Cannabis cures cancer fake

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A Colorado Springs mom is catching heat from social services for treating her son's cancer with cannabis instead of chemotherapy. Sierra Riddle learned a year ago that her son Landon, 3, had an aggressive form of leukemia. Landon became violently ill, vomiting multiple times a day, and suffered nerve damage in his legs, Riddle told CNN's Dr. In January Landon began taking liquid forms of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol), two compounds found in cannabis. Landon went off chemotherapy in early July, and continues to take his four liquid capsules of the cannabis compounds per day.

But doctors are concerned that stopping Landon's chemo treatments may put his life in danger. Another sit-down with the doctor and child protective services was reportedly scheduled for Wednesday, October 2. Riddle told CBS she has not missed any of Landon's scheduled appointments, but refuses to put him back on chemo unless his situation turns dire again. Riddle isn't the first parent on record to use medical marijuana to combat a child's cancer. Others, such as the Echols family of Oregon, have attempted to treat their children's seizure disorders. Because of laws in most states, as well as a lack of precedent for treating children with cannabis, there is almost no guidance for parents who wish to do so. The CBD compound seems to have an ability to combat cancer in human cells and in mice according to lab experiments, researchers from California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute told CNN.

Doctors in their hometown of Salt Lake City began the standard treatment of radiation and chemotherapy, which took a heavy toll on his little body.
Last week, local news reports showed Landon as a happy, healthy-looking little boy, running and playing as any three-year-old would. After a Colorado doctor threatened to report Riddle for refusing chemotherapy for Landon, a human services agent showed up on her doorstep last week, CBS Local Denver reported.
Last year, a 7-year-old girl in Oregon was given the drug by her mother to ease leukemia symptoms.

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