-specific cytotoxic CD8+ and CD4+ T cells, and natural killer (NK) cells. There were negligible withdrawal symptoms, and it was definitely noted that the cannabis oil was a very effective agent in detoxing from the methadone.
The neurologist was reluctant to elaborate on anything but when she told us that the hospital was waiting for us and that they would have a room set aside for us in the Oncology ward, it hit me. After researching Radiation treatments, it was easy to conclude that the potential side effects (many & all horrible) would put that option at the bottom of the list.
Chemotherapy affects all the cells in your body, not just the cancerous ones, and this time allows the healthy cells to recover. Chico finished chemotherapy on schedule in October 2013 and was declared NED at his treatment end scans in November 2013. We felt obligated to her to look for anything that might help or compliment the options available at the hospital. Following his methadone detox, which finished in Feb 2014, he has been on a maintenance dose of cannabis oil of approx. It is likely that regulatory T cells, like effector T cells, are first activated in the draining lymph nodes.
The tumor is a Astrocytoma growing from the brain stem down her spine (roughly 9cm x 3cm x 3cm) We’ve all known someone touched by cancer but no parent thinks that cancer and their child would be used in the same sentence. Happily his progress scans which are done every three months show him continuing to be in remission.
Deciphering the difference was overwhelming but we were fortunate to have come across a few people that were able to point usinthe right direction to learn more about cancer specific diets, alternative pain solutions and the medicinal use of cannabis. Consequently, activation and proliferation of alloreactive donor effector T cells is suppressed, resulting in diminished export from the lymph nodes to the target organs. He is now out of his wheelchair and is still receiving intensivephysical therapy to reverse the damage done by the vincristine. Soon after coming home from the hospital, we started a low carbohydrate, no processed sugar, whole foods diet. In addition, TR1 cells, through IL-10 and transforming growth factor- (TGF) production, efficiently reduce the inflammatory state. He is now walking unaided but still has his heels off the ground but has been able to avoid tendon release surgery so far.
IFN produced in the presence of inducible regulatory T cells leads to the expression of inducible nitric-oxide synthase (iNOS) and indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) with consequent production of NO and haem oxygenase 1 (HO1), which modulate effector T-cell functions.
Because the tumor causes extreme daily pain, our doctors prescribed Dilaudid which is an opiate pain medication. After researching as best we could, we reluctantly decided to incorporate cannabis into her treatment plan to help with the pain and hopefully act in an anti-tumor capacity. We started with a low dose of cannabis and over the course of a month worked up to a gram a day. Because of the possible enhancement, our Oncologist wanted us to start chemo the next week.
He or she will telephone you to introduce him- or herself and arrange a date for a first visit. Make sure your medicines are stored away from children and pets as they could be harmful if taken by accident.
If you have an implantable port, your nurse will either use a needle to inject medicine into the port or attach a drip to the port.
This is because chemotherapy can cause changes to some of your blood cells so these need to be checked regularly. Even if you’re having chemotherapy at home, your doctor and the team at the hospital continue to have responsibility for your overall care.
In particular, you may feel very tired and not be able to work full-time or manage your usual levels of physical activity. Take things at your own pace and don't overdo it, especially after you have just had a treatment.
We have not included the chance of these happening as they are specific to you and differ for every person. The extent to which you’re affected and how long they last are different for everyone. Your nurse will discuss the possible side-effects of your specific treatment with you and can advise you on their severity and what you should do if you develop them. However, some chemotherapy medicines may have permanent effects, including the possibility of problems with your fertility – ask your doctor or nurse for more information. However, this isn't always possible as nurses work different shifts, and annual leave and sickness absence need to be taken into account.
However, you will usually need to carry on seeing your doctor for check-ups because he or she and the team at the hospital still have responsibility for your care even if you have chemotherapy at home. How regularly you need these will depend on your condition and how your treatment is going. If you're having chemotherapy through an intravenous pump over several days, your nurse may not be with you for the entire time. However, he or she will give you a number to call in case you have any problems or concerns while he or she isn't there.

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