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This month’s final dip into the Tonight Show archives unearths Johnny’s powwows with Henry Fonda (1980), Elizabeth Taylor (1992), Susan Sarandon (1974), William Holden (1976), and Goldie Hawn (1980). An apparently deadly explosion rocks the reservation in “Tuscan Red,” and Walt is thrust into the middle when the Cheyenne blame Newett Energy’s irresponsible practices.
In “The Girl Who Knew Too Much,” Allison realizes that someone close to her may have a hand (paw?) in the string of killings.
The town is down to its last few drops of water in “The Endless Thirst,” setting the residents at one another’s throats. Postponed from last week, “Fire in the Sky” sees the bonds among the survivors warped by the appearance of an eerie celestial light.

Elsewhere, Daphne is nonplussed by an encounter with Chef Jeff, Toby helps Nikki come to grips with a troubling episode from her family’s past, and John throws Regina some business.
The opener visits with Bryan Cranston, Vince Gilligan, and the rest of the expert tension-racheters behind Breaking Bad. Scott and Stiles pursue a different tack, believing that Lydia’s increasing gifts might unmask the murderer. On the ground, Sam offers Daniel romantic advice, Carolina drops a bombshell on Johnny, and Neeko seizes an advantage against some of his fellow contestants. Or if you miss it, hit up the show page as the Breaking Bad episode is already up to watch.

When hurled by the players’ basket-gloves, or xistera, the ball regularly travels in excess of 100 mph. In Dome-ier developments, Julia realizes that two townspeople have unusual connections with the forcefield.

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