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At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), we understand that when it comes to cancer, every person and every situation is different.
Our team of cancer experts includes physicians who specialize in treating cancer, doctors who treat complications caused by cancer and many other clinicians who support you and your quality of life throughout treatment.
Our state-of-the-art hospitals house some of the most sophisticated tools and technologies available to diagnose and fight cancer. Your personalized treatment plan combines advanced cancer treatments with therapies that manage side effects, boost your energy and keep you strong during treatment. You receive continuous care from a dedicated team of doctors and other clinicians, with most or all of your diagnostic testing and treatments taking place onsite in our hospital. A friendly driver greets you at the airport or train station and drives you to your lodging.
A complimentary shuttle transports you to and from the hospital, and can take you to restaurants, local stores and attractions. Oncology Information Specialist (OIS) Annabelle Falconetti helps patients and caregivers find the support they need. Annabelle Falconetti talks about becoming a patient at CTCA and how we plan the details of your visit. Complimentary shuttle service available to the airport, restaurants, shops and other local attractions. Activities, classes and support groups are available to patients, caregivers and family members.
CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center houses some of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic resources in cancer treatment, available to patients seven days a week. At CTCA at Midwestern Regional Medical Center, cancer experts work together in one location, sharing their knowledge, coordinating treatments and, ultimately, providing comprehensive cancer treatment tailored to you.
CTCA at Western Regional Medical Center is one of our newest, state-of-the-art cancer hospitals. At CTCA at Eastern Regional Medical Center, you will discover an expert team of cancer doctors and other clinicians, advanced cancer treatments and technologies, and integrative oncology services—all under one roof.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America staff and members of the Cancer Fighters Construction Team: Ken Owenson, Chris Johnson, Robbie Robinson, Rick Johnson, Sarah Lopez, Ralph Tripp, Gary Hackney, Rose Sajuan, Cheryl Merkel, Dee Stratmoen and Keith Schlueter. Six Lake County cancer survivors were given the opportunity to influence the design and construction of a new inpatient tower at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center (Midwestern).
The distinct opportunity, dubbed the Cancer Fighters Construction Team, allowed the Lake County residents to give back and help others fighting cancer in a truly unique way.
The group of former patients, caregivers and friends of CTCA at Midwestern consulted on construction and design topics during an eight-month time span, beginning with conceptual planning all the way through finishing touches just before the grand opening on Nov. The Cancer Fighters Construction Team also welcomed caregivers to the group to gain their perspective.
From interior colors to wallpaper, furniture and on-site amenities, the Cancer Fighters Construction Team was asked to weigh in every step of the way. Amenities in the inpatient tower include tranquil family lounges on each floor, a secure and spacious outdoor courtyard, a large patient bistro, and a state-of-the-art culinary demonstration kitchen, where patients and caregivers can learn how to prepare healthy meals they can enjoy at home.
Located on the top two floors and opening in June 2016, the inpatient tower will also provide an additional 48 guest quarters, hotel-like accommodations for outpatients, as well as family members and caregivers, so they may be close to loved ones.
The 48 in-hospital living spaces are in addition to the more than 300 guest quarter accommodations that are currently available to patients. Patients from across the United States and abroad travel to CTCA at Midwestern for innovative medical treatment and integrative care. Find out what makes our cancer hospitals unique, and watch as Audrey Allen describes why treating at CTCA was the right choice for her. Our team of cancer experts utilizes sophisticated technology and advanced cancer treatments, in addition to integrative therapies designed to improve your quality of life. Rick Johnson, Chris Johnson's husband, spent a considerable amount of time at the hospital when his wife was in treatment, and offered input for creating a space that is comfortable for caregivers and families. The hospital's focus on whole-person care sets them apart and has made the North suburban Chicago hospital a travel destination for cancer care.
The state-of-the-art, all-digital hospital serves cancer patients and their families from across the Southeast and beyond.

The words they frequently use to describe their workplace culture: supportive, collaborative and, above all, happy. Theresa Rodriguez is a nurse at the infusion center, which administers things like chemotherapy and pain medication at the five-floor Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion. 8 among large companies on the Tribune's Top Workplaces list, as surveyed by WorkplaceDynamics, an Exton, Pa.-based consultancy. Once known as the American International Hospital, the Zion location of what became Cancer Treatment Centers in 1988 marked the first in a growing number of for-profit cancer treatment centers. In addition to the roughly 1,000 employees in Zion, the company has four other hospitals nationwide, an outpatient center in Seattle and a corporate office in Schaumburg, for a total of about 3,800 staff members across the country. In a nod to the mother of its founder, Richard Stephenson, whose investment company bought the Zion building in 1975 and who began Cancer Treatment Centers following the death of his mother from cancer, the hospital's employees abide by what they call the Mother Standard of care. Meisner and management are acutely aware that people who have careers focused on serving others can neglect their own health, and they have spent the last couple of years aggressively focused on wellness initiatives for the staff. In one such effort, the company wanted to screen prospective staff for tobacco as a condition of employment.
And we're big believers in talking to patients about not just what they can do for themselves medically but what they can do for themselves to live healthier lives. I think they're well within their bounds." He added, however, that organizations have to be careful not to tread too far into privacy issues. Other wellness initiatives include biometric screening to measure things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels and a comprehensive health assessment, which entails a detailed questionnaire. Each year, the Department of Mind-Body Medicine hosts a week at work for the staff that focuses on an aspect of mind-body health, like Reiki, a Japanese technique for relaxation, and HeartMath, which helps with stress management.
A therapist is always on call for patients and staff, and in the event a patient dies, Cancer Treatment Centers will organize a group memorial and make it possible for grieving staff to go to patients' funerals.

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