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American funk-soul band Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are known for their music which is a hark back to the birth of soul in the 1960s.
Since the announcement, Sharon had a successful surgery on the tumor, thanks to early detection, and is now back in the swing of things with a new lease on life. We love that Sharon is a role model for many women who are going through chemotherapy, showing that being a survivor, being healthy and embracing life is far more important that the superficial things which only place value on the external. Sharon reminds of the late Talia Joy Castellano, the youtube beauty blogger and cancer patient who taught young girls with cancer that bald is beautiful, and not to be ashamed of the way they look. While the title may suggest otherwise, we believe after what she has been through, Sharon is NO stranger to her happiness because she has found a deeper appreciation for it thanks to her brave battle with cancer.
The bacterium has proved to be "remarkably adept" at developing resistance to the drugs used to treat it and the concern is that one day the bacterium may become resistant to cephalosporin. For the study, the research team charted the point where resistant strains of the disease where reported - in Hawaii and California - and then they proceed to track the spread of the disease across the U.S. Although the use of ceftriaxone is currently effective, the CDC states that it is critical to continuously monitor antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae and encourage research and development of new treatment regimens. In terms of sexual health, transmission can be reduced by the usage of latex barriers, such as condoms or dental dams, during intercourse, oral and anal sex. Currently doctors are using hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer, but new skin patches offer safer and easier results. A new study, published online in lancet oncology, shows that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches helped lower testosterone in males suffering from prostate cancer. The study was led by researchers at Imperial College London and the medical research Council (MRC) Clinical trials Unit in London. The current treatment involved an injection of LHRHa drugs to lower the amount of testosterone made by the testicles.
Prostate cancer treatment which was performed in the 1960s, involved males consuming an oestrogen pill, which blocked testosterone production. The oestrogen patch provides a much more convenient and painless treatment for prostate cancer. Put another way: Does a voter have the right to require that their neighbor ingest a certain medication (even if it is against that neighbor’s will)?
4) The fluoride goes to everyone regardless of age, health or vulnerability. According to Dr.
5) People now receive fluoride from many other sources besides water. Fluoridated water is not the only way people are exposed to fluoride.
9) No health agency in fluoridated countries is monitoring fluoride exposure or side effects.
10) There has never been a single randomized controlled trial to demonstrate fluoridation’s effectiveness or safety. 12) Fluoridation is not necessary. Most western, industrialized countries have rejected water fluoridation, but have nevertheless experienced the same decline in childhood dental decay as fluoridated countries. 14) NIH-funded study on individual fluoride ingestion and tooth decay found no significant correlation.
20) The highest doses of fluoride are going to bottle-fed babies. Because of their sole reliance on liquids for their food intake, infants consuming formula made with fluoridated water have the highest exposure to fluoride, by bodyweight, in the population. 24) Fluoride may cause non-IQ neurotoxic effects. Reduced IQ is not the only neurotoxic effect that may result from fluoride exposure.
25) Fluoride affects the pineal gland. Studies by Jennifer Luke (2001) show that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland to very high levels.
30) People with impaired kidney function are particularly vulnerable to bone damage. Because of their inability to effectively excrete fluoride, people with kidney disease are prone to accumulating high levels of fluoride in their bone and blood. 32) Proponents have failed to refute the Bassin-Osteosarcoma study. In 2001, Elise Bassin, a dentist, successfully defended her doctoral thesis at Harvard in which she found that young boys had a five-to-seven fold increased risk of getting osteosarcoma by the age of 20 if they drank fluoridated water during their mid-childhood growth spurt (age 6 to 8). 34) Some individuals are highly sensitive to low levels of fluoride as shown by case studies and double blind studies. 39) Minorities are not being warned about their vulnerabilities to fluoride. The CDC is not warning black and Mexican-American children that they have higher rates of dental fluorosis than Caucasian children (see #38).
41) The chemicals used to fluoridate water are not pharmaceutical grade. Instead, they largely come from the wet scrubbing systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry.
42) The silicon fluorides have not been tested comprehensively. The chemical usually tested in animal studies is pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride, not industrial grade fluorosilicic acid.
44) Fluoride may leach lead from pipes, brass fittings and soldered joints. In tightly controlled laboratory experiments, Maas et al (2007) have shown that fluoridating agents in combination with chlorinating agents such as chloroamine increase the leaching of lead from brass fittings used in plumbing. What the committee found is that we’ve gone with the status quo regarding fluoride for many years—for too long really—and now we need to take a fresh look .
46) Endorsements do not represent scientific evidence. Many of those promoting fluoridation rely heavily on a list of endorsements. The most recent examples of these self-fulfilling prophecies have come from the Irish Fluoridation Forum (2002); the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, 2007) and Health Canada (2008, 2010).
48) Many scientists oppose fluoridation. Proponents of fluoridation have maintained for many years— despite the fact that the earliest opponents of fluoridation were biochemists—that the only people opposed to fluoridation are not bona fide scientists. When it comes to controversies surrounding toxic chemicals, vested interests traditionally do their very best to discount animal studies and quibble with epidemiological findings. Just how much doubt is needed on just one of the health concerns identified above, to override a benefit, which when quantified in the largest survey ever conducted in the US, amounts to less than one tooth surface (out of 128) in a child’s mouth?
While fluoridation may not be the greatest environmental health threat, it is one of the easiest to end. The 50 Reasons were first compiled by Paul Connett and presented in person to the Irish Fluoridation Forum in October 2000.
Since 2004, there have been many major scientific developments including the publication of the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) (1993). Toxicological Profile for Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine (F). Actinic keratosis (AK), also known as solar keratosis, is a skin condition caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation (i.e. Melanoma is the third most common form of cancer in Canadian women between the ages of 15‐29.
Skin Cancer Foundation, nor a  guarantee for the quality, value or effectiveness of any products, services or methods advertised by our sponsors. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the band, lead by frontwoman Sharon Jones may be known by many in the music world, but now they have a new fan base: female cancer survivors. While fans may have wanted to see them on stage, it is far more important to take care of your own health and come back a survivor with a story to tell that will inspire others. Karina Moreira is another beauty vlogger who despite going through chemo at the age of 15, has inspired so many by her story, including supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The resultant disease can cause pelvic pain, pain on urination, penile, and vaginal discharge, as well as systemic symptoms in human infection. In 2008, there were 336,742 official cases; 2013 estimates placed the number of cases closer to 820,000. If this was the case, then this could significantly complicate the ability of healthcare providers to treat gonorrhea successfully.
While Chlamydia seems to respond well to medication so far, a small number of strains have shown signs of developing drug-resistance. The CDC study found that rates of so-termed 'super-gonorrhea' occured in several cities, including Denver, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.
For this study, the researchers analyzed rates of gonorrhea and resistant gonorrhea in 17 cities between 1991 and 2006.
However, what was of greatest concern was that rates of gonorrhea were sharply rising in the cities with higher levels of resistance strains of the bacteria.
Currently, HRT is given to women to treat symptoms of menopause, but they also show promising results for males. This equates to approximately 185 million people, which is over half the number of people drinking artificially fluoridated water worldwide.
Informed consent is standard practice for all medication, and one of the key reasons why most of Western Europe has ruled against fluoridation. Once fluoride is put in the water it is impossible to control the dose each individual receives because people drink different amounts of water. The addition of drugs to the drinking water means exactly the opposite of an individualized therapy” (Carlsson 1978).
Healthy adult kidneys excrete 50 to 60% of the fluoride ingested each day (Marier & Rose 1971). Despite some claims to the contrary, water fluoridation cannot prevent the oral health crises that result from rampant poverty, inadequate nutrition, and lack of access to dental care. Modern research shows that decay rates were coming down before fluoridation was introduced in Australia and New Zealand and have continued to decline even after its benefits would have been maximized. The goal of the early promoters of fluoridation was to limit dental fluorosis (in its very mild form) to10% of children (NRC 1993, pp.
There have now been 33 studies from China, Iran, India and Mexico that have reported an association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ. An early fluoridation trial (Newburgh-Kingston 1945-55) found a significant two-fold increase in cortical bone defects among children in the fluoridated community (Schlesinger 1956).

As a result of this high fluoride body burden, kidney patients have an elevated risk for developing skeletal fluorosis. The study was published in 2006 (Bassin 2006) but has been largely discounted by fluoridating countries because her thesis adviser Professor Chester Douglass (a promoter of fluoridation and a consultant for Colgate) promised a larger study that he claimed would discount her thesis (Douglass and Joshipura, 2006).
In one study, which lasted 13 years, Feltman and Kosel (1961) showed that about 1% of patients given 1 mg of fluoride each day developed negative reactions. While at heightened risk, poor families are least able to afford avoiding fluoride once it is added to the water supply. The recognition that minority children appear to be more vulnerable to toxic effects of fluoride, combined with the fact that low-income families are less able to avoid drinking fluoridated water, has prompted prominent leaders in the environmental-justice movement to oppose mandatory fluoridation in Georgia. Since dental decay is most concentrated in poor communities, we should be spending our efforts trying to increase the access to dental care for low-income families. These chemicals (90% of which are sodium fluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid), are classified hazardous wastes contaminated with various impurities. Proponents claim that once the silicon fluorides have been diluted at the public water works they are completely dissociated to free fluoride ions and hydrated silica and thus there is no need to examine the toxicology of these compounds.
Because of lead’s acknowledged ability to damage the developing brain, this is a very serious finding. While proponents may argue about the neurotoxic effects of low levels of fluoride there is no argument that lead at very low levels lowers IQ in children. Anti-fluoride forces have always claimed that the many government-sponsored review panels set up over the years to assess the costs and benefits of fluoridation were stacked in favor of fluoridation. Today, as more and more scientists, doctors, dentists and other professionals, read the primary literature for themselves, rather than relying on self-serving statements from the ADA and the CDC, they are realizing that they and the general public have not been diligently informed by their professional bodies on this subject. Many scientists, doctors and dentists who have spoken out publicly on this issue have been subjected to censorship and intimidation (Martin 1991).
In the past, political pressures have led government agencies to drag their feet on regulating asbestos, benzene, DDT, PCBs, tetraethyl lead, tobacco and dioxins. The document was refined in 2004 and published in Medical Veritas. In the introduction to the 2004 version it was explained that after over four years the Irish authorities had not been able to muster a response to the 50 Reasons, despite agreeing to do so in 2000.
On Fibrous Defects in Cortical Walls: Their Radiological Appearance, Structure, Prevalence, Natural Course, and Diagnostic Significance in Advances in Pediatrics, ed.
No advertising material is intended to substitute for the advice of a healthcare provider and readers are advised to consult their medical practitioner for specific information on personal health matters. This could be an under estimated for not all of those who are infected know it, contributing to the problem. With people testing positive for gonorrhea, most clinics test for other sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia, syphilis, and human immunodeficiency virus. This was because the bacterium became resistant to ciprofloxacin, which was then a common drug to treat gonorrhea.
Data analysis revealed that when 10% of gonorrhea cases are resistant, there is an associated 7% spike in the incidence of gonorrhea. The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening for gonorrhea in women at increased risk of infection, which includes all sexually active women younger than 25 years.
However, there has been a relatively low emphasis on research to such a vaccine in the medical literature and few human clinical trials for prospective vaccines. Researchers found that if males received oestrogen via patch, they did not increase their risk of heart and blood clotting problems the way a tablet form does.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). With water fluoridation we are allowing governments to do to whole communities (forcing people to take a medicine irrespective of their consent) what individual doctors cannot do to individual patients. It is now widely acknowledged that exposure to non-water sources of fluoride has significantly increased since the water fluoridation program first began (NRC 2006).
The remainder accumulates in the body, largely in calcifying tissues such as the bones and pineal gland (Luke 1997, 2001).
Randomized trials are the standard method for determining the safety and effectiveness of any purportedly beneficial medical treatment. Since the purported benefit of fluoride is topical, and the risks are systemic, it makes more sense to deliver the fluoride directly to the tooth in the form of toothpaste. This difference is less than one tooth surface, and less than 1% of the 100+ tooth surfaces available in a child’s mouth. National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study found no significant relationship between tooth decay and fluoride intake among children. While promoters of fluoridation are content to dismiss dental fluorosis (in its milder forms) as merely a cosmetic effect, it is rash to assume that fluoride is not impacting other developing tissues when it is visibly damaging the teeth by some biochemical mechanism (Groth 1973; Colquhoun 1997). In total, there have now been over 100 animal experiments showing that fluoride can damage the brain and impact learning and behavior. In the middle of the 20th century, fluoride was prescribed by a number of European doctors to reduce the activity of the thyroid gland for those suffering from hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) (Stecher 1960; Waldbott 1978). The cortical bone is the outside layer of the bone and is important to protect against fracture.
Hip fracture is a very serious issue for the elderly, often leading to a loss of independence or a shortened life.
Now, after 5 years of waiting the Douglass study has finally been published (Kim 2011) but in no way does this study discount Bassin’s findings. Many individuals have reported suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, rashes and stomach and gastro intestinal tract problems, which disappear when they avoid fluoride in their water and diet. No financial support is being offered to these families to help them get alternative water supplies or to help pay the costs of treating unsightly cases of dental fluorosis. Black Americans have higher rates of lactose intolerance, kidney problems and diabetes, all of which may exacerbate fluoride’s toxicity. The highest rates of tooth decay today can be found in low-income areas that have been fluoridated for many years.
Recent testing by the National Sanitation Foundation suggest that the levels of arsenic in these silicon fluorides are relatively high (up to 1.6 ppb after dilution into public water) and of potential concern (NSF 2000 and Wang 2000).
However, while a study from the University of Michigan (Finney et al., 2006) showed complete dissociation at neutral pH, in acidic conditions (pH 3) there was a stable complex containing five fluoride ions.
PHS first endorsed fluoridation in 1950, before one single trial had been completed and before any significant health studies had been published (see chapters 9 and 10 in The Case Against Fluoride for the significance of this PHS endorsement for the future promotion of fluoridation). Four of the six were pro-fluoridation dentists and the other two had no demonstrated expertise on fluoride.
As of January 2012, over 4,000 professionals have signed a statement calling for an end to water fluoridation worldwide.
But to turn off that spigot takes political will and to get that we need masses more people informed and organized. Well Water Fluoride, Dental fluorosis, Bone Fractures in the Guadiana Valley of Mexico. Fluoride. Ethnicity, location, age, and fluoridation factors in baby bottle tooth decay and caries prevalence of Head Start children. Public Health Reports. Age-specific Fluoride Exposure in Drinking Water and Osteosarcoma (United States). Cancer Causes and Control. Cohn (1992). An Epidemiologic Report on Drinking Water and Fluoridation, New Jersey Department of Health, Environmental Health Service, November 8, 1992.
Determination of the contents of amino-acid and monoamine neurotransmitters in fetal brains from a fluorosis-endemic area. No evidence of transfer of fluoride from plasma to breast milk. British Medical Journal (Clin Res Ed). The most common sources of UV radiation on the skin are the sun and artificial tanning beds.
The most common association with the infection is with burning with urination and discharge from the penis.
Undiagnosed cases, or infections that are unsuccessfully treated and then linger without obvious symptoms, can create serious health problems. In some cases, third-generation antibiotics called cephalosporins are used to treat gonorrhea.
As a matter of basic logic, adding fluoride to water for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay (a non-waterborne disease) is a form of medical treatment.
On the contrary there is extensive evidence that fluoride can interfere with many important biological processes.
There are no benefits (see reasons #11-19), only risks (see reasons #21-36), for infants ingesting this heightened level of fluoride at such an early age (an age where susceptibility to environmental toxins is particularly high). Infants and children excrete less fluoride from their kidneys and take up to 80% of ingested fluoride into their bones (Ekstrand 1994). Since swallowing fluoride is unnecessary, and potentially dangerous, there is no justification for forcing people (against their will) to ingest fluoride through their water supply.
As the following figure indicates, many other factors are responsible for the decline of tooth decay that has been universally reported throughout the western world. As a result, many parents remain unaware of the fluorosis risk from infant exposure to fluoridated water. Moreover, ingested fluoride can only cause dental fluorosis during the period before the permanent teeth have erupted (6-8 years), other tissues are potentially susceptible to damage throughout life.

According to fluoridation proponents, these animal studies can be ignored because high doses were used.
In the Ding study, each 1 ppm increase of fluoride in urine was associated with a loss of 0.59 IQ points. Few, if any, studies have been done to determine the extent of this misdiagnosis, and whether the high prevalence of arthritis in America (1 in 3 Americans have some form of arthritis – CDC, 2002) and other fluoridated countries is related to growing fluoride exposure, which is highly plausible. While this result was not considered important at the time with respect to bone fractures, it did prompt questions about a possible link to osteosarcoma (Caffey, 1955; NAS, 1977). There have been over a dozen studies published since 1990 that have investigated a possible relationship between hip fractures and long term consumption of artificially fluoridated water or water with high natural levels.
Following the results of this study, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) reviewed national cancer data in the U.S.
The study, which used far fewer controls than Bassin’s analysis, did not even attempt to assess the age-specific window of risk that Bassin identified. The real question is whether there is an adequate margin of safety between the doses shown to cause harm in published studies and the total dose people receive consuming uncontrolled amounts of fluoridated water and non-water sources of fluoride.
Thus the possibility arises that such a complex may be regenerated in the stomach where the pH lies between 1 and 2.
This association received some strong biochemical support from an animal study by Sawan et al. Many other endorsements swiftly followed with little evidence of any scientific rational for doing so. Phyllis Mullenix was fired from her position as Chair of Toxicology at Forsythe Dental Center for publishing her findings on fluoride and the brain (Mullenix 1995); and Dr.
Unfortunately, because government officials and dental leaders have put so much of their credibility on the line defending fluoridation, and because of the huge liabilities waiting in the wings if they admit that fluoridation has caused an increase in hip fracture, arthritis, bone cancer, brain disorders or thyroid problems, it will be very difficult for them to speak honestly and openly about the issue.
Please get these 50 reasons to all your friends and encourage them to get fluoride out of their community and to help ban this practice worldwide.
Though skin cancer is preventable and most often treatable, it remains the most common form of cancer.
Basal cell Carcinoma (BCC) is the most common form and accounts for 90% of all skin cancers.
The incubation period is 2 to 14 days, with most of these symptoms occurring between 4 and 6 days after being infected. Where cases are detected, it is recommended that sexual partners be tested and potentially treated. In these countries measures are being taken to remove the fluoride because of the health problems that fluoride can cause. All other water treatment chemicals are added to improve the water’s quality or safety, which fluoride does not do. None of these studies have allowed for the possible delayed eruption of the teeth that may be caused by exposure to fluoride, for which there is some evidence (Komarek 2005). As the 41% prevalence figure is a national average and includes children living in fluoridated and unfluoridated areas, the fluorosis rate in fluoridated communities will obviously be higher. For example, in areas of naturally high levels of fluoride the first indicator of harm is dental fluorosis in children.
However, it is important to note that rats generally require five times more fluoride to reach the same plasma levels in humans (Sawan 2010).
None of these studies indicate an adequate margin of safety to protect all children drinking artificially fluoridated water from this affect. In 2001, Alarcon-Herrera and co-workers reported a linear correlation between the severity of dental fluorosis and the frequency of bone fractures in both children and adults in a high fluoride area in Mexico. Since severe skeletal fluorosis in kidney patients has been detected in small case studies, it is likely that larger, systematic studies would detect skeletal fluorosis at even lower fluoride levels. Indeed, by the authors’ own admission, the study had no capacity to assess the risk of osteosarcoma among children and adolescents (the precise population of concern).
No fluoridating government has conducted scientific studies to take this issue beyond these anecdotal reports. This margin of safety has to take into account the wide range of individual sensitivity expected in a large population (a safety factor of 10 is usually applied to the lowest level causing harm). The Surgeon General has estimated that 80% of dentists in the US do not treat children on Medicaid.
The continued use of these endorsements has more to do with political science than medical science.
Public Health Service in 1991 are rife with the names of well-known medical and dental researchers who actively campaigned on behalf of fluoridation or whose research was held in high regard in the pro-fluoridation movement. But they must, not only to protect millions of people from unnecessary harm, but to protect the notion that, at its core, public health policy must be based on sound science, not political expediency. It starts in the basal cells at the bottom of the epidermis (outer skin layer) and is caused by long-term exposure to sunlight. Gonorrhea if left untreated may last for weeks or months with higher risks of complications.
A one-year delay in eruption of the permanent teeth would eliminate the very small benefit recorded in these modern studies.
This is a remarkable fact, particularly considering the rampant and increasing problem of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) in the United States and other fluoridated countries.
While the NCI concluded (based on an analysis lacking statistical power) that fluoridation was not the cause (Hoover et al 1991b), no explanation was provided to explain the higher rates in the fluoridated areas. Without the willingness of governments to investigate these reports scientifically, should we as a society be forcing these people to ingest fluoride? Another safety factor is also needed to take into account the wide range of doses to which people are exposed. This panel of twelve reviewed the US EPA’s safe drinking water standards for fluoride.
Many dentists and even doctors tell opponents in private that they are opposed to this practice but dare not speak out in public because of peer pressure and the fear of recriminations. It is the most easily treated.Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common type.
One of the complications of gonorrhea is systemic dissemination resulting in skin pustules or septic arthritis. In this study, rats fed for one year with 1 ppm fluoride in their water (the same level used in fluoridation programs), using either sodium fluoride or aluminum fluoride, had morphological changes to their kidneys and brains, an increased uptake of aluminum in the brain, and the formation of beta-amyloid deposits which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
Except for one small IQ study from New Zealand (Spittle 1998) no fluoridating country has yet investigated the matter. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, increased cholesterol levels, and heart disease. One very important study in China, which examined hip fractures in six Chinese villages, found what appears to be a dose-related increase in hip fracture as the concentration of fluoride rose from 1 ppm to 8 ppm (Li 2001) offering little comfort to those who drink a lot of fluoridated water.
A smaller study from New Jersey (Cohn 1992) found osteosarcoma rates to be up to 6 times higher in young men living in fluoridated versus unfluoridated areas. But when we looked at the studies that have been done, we found that many of these questions are unsettled and we have much less information than we should, considering how long this [fluoridation] has been going on.
After three and half years the panel concluded in a 507- page report that the safe drinking water standard was not protective of health and a new maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) should be determined (NRC, 2006).
Tactics like this would not be necessary if those promoting fluoridation were on secure scientific and ethical grounds. More and more studies indicate that fluoride can interfere with biochemistry in fundamental ways (Barbier 2010).
Other animal studies have found effects on the brain at water fluoride levels as low as 5 ppm (Liu 2010). In 2010, the second most prescribed drug of the year was Synthroid (sodium levothyroxine) which is a hormone replacement drug used to treat an underactive thyroid. Moreover, in the only human epidemiological study to assess bone strength as a function of bone fluoride concentration, researchers from the University of Toronto found that (as with animal studies) the strength of bone declined with increasing fluoride content (Chachra 2010). Other epidemiological studies of varying size and quality have failed to find this relationship (a summary of these can be found in Bassin, 2001 and Connett & Neurath, 2005). If normal toxicological procedures and appropriate margins of safety were applied to their findings this report should spell an end to water fluoridation. It is easily treated when found early, but in a small percentage of cases, this cancer spreads (metastasizes) to other parts of the body.Malignant melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer and is responsible for the most deaths. Finally, a recent study from Iowa (Levy 2009), published data suggesting that low-level fluoride exposure may have a detrimental effect on cortical bone density in girls (an effect that has been repeatedly documented in clinical trials and which has been posited as an important mechanism by which fluoride may increase bone fracture rates). There are three reasons why a fluoride-osteosarcoma connection is plausible: First, fluoride accumulates to a high level in bone. Unfortunately in January of 2011 the US EPA Office of Water made it clear that they would not determine a value for the MCLG that would jeopardize the water fluoridation program (EPA press release, Jan 7, 2011. Melanoma can develop from a pre-existing mole that appeared normal but changes, or as an irregular appearing new spot.

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